Peekawoo: Tips for your first Speed Dating Mixer

When you’re feeling alone, single and hopeless; men and women couldn’t help but wonder if they’re destined to be solo forever or they’ll just probably go for whoever presents in front of them the moment opportunity rises. During the Christmas season, relatives whom you haven’t seen for quite a while may have asked the typical horrendous questions on who you’re dating, if you’re engaged, married or probably settling down to have kids. Unsolicited advise comes next and the rest of the discussion about your personal life goes on.

The best way to look for Mister or Miss right is to get out and socialize. If you feel it’s tedious to dress up, get out, and go through hours of getting to know one person; Why don’t you go ahead and try multiple methods of meeting people. Peekawoo, a Speed dating social networking site is a great option, especially if the event is themed to match singles with a common interest. The process is simple: register for a mixer, come in as your best self, get to know as much people and you get on with your life.

Everything is a win-win on speed dating: you spend less on your first date, you meet new acquaintances and you get to network. Attending any mixer align you and everyone else on a reasonable expectation.

Here are few tips you can apply on your very first speed dating mixer event:

1. Look presentable. Dress smart. This is your night!

2.  Take care of your hygiene: Make sure you’ve brushed your teeth and smell good.

3. First impressions count. Practice your firm handshake upon meeting your first date.

4.  Don’t share about your experience or the short discussion you had with the previous person you sat with.

5.  Be polite and smile.  Keep your conversation very light and enjoy the night.

You may probably like one or two amongst those whom you’ve met but keep in mind that asking for their numbers or Facebook account address is something you’d have to skip on opening or ending a conversation.  Reserve it for later.


Join us on the 4th of January as we celebrate the start of the New Year with a Sunset Roofdeck Mixer,  4:00pm. Register and be one with us and get to meet new people and get to eat some goodies and beer. Tickets must be purchased in advance online, by email or over the phone. Must be over 18 to participate. ID may be required.

See ya!

5 Financial Fitness Notes

“Healthy stuff? It’s expensive” That’s what they typically say. Imagine paying for gym memberships, juice detox suppliers, organic produce and the list goes on. People typically opt for what is readily available, junk food and fast food to name a few but what one don’t realize; having to spend on junk may cost tad lower than the healthy finds but the hospital bills and health concerns would cost even more than the benefit of choosing the lesser evil, healthier option.

Here are few financial fitness notes:

1. Know where your money is going.

Spend it with a fast food meal versus a good healthy meal. They basically cost the same, you just didn’t realize it earlier not until you thoroughly checked the cost you paid. Gym memberships? What for? You’ve got the internet and youtube.

2.  Treat 1,200 calories as cash on hand

Counting calories is like counting for the cash you have on hand. Stick to your daily budget.  If not, be wary of portion control. Over eating is synonymous to overspending.

3. Manage weekly grocery list

Having a grocery list not only would make you plan your meals weekly, it will also help you manage your budget. Planning ahead gives you the advantage to be in-control.

4.  Think Long-term

Going healthy and getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight but it sure needs a day for you to start. Invest and the rest will pay off in the long run. Makes sense?

5. Food is the best medicine

Eat junk, have migraine.  Eat healthy, shy away from any aches.  Anyone would take the latter.

Come to think of it, yes, healthy is expensive. It sure is priceless. you get to live life longer and healthier. Steer away from the emergency room and clear yourself from possible health conditions.
What do you think? Let’s get financially healthy.

2013, Financial Learning.

For the past 2 years, I have been sorting out my finances and reviewing the money in, money out approach as I, being a freelancer and project based – finances doesn’t come in regularly like how employees get to.  Typically during December, I check on my bank accounts and credit card transaction and come up with a strategy on how I would be able to zero out the debts and prepare for the first quarter of the New Year.

Here are few realizations I learned and endured this year, 2013:

1. Some clients delay their payments, as much as Focusing on one project is good to get yourself away from spreading yourself too thin; it’s still safer to have another account to save you from getting indebted.

2. Once you’ve purchased one big thing through your credit card, delay the rest of what you think is another need not until it’s fully paid.

3. Dreaming and Goal-setting is great but manage your finances. If you’re still paying for a car, stick to it until you’ve already saved up for the entire car payment throughout the year before you save for another big purchase.

4. Eye on the Goal. Have a separate bank account and treat it like a utility bill. Monthly, deposit a percentage from your commissions or retainer fees.

5. Live within your means.

Fixed expenses are the largest money drain, pay yourself first, establish financial goals and then splurge once you’ve segregated your cash to specific financial departments.

6.  Remit for your Social Security and Phil health.

You may not be in favour of the Government but you’ll thank them somehow for requiring you to remit few amount to cover for your pension and health care. It may not be big, but it sure is something.

7. Invest on as much Financial Avenues as possible.

But before that, study and don’t jump into risks you’re not aware of. There are Equities managed by banks, Insurances that covers your life and death benefits and mutual funds. One avenue is never nor won’t be enough; diversify.

Need help on this department? I can help you.

