Twestival Manila 2011

Manila, Philippines – The largest Tweet-up for a cause, Pinoy twitter users got together in real time to tweet, meet and eat.

On March 24, 2011 at Le Bistro Vert, simultaneously with the rest of the 166 cities in the world celebrated aiming to help fund an organization for educational development and awareness. A get-together offline to make a difference and to meet fellow twitter users in flesh.

Amanda Rose, founder organizer of Twestival in London teamed up with fellow Public Relations Practitioners and volunteers to raise money and awareness to fund Charity water back in February 2009. From what seemed to be a simple “Event for a cause” it has explored and teamed up with the rest of the world.

The twitter and facebook era has truly helped foundations and organizations reach the awareness they aim to educate people. Social media has touched networking in a different light. changing the world for the better, one cause at a time, one twestival at a time.

The cause which Twestival Manila chose to support is JeepneED, a foundation aiming to make roving science and computer laboratories out of jeepneys that run purely on vegetable oil. An educational tool to supplement all the abundant english proficiency programs available.

Php 50,000 were raised in a span of hours during the twestival to kick-start JeepneED. Donations and help are still well appreciated.

The twestival hosted by twitterholic ANC Sportscaster/host TJ Manotoc and Reebok Running Brand Ambassador/ Runner for a cause Kassy Pajarillo graced the internationally recognized celebration with a lot of gifts and raffles given away.

It is by far the largest tweet-up ever organized and twestival will keep on getting better says @TWESTIVALMNL organizers. This is the start of giving where all proceeds goes to the beneficiary. change happens now.

Legit Proprietorship

As previously mentioned, I have been overwhelmed with the blessings bestowed these past few weeks. Being Reebok’s brand ambassador sure does have responsibilities but I don’t think it’ll be hard on my shoulders since my lifestyle revolves around healthy living swearing off late drunken nights, the past life of being at the bar every weekend and priorities are set especially learning the ropes of balancing the life of a proprietor.

Take care of yourself, your business and the rest will follow.

Weeks of struggling filing all the requirements on having my business legit, I’m grateful because the process worked by my side. There weren’t too much time wasted on lining up, the traffic was bearable, I didn’t encounter any corrupt government official and the finances worked well to its availability.

All the leg work on taking good care of all the paper work and requirements trained me well on time-management and how to set priorities according to its urgency. I’m still learning and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of learning more.

I aim to make this Events and Public Relations venture blossom working around all my entrepreneurial friends’s potential as well. This company works in strong bond of friendship and togetherness – everything is a learning curve with brains thoroughly and creatively juiced and not just another money making company.

I and my friends whom I call as partners are lucky to be working with clients already. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Now, If only someone would be kind enough to reconstruct my business logo (this was made in 3 minutes, it looks like a tiny spider from afar. Really OFF! Haha) and have my website up and running (hint!).

KAS Events Management is operational and ready to reach the height of its potential.

The Right Fit: Reebok

Never fail to thank all those who believe in you and trust you. Sincerely say “You’re welcome” to those who are grateful and don’t neglect the one who has been bestowing you endless blessings which comes in sweet surprising packages.

These past few weeks has been overwhelming and words of recognition will never be enough. It’s only the first quarter of the year and yet the blessings bestowed are filled with love and motivational powers. I may have been torn between two lovers but along with prayers and discussion with friends, I don’t think choosing will throw any regret in the long run.

Reebok Ambassadress

One of the blessings I’ll endlessly be grateful of is for being chosen as one of the first Reebok brand ambassador in Manila, Philippines.

Truly, this year is all about change and betterment.

In order for one to properly endorse and be an ambassador, you should be a fervent brand advocate. After trying out the shoes and the apparel  – I knew it was the right fit.

Here’s Reebok’s Vision- Mission and Brand Advocacy:

VISION is to Fulfill Potential

MISSION is to Always Challenge and Lead through Creativity

POSITIONING is to Celebrate Individuality in Sport and Life

PURPOSE To Empower Global Youth to Fulfill their Potential

BRAND TERRITORY by Having Fun Staying in Shape.

