Psyche back to School

The brother dear accompanying me to familiarize myself for school

It’s school time again! Either you, as a parent feel excited your kids are about to attend school again, nervous for their first day or a little sad that the summer is over — don’t be too overwhelmed by the upcoming school year every day chaos.

How do busy parents get to discipline their kids for school? It starts from YOU. As early as now, set the mood for your kids to sleep as early as 9pm or 10pm and have breakfast prepared by the time they wake up at 6am. Why? a little dress rehearsal and habit training will help you and your kids adjust ahead without them knowing.

Although it’s not school day yet, let your kids make it a habit to eat breakfast, take a shower and have their things fixed (or it can also be the other way around). Shop for school supplies right after (make sure that you leave on time as if you’re driving them to school) but make sure you’ve sat done with them, explained why these things are important and what they need – this way, you get to practice sitting down with them as if they’re doing their assignments with you. Get home approximately the same time your kids should be home, have them wash up and clean up as you prepare dinner or arrange things that needs to be fixed. Have time to sit down with them to recap what happened during the day and what they thought about the place they went to or the experience, this way you get to introduce them the importance of telling stories and letting you know what happened in school. Pretty smart? of course, You’re a smart parent!

Because you’re a busy bee juggling all the other departments of life and work, you can cheat on time by preparing your kids snacks and lunch the night before and have it refrigerated. Prepare all their uniforms the night before ( better,teach them to prepare their clothes) and create a hamper in the laundry room for uniforms and other everyday clothing just incase you need uniforms laundered every other day.

To do lists are very effective tools. Once your kids see you making a to do list and having it visible for them, they get to copy your ways and do things the way you do it. Accomplishing tasks and marking each item on the to do lists make them feel productive and proud. Go over these lists with them and let them know the meaning of every each task and why it’s important to have them done. This way, you get to psych your kids to write down their notes, enlist their homework and have every each of it done.

Aside from psyching them on the early to sleep, early to rise and responsibilities. Turn that television off and set an example not to have yourself tuned in to the tube especially early in the morning and when its homework time nearing to bed time. Television and games will only distract them. If your kids loves playing the x-box, ipads and gadgets, gradually take these gadgets away from where they can see it or distract them by having them sit beside you or go with you on educational tours such as museums, libraries and even a sneak peak at their school to make them have a good feel of the place. You’ll be surprised they’ll forget about these electronics quite instantly.

Always keep a sense of humor when you’re with your kids. A good way to remind them that school is fun and learning indeed is something to look forward to everyday. Good luck!

Qplus Releases New Wellness Products

MANILA, Philippines – On May 21, 2011, International network marketing leader Qplus unveiled its latest products and services designed to improve health and promote overall wellness. These were the revolutionary Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis, the Ole Leaf Extract nutritional supplement and the Amezcua Lifestyle Set. The presentation took place at one of Qplus’ signature Super Saturday events, a gathering attended by industry practitioners and media alike.

Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis is a new wellness concept available from Amezcua Vital Life Center. The state-of-the-art procedure, developed over several decades is a non-invasive procedure that examines trace elements in the hair, enabling training health professionals to determine one’s overall health and nutritional state by examining the cells in one’s hair. Once the levels of toxins, pathogens, food sensitivities and nutritional requirements have been examined, Amezcua staff can then recommend a specifically-tailored regimen to assist the patient on the road to wellness, correcting existing problems and preventing future ones. The Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis is exclusively available at the Amezcua Vital Life Center.

Amezcua Lifestyle Set

The Amezcua Lifestyle Set consists of three discs; Amezcua EAT, Amezcua DRINK and Amezcua MOVE. Each discs serves a specific dietary purpose, specifically designed to re-energize the user in his daily life.

Ole Olive Leaf Extract is a nutritional supplement with five times the antioxidants potential of Vitamin C. Developed from years of study that began with the isolation of a classof chemical compound called phenols, it has been consistently proven that olive leaf extract contains a wealth of nutrients and vitamins beneficial to the human immune system. An excellent antioxidant, Ole not only slows oxidative damage, but is also powerful combatant against free radicals when combined with a balanced diet and proper exercise.


Qplus is a trailblazing, exceptionally-positioned network marketing company in the Philippines. Part of the Qi Group of Companies, which now has presence in over 100 countries, Qplus offers extraordinary businessopportunities, outstanding health and wellness products as well as unwavering near and long-term support to our stakeholders.


Rooting from Amezcua Wellness Center’s main advocacy of Preventive Health through Natural Medicine, the Vital Life Center’s approach to health care revolves around the power and importance of Prevention. It seeks to detect weakness in the body before symptoms of disease manifest themselves and provide natural therapies that strengthen the immune system.

Through its variety of modern screening methods which range from the analysis of body fluids to the measurement of electrical energy, and cell analysis, the VLC’s licensed medical practitioners are able to address the root of most health problems, not just their symptoms.