8.  Medical Card / Health Care

In times of emergencies, a health card will come in handy. Yes, it may be costly in terms of premiums but the convenience of having one would make you worry free. I don’t think you’d want to be covered in blood and pain yet still worrying on how you’ll pay for your check-up, Emergency visit and your hospital bill, right?

As of date, I’m collecting what is due and will have all debts settled. It’s tough to live with an anxious heart knowing you’ve got so much interest and payables hanging. Financial freedom starts from within.



5 Reasons to Peekawoo

You can’t hurry love nor you don’t have to wait. Peekawoo, a social networking speed dating website, chat roulette and game all -in-one wherein girls can feel safe to chat with guys across the globe promoting fun, friendly and wholesome chatting has launched on September 2013 is having the very first Roofdeck Sunset Mixer on January 4, 2014.
Here are few reasons why you should attend a Mixer:

  • Try something new and different

You know what they fondly say nowadays – You only live once! If you’re looking into meeting new people to network or just chill, you’d probably get to find it through speed dating. We’re all pretty much connected with one another; go ahead, try it.

  • Too busy to date, spare a night and meet more.

Always working? we feel you. Peekawoo is the new way of connecting with like-minded individuals who are in-need of a breather and something far from working.

  • Chivalry is not dead

Ladies, you’ll be well seated while the men move on their rounds to meet you. The gentlemen will be on their best self, best behavior. If they didn’t, you can honestly fill that comment form and rent them.

  • Attend a mixer, the rest is on us.

Food and booze, the giveaway from VMV Hypoallergenic will be distributed for both men and women; and your possible perfect match. Sounds good?

  • Soiree like old days in the modern world

We respect your privacy and won’t be giving away your details not unless you voluntarily exchange with your potential perfect match. Just have fun, and meet new pals!

Stop wishing. Start doing.  There will be no false pretenses, no need to worry about possible threats. Get to meet confident, attractive and interesting Peekawoo participants. Games will be played and a lucky man will be dating our Lucky girl at The Domaine French Restaurant at Silang, Cavite.

To participate for Peekawoo’s Roofdeck Sunset Mixer event, register through The fee is Php 250. For more information, you may log-in through Facebook and message Peekawoo or tweet @Peekawooapp.

Happify: Face the Situation

Today’s Happify made me think through difficult times and had me face it head on. It’s hard to move forward when you just lost a dear soul whom you’ve taken cared more than anyone you’ve ever did. I can’t help but repost and have these thoughts shared for your own reflection:

unlock your happiness, happiness skills, happiness test, studies on happiness, how to be happier, blue brain, join happify, With greater self-knowledge, we’re better able to make hard decisions that reflect our own nature, interests and values. This is easier said than done, because often we’re scared to think about what we really want. The next time you’re facing something uncomfortable, like asking for a raise or ending a relationship, ask yourself the “Five Fateful Questions”:

  1. What am I waiting for?
  2. What would I do if I weren’t scared?
  3. What steps would make things easier?
  4. What would I do if I had all the time and money in the world?
  5. What is the worst, and the best, that could happen?

Being a HAPPIFY pioneer certainly has its perks and one of which is that it has continuously been supporting me throughout to stay grateful and look into the brighter side of things especially when the going gets tough.

Join me on Happify, I promise you nothing but smiles which can brighten up your day.

Your Social Security System Application

It’s not rocket science that every individual should have his/her own Social Security number for the sole reason that not only does it validates you as a citizen but also includes you into the social insurance program of your country.


Typically, your own Social Security Number will be given to an individual once they start employment. Every pay day, there will be a certain contribution amount which will be deducted from your salary and earns throughout the years providing you retirement and health benefits as a working class.

Remitting every month to your Social Security allows you to be supported by the Government for such calamities with reasonable rates applies.

Now, what if you have never been employed and you’ve been a freelancer or been working abroad – are you eligible and would you be allowed to have your own Social Security? Definitely.
Here’s how:

  1. Log on to the website: SSS
  2. Check on the Registration Page on How can one register with the SSS?         A person registering with the SSS for the first time as a prospective employee should accomplish SSS Form E-1 (Personal Record) and submit it together with the original/certified true copy and photocopy of any of the following: baptismal, birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Card or Seaman’s Book. In the absence of these documents, any two of the following, one of which recent photo and date of birth, are acceptable.
  3. Be guided by the SSS Contribution Schedule
  4. Download the RS-5 form and have four (4) copies printed upon remittance and have it duly filled.

You may check on your contribution online to make sure if you have completed and accomplished your social security obligation.

What if you were once employed and then decided to go freelancing or not work for the meantime? paying your contribution through the SSS Form RS-5 using the previously assigned SSS number to you by your employers will change the status of your membership from covered employee to self-employed, OFW or non-working. Should you be age 65 and above, You may voluntarily contribute however you must fill up the  Application for Voluntary Payment of Contribution.

Remember that your SSS contribution is for your goodness sake.  Don’t be afraid to go generous on your contributions as this will turn out to be part of your pension once you get older. You may have your contribution remitted at Bank of the Philippine Islands by issuing the RS-5 after you have it encoded on the cueing system.

If you have failed to pay in advance, make sure that you get to tackle and remit your contributions for the entire year on or before the 31st of December.