For the kind of runner that I am – running for a cause, supporting advocates and advocacy’s, getting back in shape and trying to live in a healthy lifestyle with strong economic principles, I knew I would love to have Reebok by my side.

Another blessing was the chance to work with such an amazing photographer, Jar Concengco of Camp Fire Media at the University of the Philippines.  This is the second time I’ve worked with Jar, his works will never disappoint.

For those of you who haven’t met this amazing Jar is should already line-up and have their photos taken. Camp Fire Media has earned various cover shots for both international and local fashion magazines and shot some of Hollywood’s finest. Aren’t we lucky? We’re now part of his glamorous portfolio.

It was such an honor. Thank you, Jar!

Oops, Gotta Run!

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Invitation: Twestival Manila

Manila, Philippines, 24 March 2011 –  Together with the organizers of Twestival Manila, we would like to invite you and your friends be with one of the many who will join hundreds of cities around the world to support local causes for Twestival at Le Bistro Vert on Valero Street, Salcedo Village, 8pm for JeepNeed.

Unlike other “run for a cause” or “events for a cause” , 100% of the proceeds of this fantastic global event will be donated to JeepneED to help them successfully pilot, operate and sustain their project.

What is JeepNeed?

Jeepneed is a mobile science and tech lab for rural schools in the Philippines

Their mission is to provide community-driven, financially sustainable in-school support in science and technology on a redesigned jeepney that runs on used vegetable oil.

Their goal is to graduate both academics and farmers by reconnecting the disparity between everyday science and the science of inventors.

JeepneED serves as an engaging outdoor learning lab with 10 netbooks, a 3G hub for Internet connectivity, a printer and scanner, a projector, and other basic science materials for a community of 8 to 12 rural public schools.

Its unique and creative approach to enriching the quality of education for Filipino children is a cause worth supporting!

Head on to JeepneED’s website for more information. And watch their official video for an interactive introduction to our chosen cause.

TWESTIVAL Manila will be hosted by yours truly and TJ Manotoc. See you!

Plastics & Income

Remembering the first time I held my hand on a supplementary credit card from my Parents back in High School, I was too ecstatic knowing I can swipe and sign. My dilemma then was if I’m going to make my signature short, creative or long. I was given the card for “emergency” purposes only to end up thinking that everything that I see are for emergency and that with my little allowance, I’d be able to pay for the excess of my credit limit.

Most of the charges were on food, cinema, gifts and gym memberships. As much as I felt generous giving gifts to friends – I have forgotten the essence of “emergency” and have always thought that not being able to attend the gym would be the death of me.

For a whooping Php 5,000 credit card bill in the 90’s, that sure was huge. My parents had to terminate my credit card. The day they confiscated it made me felt powerless and whined for days. I had to deal with what I receive everyday and proved to them that I can spend within the savings I allocate from my allowance.

At the age of 16, I was already paying for my own phone bill. Dad accompanied me at the nearby Telecommunications office, gave the necessary documents and signed the contract for me provided that I will pay for my dues on time and never will he use a credit card or ask him to pay for my dues.

At the age of 18, I already signed up paying for basic insurances.

The financial freedom of paying for my own bill was quite liberating at the same time overwhelming but up until this date, I pay for my own mobile bill and have never asked for their money to pay for any of the phones I’ve had.

If it wasn’t because of that credit card experience and the confiscating, I don’t think I’ll be able to step up and prove myself  that I can be financially freed to achieve what I want and to acquire what I need including food and cinema tickets or even shopping sprees.

Years after, fast forward. I now have my own credit card and owned two.Terminated one, kept the other which adds up mileage points and rewards, declined other bank offers and currently practicing the act of diligence, self-control and embracing the value for money.

Always keep in mind that Credit Cards are money that aren’t yours but you can reverse that by maximizing and using it wisely. Swipe and pay at the end of the day through online banking and do daily monitoring of your finances – call your bank, they’d gladly reverse all additional charges just so long you pay always in full or you pay accordingly everyday. That way, you earn points and don’t accumulate interest. Keep your credit limit to minimum so you won’t go overboard.

