Lessons from and for a working environment

Progress and productivity are my personal choice of a drug.

I’m grateful for clients who trusts me on such exciting projects they’re venturing on. What motivates me most are the lessons you’ll learn along the way, honing your skills sets, fulfilling check lists and accomplishing tasks on the time table.


From learning how to curate business financial plans, readjusting according to the budget, coordinating to purchasing; sales and marketing, it has been an exciting journey surprising yourself on what you’re capable of doing and maturing when it comes to work ethics.

Here are few things I discovered:

1. Never fall for gossips, let them be

– there are so many things left laid on the table, don’t waste your time resolving gossips however when these gossips happen to touch morality, better face the gossiper.

2. People tend to compare their salary to yours and they may create issues behind your back just to get rid of you.

– sometimes these people tend to forget that their job scope is different from yours and they agreed on how much they wanted to receive as their salary. Let them be. You don’t owe anyone justification.

At the end of the day, what matters most are the production, the numbers and the accomplishments. These distractions from other people are hindrances against your capabilities.


If they don’t respect you, let them be. They will eventually. Have the proprietor mindset at all times agains the employee who’s filled with idle time and Coffee breaks.

Chin up,ignore as much as you could but stand firm once they reached your limit.

Earth month: Bobble bottle

Celebrate the Earth month by reducing your carbon footprint and by helping in every way you can.

During the recent launch of Aura Athletica’s new clothing line, I discovered the Bobble bottle wherein it’s technology is designed to help filter out particles from your tap water and get to use it for about 300 refill.


For its affordable and sustainable creation, The mere fact of bottled water is itself a funny thing. This bottle can Clean, serviceable tap water from the available flows directly from the majority of the world’s homes in industrialized nations.

It’s lightweight and filter can be replaced.

Head your way to Aura Athletica and give yourself the gift of better water straight from your tap supply as you also help our nature from plastic water bottles.

Aura Athletica: Maiden issue

On the 18th of April 2013, Aura Athletica launched their newest yoga apparel by Zobha and the maiden issue of Athletica wherein yours truly was privileged to contribute.


The launch had a short fashion show sampling the new designs and introduced the avid shoppers turned yoga ambassadors.

Join the Aura Athletica campaign by contributing through social media sites: What moves you?

We were fed by such sumptuous healthy vegetarian treats from PINO restaurant and left the launch with a huge smile on our faces as we were gifted the bobble bottle together with a performance headband fit for our yoga practice.


You may visit Aura Athletica stores at Rockwell center or along the middle strips of BGC.

7D’s That Ignite Passion

Last Friday, I was invited to attend a financial business seminar on how one can increase their success rate on achieving their goals at the same time, get to spread financial education as an advocacy.

John C. Maxwell Trainer, Ruzette Pineda-Cadungo who was also Avon Philippines Sales Director then amongst other things was our speaker. She is presently a top achiever, seller and business manager of one of the many units of Sunlife Financial Philippines.

It was a whole day event filled with motivation, inspiration and passion. Let me share to you her success formula:

The 7 D’s that Ignite Passion

1. Dream
2. Desire
3. Decide
4. Develop
5. Discipline
6. Delegate
7. Dedicate

Dreams are goals with deadlines and these dreams usually are departmentalized according to the 10 areas of your life.


Together with every dream, there’s a burning DESIRE to make ways, and get your dreams worked on. It is important that you get to DECIDE the direction of your focus,
stand firm and get to categorize your priorities.

Through constant education and associating yourself with like minded individuals, You get to DEVELOP the DISCIPLINE that would challenge your excuses not to out-win you.

Don’t be afraid to DELEGATE tasks.
Focus on DEDICATING time management for a balanced lifestyle.

We were reminded to stay humble and be obedient to our superiors regardless of age.


Although there may be situations wherein you may disagree, it is important that you voice out respectfully.

Love what you do and it will love you back. Be sincere and always have your heart applied to every task or engagement.

Pursue. Just keep on going.

The formula may sound easy but it sure takes a lot of work and practice. The discipline may be tedious at first but if you want results, nobody reaches the finish line by just standing.

We asked our speaker how she schedule in engagements, balance her time management and what her priorities are.

1. God
2. Family
3. Business

She plotted out an empty calendar and filled out according to priorities.


She blocked out her bible study and church day, dedicated her children and husband’s travel time (home/school), date night with her husband, and then her client engagements. Errands were scheduled in between.

What inspired me most was that she starts her day as early as 7am with her clients, ends the day at 5PM to make sure she will be with her family and yet still get to log a productive 6 hours each day, 10 faces met each week for her to produce results.

