And if I get inked.

In Hindu: a state of complete control (samadhana) over the functions and distractions of consciousness.

In Bhakti: “complete absorption into the object of one’s love (Krishna).” Rather than thinking of “nothing,” true samādhi is said to be achieved only when one has pure, unmotivated love of God. Thus samādhi can be entered into through meditation on the personal form of God. Even while performing daily activities a practitioner can strive for full samādhi.

In Buddhism: also called as “concentration of the mind”, the 3rd division of the eightfold path of the Buddha’s threefold training: wisdom (pañña), conduct (sīla), concentration (samādhi) – within which it is developed by samatha meditation


August break

Joining the August break bandwagon to celebrate my birthday month filled with sunshine.

What’s the deal? None, just a photo (or more) to share per day, without words or anything goes for the whole month of august through the eyes of the camera lens as a way to celebrate the joy of august, a new year for me, at least. A little break from the regular blogging, get rid of sentences explaining and let beautiful scenery speak for itself.

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There are NO RULES, people! Just sunshine (hopefully) and a bit of fun. And lots of lovely photos to look at.