At the age of 25, not only am I paying for my own phone bills and insurances but also other investments (and shopping).I’m still learning but hopefully, I will get there.

Hopefully before I hit or by 30, I’ll be able to generate enough money to sustain and propel. For now, I aim to educate myself on becoming financially literate and get to find the type of income that would help me flourish not only my bank account but also my future.

Three types of Income:

  1. Earned Income
  2. Portfolio Income
  3. Passive Income

One of my greatest dream is to earn more by doing less from Passive Income.


Shopping: Credit and Debit

I am the last person to tell others how they should or should not comport themselves but in today’s society with the numerous magazines on the racks covering the world of women’s fashion, bloggers who seemed to claim their fame as celebrity stylists, the lookbook and stylebible – vanity sure reached its limitless height. It is easy for a woman to get overly-wrapped up in concerns about her clothing, accessories, shoes and even bags. There’s this certain hierarchy when you’re carrying a Birkin, Chanel or Longchamp. What does it say to every woman out there?

Shopping Spree with Plastics!

Our society seems to be dedicated to the acquisition of stuff, sooner or later you wouldn’t even notice the influence it has injected to your quality of life.  Every woman as she age would find the need to have at least that one thing she can pass on to her daughter, granddaughters and so on. Purchasing in bazaars are still staple but acquiring would undergo thoughts on longevity of quality and not just frugality. Somehow, women would reach that age wherein she’d think of presentation, class and sets of valuable things which appreciates together with time.

My mom used to tell me to learn to stick to the basics, and not to shop too much because of its “cuteness”, there were numerous times when she’d lecture me about quality over frugality and frugality with quality. It’s only until I legalized my business when I realized all the financial education I was taught, the logic on the importance of dressing well gracefully everyday and my own “Confessions of a Shopaholic” bad.

The transition from buying too much rubber shoes, sporting apparel and gears to heels, dresses and accessories has gone back to my system. The “girly” lifestyle away from being too carefree; the need to be well-presented has surely reflected on my credit card bills.

From the gal who aimed to have her own credit card solely to acquire online cheap fares, to using the plastic to gauge points for mileage – last month as I paid off my credit card debt, I found myself realizing the numerous ways in which this piece of plastic has took over my life (Thank God not 360 degrees!)

Emotionally and Financially.


Twestival: 24 March 2011

Twestival is a movement that uses social media for social good by connecting communities offline on a single day to highlight a great cause. Ideas start as a tweet and as it spreads, becomes a movement that has the power to make things happen.

This year, Twestival is going ‘local’ in cities around the world on Thursday, 24 March 2011. All local events are organized 100% by volunteers and 100% of all ticket sales and donations go directly to local non-profits that organizers have identified for having an incredible impact within their own community. The goal is to raise funds and awareness by doing a local meet-up with various activities.

Twestival is the brainchild of Amanda Rose, who believes that if cities were able to collaborate on an international scale, but work from a local level, it could have a spectacular impact. Since 2009, over 200 international cities all over the world have joined the movement.

Be a part of the Global Movement!

1) Grab a Ticket. Find your city on the official events list and attend your local event on March 24th.

2) Volunteer. Local events are run 100% by volunteers and teams are always looking for more help.

3) Donate. Each Twestival is supporting a amazing local cause with 100% of donations going direct to projects happening in their own community. Give what you can and help them reach their goal.

4) Sponsor or contribute in-kind. Are you a company or organization looking to connect with the digital set? Twestival Local has great sponsorship opportunities and cities are always happy to receive great prizes.

5) Tweet, Blog, Promote. Please spread the word about Twestival and our local charities.

To learn more, you can check out Twestival’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Source: Francis Tan of The Next Web

New Movement In Town

The Bikini ripped abs and chest, tan lines and flip flops; when the weather starts to prick your skin and makes you wear a stronger sun screen, you’d know the summer season is about to get in. What is a better way to welcome summer? Prepare for it and have that body ready to show off some skin!