She reiterated that excuses should be challenged by how firm and goal-oriented you are. Never let procrastination and time killers take away your chances.

Nobody reaches the finish line by just standing but rather by taking one step at a time, one foot after another.

I hope somehow this post motivated and inspired you. Go ahead, revisit your goals and start making things happen.

Goals are what dreams are made of

Not too long ago, I sat down with myself with a pen, paper, few markers and my planner. I wrote down my short term goals and my year end goal as if there were no financial hindrances.

I am unstoppable.


My short term goals were:

– Avail of a health card wherein it will also cover or have my parents as my beneficiary/dependent

– Avail of an emergency ambulance for my family and grandma. Medical service within convenience

– Diversify: Bonds, Time deposit, Equity, bank savings

– School

My long term goal was only but ..

– A car.

I decided to just have one long term goal in order for me not to be overwhelmed and be overly pressed. (The thought of a car was overly overwhelming already, actually.)

The next thing I had to thoroughly think of was a game plan. Plot out an achievable and realistic strategy.

I accepted as much projects I can handle, contributed for dailies, magazines or even online (every centavo counts!) and challenged myself to learn a new industry which was Selling

Everything came into place when a job opportunity opened near where I live (literally a 5 min walk away) which saved me from paying the dreadful toll charges, transportation costs and travel expenses such as meals.

Selling certainly wasn’t easy but definitely doable. I learned that product knowledge was the key in order for you to present properly.

From selling one account after another, it was consistency and goal setting on how many accounts per month should I close and settle which made my short term goals worked on and gradually saved up for my long term.

A year’s timeline, reminding myself week after each week, reassessing month after each month was all that I obsessed on.

No kidding.

It was delightful and motivating as I crossed out one goal after another. There were times when I had second thoughts and doubts but looking at my list and budgeting everyday surely kept me grounded and focused.

Before the year ended, I invested on the following:

– Health card: Caritas health shield which was 5 years to pay, 10 years coverage. It was the best proposal I encountered after window shopping on other health cards. The best part was that after such time, There will be a cash back since it also has a life insurance attached to it.

– Emergency Ambulance was through lifeline wherein I was able to avail for my family and my grandma. My grandma also was able to use the in-house medical service within her convenience. Exactly as planned.

– Diversified savings: Bonds was settled (it was the hardest for me to get into but after a year, the annual report definitely made me say worth it!), Got myself a variable life insurance with Sunlife Financial inc (my third account to date since I was 17 years old), a time deposit wherein I was able to also get a mileage credit card on hold out (translation: no debt!) and bank accounts which were divided for certain goals (car fund, everyday fund, untouchable fund).

All accounts were fully paid — in cold hard earned cash! I need not to think of those annual payments. I am debt-free!

PROUD! A dream come true.

The school? I enrolled for a term but having to learn selling was “school” itself. I realized that life has tons of lessons. The world is your university.

I left selling for awhile and entered consultancy. It was a real life MBA. The job involved an immense test on patience and resourcefulness.

Along the way, when I crossed out the last on my list; I was gleefully impressed knowing I was ahead of schedule.

The car was blessed and it was a deal which was worry free and definitely cost efficient.

That deserves a separate post.


This year, 2013, it’s all about working on a bigger goal. My short term goal is to pay off my car, leave no debts on my credit card, have another variable life insurance, and save up on the long term goal before I hit 30 which is my own home.

10 years ago, these were all dreams which were hoped for; dreams which were all floating through “what if” but as we get older, we realize that starting early surely works tons of wonders and setting goals with deadlines.

How about you? 10 years ago we were asked about our hopes, dreams and aspirations. Can you still remember what those were? How was your journey? Think about it.

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How do you foresee your financial future?

People invest on different reasons but majority of which are because they either want to

A) SECURE their future from distress.
B) live COMFORTABLY upon retirement
C) get RICH and have both A and B.

However most of us prioritize job security, live in the moment and care not to worry about tomorrow; which is actually a good mindset BUT neglecting preparing for the future is something that won’t make you not “live in the moment” when that day comes if you’re shacked and rattled by financial distress.

Ask yourself on why are you working so hard today? Aside from the bills that are piling up, have you ever thought about your situation if this is the kind of life you’d want to live with day in and day out?

Set your priorities.

Recently, I realized on how much I have been worrying about tomorrow that I don’t get to reward myself today as often as I used to. I have learned and still continuously learning to not fall for an impulsive behavior and always ask myself “Is it worth it? Can you use that more than once? Is it practical and something you can use long term? Or possibly, can that thing work for you?”

I have been saving and investing in order for me to get RICH, live COMFORTABLY and have that SECURITY once I finally have my own kids, retire and get old. Today, I may be living paycheck to paycheck or as funds arrive but the sacrifice of preparing for tomorrow certainly is something id rather have a peace of mind.

