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Let's start defining goals, scope, budget, and timeline.

Consulting Services

Brainstorming alone won't do the cut and biases will cloud your judgement. Every brand needs a direction. What is the 'Big Idea'? Let's navigate and create effective strategies according to your needs.

Website Development

You may or may not have a physical store but your website will always be the door. What you see is what the audience will perceive. Covert that just-visitors site to clients with the UX and UI you need.

Social Media Marketing

Enough about the cliché. We all know content is king but the queen is always right. Communicate well and communicate efficiently.

Marketing Campaign

How else can we be of help? Either it's an event launch, seminar, forum or activations. We're here to make it happen. How are you perceived by your customers? We'll help you craft the perfect image for your business..

Photography & Video

Your visuals should speak of your brand. Let us help you capture the most compelling images for your product, service, or event. Allow the PRO's to do it.

Public Relations & Content Writing

Whether it's for print or digital, content creation is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing success. the secret recipe is a collaboration between curating and sharing native content. We'll pitch it with you and let you stand out for your SEM and SEO.


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  •   Manila, Philippines


Execute that vision. Get things done collaboratively. Exhibit accountability, responsibility, and a commitment to deliver value at every interaction.
Kassy is a results oriented person who would do what needs to be done to accomplish tasks and would go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve such end.

Ian Varona

General Manager, Hotels & Resorts
Kassy and I worked on several projects at an [agency]. She was a Project Manager handling clients, overseeing execution, and helping Business Development close new deals, while I provided the digital services requested by clients. Her magnetic ability to win people over, manage their emotions, and anticipate their needs made her a rockstar account manager loved by clients. She has an eye for upsell opportunities, and with her people skills, can close deals without breaking a sweat. When things don't go as planned - and they often do for complex executions - she can quickly improvise solutions without making it look like a single thing went wrong. It was a pleasure working with Kassy and I hope to get the chance to do so again in the future.

Lauren Dado

Digital Content Manager, Singsaver.com.sg
If there's anything I would recommend about Kassy, I'd say that her personality is as big as her drive for success. This is reflected in her constant seeking of new learning; her relentless energy to upsell; and her vigor in bringing positive approach in all circumstances. If in doubt, call Kassy.

Regina Patelo

Marketing, Communications, and Events Practitioner


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