LifeScience Center for Wellness
8th Floor ACCRA Law Tower, 2nd Avenue corner 30th Street,
Bonifacio Global City Taguig 1634 Philippines
Email :
Tel : +63 2 828 LIFE

Qplus Revolution!

I’ve made the lifestyle change.

I aim to be financially freed from anxiety and debts resulting from loans and sudden financial needs. I have made the switch to open my eyes to possibilities and opportunities, I decided to take good care of my body and my future children.

It’s the beginning of the journey but I can already view the top from here.

Would you also want to be part of the Qplus Revolution? Come and join us on May 21, 2011, Saturday at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel as Qplus launch three new products and let you have a business preview on how and why a lot has made the switch to lean towards the purist where everything is genuine.

None of which is synthetic, everything is authentic.

That’s why it’s called – Cravings.

A Human being’s body knows when it needs to rest and go to sleep, wake-up, visit the loo and when it needs to be fed or when it’s full. Humans forget how amazing our body is that we neglect and fight over what it needs. A heart never misses a beat, the lungs are always breathing and each of your organs doesn’t commit a mistake or give you a second of forgetting how it works. It’s a machine that never fails you when it’s been well taken cared of.

It is only but us who gives our body a hard time to function. Often times we mistake on the body wanting something but the truth is, it’s the emotions that are giving your body the urges to have what we call – Cravings.

Cravings are there because your body needs it. Cravings aren’t weaknesses not unless it has been over-fed and over-looked.

Cravings Photo Courtesy of

Sweets such as chocolates, French fries and potato chips, sundaes and macchiato, bagels and lemon squares. When these thoughts occur, when you experience craving – take a moment and deconstruct; what does my body want and why? Check-in to your thoughts and cravings then internalize your relationship with food. Cravings may just mean you’re bored, emotional or just would want to succumb to pleasure but think again, do you deserve it? Do you really need it? Do you want a bite of it or the entire thing?

 Here are the primary causes of Cravings:

  • Dehydration

Dehydration occurs as mild hunger; so the first thing you do when you find a strange craving – drink up a full glass of water and gulp more of it. The body doesn’t send the message that you are thirsty not until you’re dehydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses everyday, the more, the better.

  • Being Dissatisfied

… Or the lack of life fulfillment. Being bored, uninspired, lazy or lacking a little life other than the routine makes a person munch of whatever there is beside, in front or what’s there for them to munch on which relates to Emotional eating. Eating becomes a substitute for entertainment, or to fill the void of life fulfillment.

  • Imbalance

Did you know or have you ever noticed that eating a diet too rich in sugar may cause craving for meat? Raw foods may cause cravings for extremely cooked or dehydrated foods and vice versa? Check your food journal and review the common denominator.

  •   Food Memories

Food is truly delightful and an indulgence is something one can never let go of.  Once you’ve got that craving on, you can control your craving by going for the healthier choice and go for what you’re really craving for. Want a chocolate? Go for the dark ones. Want a frappuccino Go for non-fat with no whip cream.  Often times it’s the moment that you’re wanting and looking for, not the indulgence itself.

  • Seasonal

Body craves for what isn’t available all the time but your body won’t know that not until you’re in the know. The change of weather and season may attract your cravings, too. When its cold or raining, you’d want for a hot coco with mallows, when its summer, you’d love to have ice cream and very cold iced tea and sodas but then again, you’d have to recall what it is that you want – you may just want a piece not the entire thing. Have a bite that should work.

  • Hormonal

When a woman’s body experiences the red-letter day, pregnancy or menopause, fluctuating testerones and estrogen levels may cause strange cravings. The increased appetite for carbs may be caused by low-serotonin levels, which signals the brain to get the body to eat more carbs. Factors as strong brain chemicals and hormone production may be powerful influences over behavior and physical cravings.

Try adding a daily vitamin supplement to your diet to stave off those odd cravings  (personally recommend Qplus’ Vital Code).  Aside from checking onto why you’d want to have what you’re looking for or wanting, you can always just have those cravings moderately by entertaining the craving and not eating the entire of it. It’s okay, go have a bite but don’t over-indulge.

Remember: a piece of donut would need you to finish a 5 miler to burn it.

Asian Traveler: Hidden Destinations

ASIAN TRAVELER, an independent travel and leisure magazine published by Pilsigns,Inc came up with its Philippine Summer: Hidden Destination issue lead by communicator, Editor-in-Chief Nina Terol-Zialcita.

Congratulations Nines!

In this issue you’ll find some of the Philippines most popular destinations and uncovered secrets. You’ll get to know some of the most brilliant ambassadors of the country filled with undeniable love for their craft, creativity and culture.

I, on the other hand was also featured together with other two wanderers high and proud of the beauty of our country – Get out there and Go somewhere unfamiliar. There’s nothing like the Philippines, encapsulated with 7,107 islands.

May Summer Issue

You can grab a copy of Asian Traveler at your favorite bookstores for only Php 150 or subscribe by emailing for more information.

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