As a financial consultant and planner who’s learning tricks and on the quest to understand things through my own lifestyle. My goal now is to make both today and tomorrow work for me rather than I, worrying.

The #1 rule is to quit saying and thinking that “I have no money” but rather just accept and say “I’m not currently liquid but how do I get to afford it? Will work on iit, if its still worth it by then, I’ll go for it” always stick to the positive light of reality and sheer away from blocking your thoughts for that dead end.

What is your Yoga?

Various health studios, gyms and community centers has already been offering Yoga as much as they offer aerobics. Sun Salutations, breathing, ohm, ashram and the pretzel most probably are the thoughts that will come into mind when Yoga is being discussed however with Yogi’s (Yoga practitioners) there are different types of practice being attended to – there are same fundamental poses yet each has different approaches and physical exertion levels.

Gone are those years when yoga studios used to be a hole-in-the wall in Manila. More and more people are getting into the practice of yoga for countless reasons, mostly for overall well-being or weight loss.

Yoga, for one, is not a religion. It’s a way of life.


Derived from the Sanskrit root word “yug” which means “to unify”, Yoga has truly brought more and more people get into the practice. Slowly, practitioners, strive to open the gift of life, discovering the fullest possibilities and potentials. Unknowingly, yogi’s opt to feel fulfilled with a kindred self allowing nothing but goodness rather than living in a constant internal civil war.

Get to know the type of yoga fit for your lifestyle.


Consisting of many different types of practice that each focus on different facets of yoga. This type of yoga which was originated in India in the 15th century is a slow-paced, gentle and focused on breathing and meditation. Recognized as a stress-reducing practice.

A practice fit for beginners who would want to experience the basics of yoga.


Also known as Flow yoga.

Where Sun Salutations are practiced over and over again, this practice is a series of 12 poses where movement is matched with the breath. It is fast-paced with intense stretching. You’ll eventually get to learn to attach your movement as smooth and gentle as how one dance.

An alignment-oriented practice.


Means “eight limbs” in sanskrit. A practice derived from Vinyasa yoga style.

This practice is a fast moving, intense yoga style based on a progressive set sequence of asanas synchronized with the breath. A physically demanding practice which focuses on realigning the spine, detoxify the body and build strength, flexibility and stamina.

A series composed of about 75 poses taken a hour and half to two hours to complete.


Based on the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar and concentrates on the correct alignment and form of the body. This yoga uses props such as blocks and straps to help align the body into different poses. Usually those who are suffering from injuries, stiffness, therapy and those with balance issues, chronic medical conditions and arthritis are those who attends to this practice.


Not for the faint heart. This practice is being held in a humidity of 40 celsius. A sequence of 26 different poses done in 90 minutes in a “hot room.”

A great practice for beginners who wants to loosen up those muscles, detox and gain flexibility, advance practitioners who wants to push their bodies further and athletes for recovery and heat training.


Also known as “anti-gravity” yoga.

A concept built in San Francisco in 2003. A combination of yoga, acrobatics and thai massage. It targets both athletic and aesthetic. An intense workout wherein 3 disciplines are incorporated.

A fun and colorful practice.


An age-old concept of yun and yang. One trusts forces that explain the surroundings. A practice focusing on self breath and slow motion.

A practice also called as the “yoga for the joints, not the muscles” which is also popularly known as that practice which helps your body’s internal concerns as it fires parts of your body which are unusually touched by any practice or exercise.

Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.


The intention was to give a western spin to the practice of Asthanga Yoga. Conceptualized in 1995 by Bender Birch who challenged Americans’ understanding of what it really means to be fit. a challenging and disciplined series of poses designed to create heat and energy flow.

This practice promotes mental stability and concentration, encourages strength.


A great practice for mommy-to-be’s in preparation for their big day and also for better, speedy recovery for both mommy and baby.

A multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused on breathing which is very crucial for labor.


A very fun practice which involves lots of imagination and creativity.

A new yoga concept which makes children play with stretching together with their mom’s (optional) and a better way to have your children moving on play dates other than the usual playhouse setup.

This practice helps children retain or help their flexibility, patience and other psychological development which involves better understanding of oneself, control their energy and character building.

All of these practices connects your body and mind which has proven numerous benefits for both physical and psychological. You’ll be impressed by the improvement it does to your body towards flexibility, stress, inflammation, pain and even other health conditions.

With proper and regular practice, yoga can help you attain your overall wellness and health goals.

Remember: Yoga is not a competition with others but rather a way to bind you, your body and your environment together.