Being In and Out of the Gym often times becomes boring. One day you’re excited to be working out, detoxify and secrete some sweat then by the following week you might not want to be entertaining the same old routine everyday. Why not get out of your comfort zone and try other ways to get fit.

A lot of exercise activities abroad have already reached Manila. Would you want to try it out? Here are 5 New 30-55 minutes Ways to Guaranteed weight loss, toning, ripping and fun!


A combination of high insanity and constant varied exercises; a workout which resembles to circuit training only finished in less than 30 minutes. From couch potatoes to seasoned athletes, the workout programs are scalable, participants whether you’re a newbie or elite, the workouts are performed by everyone and equally challenging. Imagine minutes of Cardio, Track & Field, Plyometrics, Rowing, Gymnastics, Kettlebell and Weightlifting – variation not routine. CrossFit workout promises “phenomenal fitness in and out of themselves or as a compliment to your sport-specific training regime.”

Magnitude Realty Estate (near Eastwood)
186 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Quezon City
+63 917 5331787

Plana Forma
Sculpt those muffin tops; activate your thigh burning fighters. Plana Forma combines yoga, Pilates and dance in an intense 55-minute session and guarantees for every woman to lose those inches – Fast.
Based on the key principles and techniques of Physique 57 in New York City. The focused workout promise “to define those thighs, lifts seats, tones arms, and strengthen your abdominals to create a lean and sculpted physique that is strong and efficiently mobile.”

If you’re the type who has problems on your lung capacity, metabolic rate, back muscles, posture and stress management. Plana Forma is perfect for you.

6th Floor Jecoprime Building 20th drive
Mckinley Business Park Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
+63 917 8094392

TRX Suspension Training
More than just the most versatile piece of exercise equipment available; TRX Suspension Training is a complete training system which ensures your success by activating your entire body in every movement – No weight lifting, you work together with your own body weight and fitness level. With hundreds of exercises you can do virtually everywhere, each movement will help you build power, core strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, helping you conquer your fitness goals.
All you need is a door, an A-frame or anywhere you may hang the suspension trainer or the door anchor – then you’re set to move. It’s your entire gym in a mesh bag; A handy dandy tool for the traveler or the one who’s always on the go.

You will never miss a workout again.

Most TRX sessions are held within the comfort of your own home and schedule. If you live down south, you may call or message Kassy Pajarillo or Drop by Reema Chanco’s studio if you’re from the heart of the metro but if you’re from up north, you may enquire for other TRX Fitness Anywhere Certified Trainers through accredited popular fitness studios.

Kassy Pajarillo
+63 917 5540014

Reema Chanco

Kettle bells
Urban Fitness Philippine Kettlebell Club has just brought kettle bell training in the Metro; A traditional Russian Fitness tool that essentially looks like a cannon or bowling ball with an attached handle.
If you were the type who aims to enhance, strengthen and condition your fitness performance, this exercise would help you develop a strong foundation to movement. A functional movement that promises eliminating muscle imbalances and general fitness.

Swing, lift, Press and Pull the Kettlebell. A sure fire way to tone, firm, improve your metabolism and promote movement efficiency by building strength, power, endurance, agility, and mental toughness.
Be cautious though, before you buy your own Kettlebell, be sure you’re with a certified trainer, as you wouldn’t want to hurt that spine and backbone.

Nico D’Haenen
+63 926 6747598


Ditch the workout. Join the party!
An exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that blends red-hot international music which are downright addictive. It’s been a while but Zumba has finally arrived manila. Although often it has been mistaken as a woman’s class, Zumba was originated, conceptualized and programmed by a man.

The “Fitness-Party” sets a goal to let the music move you instead of counting repetitions over the music. Classes are available in certain areas in the metro. Don’t be fooled by non-certified Zumba Instructors.
Rowena Aquino Jose
+63 916 2990214

Vegetarian Kassy Pajarillo is a Certified TRX Fitness Anywhere Trainer,Occasional Surfer and Marathoner who runs for a cause