Leverage on LinkedIn to Market Educational Institutions

More often than not, when anyone goes online and connects to LinkedIn, that person is most likely looking for a job. Very rarely does one use the site the same way as Facebook or even the archaic, now defunct Friendster (though there are some groups that have noticed the rise of socializing on LinkedIn). More often than not, matters on LinkedIn are kept professional – strictly business.

There are ways, however, to still be able to use LinkedIn for Marketing, Promotions and Communications purposes. It still is a social network site, after all. One that is geared towards the professional arena, but still built on the foundations of people who know people.

“But what about schools?” you may ask. It’s true that marketing an educational institution is different from marketing a certain product. One may measure marketing success in relation to units sold, whereas it isn’t so clear cut in schools. Despite this oddity, Educational Institutions may still use LinkedIn for Marketing Communications and Branding purposes.

Register as Employer 

Let’s face it. LinkedIn IS a go-to for job seekers. So using the Human Resource Management function of the site is the most practical reason for visiting. Through the different networks, groups, and connections, your school will be able to find the right people (whether academic or non-academic) to help it move towards its Mission of Educational and Academic Excellence. As you find the right people, your customers (the students and other stakeholders) will serve to promote the school better through word of mouth.


Did you know Linkedin came up with LinkedIN for Higher Education?

List under Universities Category

Just like with other Social Network Sites, LinkedIn employs a search bar for quick information retrieval. Sometimes, though, searching using generic keywords may not guarantee that your brand will be found. LinkedIn has a number of subcategories under which you can narrow down your search (by clicking on the symbol to the left of the search bar) such as People (if you’re searching for a specific individual), Jobs (for employment opportunities), and even Universities (for educational institutions). Now, LinkedIn doesn’t bother with technicalities such as status (some educational institutions aren’t classified as universities), so this includes all schools.

Once the University Page is made, it can be searched through the subcategory (which increases the likelihood of result generation compared to a general search), and the page can also post updates and announcements as a brand.

School Administrators as Influencers

Unless their current job in the educational institution is their first one after graduation (which is possible), then school administrators have their own professional experiences to share. School personalities normally have much more to impart as they climb the ladder to corporate and educational success. In fact, school officials normally share more than corporate officials because as they make their way up the corporate strata, they also earn more academic experience as evidenced by diplomas, Master’s and Doctorate degrees, and other certificates. Having these individual as Linkedin Influencers is not only good for their professional image, but also for the school as well, as they carry the name with them in every post and update.

Employees as  Brand Advocates

As a social network, LinkedIn increases the chance of brand exposure the more users are attached to the brand. If, for example your school has around a thousand employees, and all of them are connected to the school brand on Linkedin, then that means their other connections on the site may also see whatever post or update the University Page has, as these will appear on their wall due to the engagement of their common connection. And, as social network hierarchy goes, the higher the reach, the bigger the potential for engagement.

Monitor/Track Alumni

Aside from also employing Alumni as brand ambassadors (as with employees, see #4), University Alumni can also be monitored for outcomes purposes. Schools normally track the progress of their graduates to see what has become of them after graduation, which tends to reflect the competency of the school as a quality educational institution. More renowned schools like Harvard and Yale aren’t famous because of the number of graduates they have produced, but because of the quality outcomes of the said graduates. On a social network such as LinkedIn, these graduates can also serve as influencers, sharing their knowledge and corporate experience to the online professional public.

With the right combination and application of the aforementioned examples, community managers of educational institutions will be able to carry their reputation and brand far across the realm of cyberspace and into the dimension of recall, especially to the curious newcomer who has not been influenced by territorial reputation.

This article was contributed by JC Zozobrado for JustKas‘ DigiThink!

The Key to Social Media Success

Every brand is adopting and switching to the social media game.

Those who haven’t gotten their hands dirty in the digital marketing arena may haven’t been sure what or how social media operates but, in the world of marketing, it’s crucial to live, breathe and eat every effort you pour into it. Traditional advertising avenues – flyers, for example – aren’t yielding much anymore. Especially when you get to compare costs and ROI.

There is no template you can replicate if you’d want to build social media success – except perhaps on the process of signing up on the social media mediums which gives you the access to the party but ask yourselves, once you had it all logged-in “How can we make this campaign successful with social media?”

Just like reading a book, you wouldn’t know the story not until you continuously read the fine print from start to finish. You’d have to give it time, effort, and understanding. The answer is consistency.

Being a digital marketer isn’t an easy task (it may sound like it), it can be intimidating once you’ve jumped ship however in order for you to stay within the groove of the social media party, building an online community takes a lot of cake. You’d need to build trusts, interact, and stay relevant.

Imagine yourself as the introvert who’d need to get out to familiarize your surroundings. If you keep yourself in, nothing will be set free to be explored and be heard. You’ll have to get out there and get yourself known.

Consistency doesn’t mean you’d just have to blab everyday.  Allow us to break it down for you:

1. Credibility

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Credibility means  the ‘quality of being trusted and believed in’ or ‘the quality of being convincing or believable.’ looking after the meaning, credibility is everything a brand should hold, it stands firm on integrity and the heartbeat of your sales process.  Your brand should be authentic and answers the question ‘Why should we believe in you?’ which brings us next to.

2. Trust

Managing and curating a brand is building a relationship with your consumers. You’d have to build, develop and grow relationships and interaction. In social media, you may not know them face-to-face but you’d have to speak to them in confidence and should earn their confidence. Invest in building solid relationships.

3. Stability

Just like in staying in a relationship, aside from building confidence and trust. You’d have to be stable for the consumers. You’ll have to secure and empower not just yourselves but also the consumers. Stability becomes the point wherein consumers make bold decisions.

These are the three underlying traits of consistency, and they must be used in every aspect of your social media marketing.

How does your social media marketing should look like?

1. Update Often

Yes, you’d have to post consistently. You’ll need to have it all planned – put it on your calendar, schedule in a reminder, and stay on top of it. You should religiously stick into the plan accordingly. Once you’ve already had your content it, analyze the behavior of your readers and post according to the time and day most of your readers are online to check on your posts. Build a habit around it and it’ll reap heavy benefits.

Remember: Stay Relevant, Valuable and Informative. 

2. Humanize efforts

The best Brands show their human side.They tell a story. That story is authentic & real. It’s your story, you’d have to spend time interacting with people who comment or RT content. Acknowledge and make a connection. It’s just like meeting a new friend or having a cup of joe with a client. As a marketer, we have to prove to our online audiences that we are ready, willing and available to them. They bought us, they believed in us, we have to stick through them and their desires. Listen. Thank people profusely.

If you’re working in the service industry – this will strengthen your brand as the brand who listens and shows compassion. People in this age would want to be addressed right away within the silent golden hour.

Nurture your audience, reach out and get to know them. Accept feedback and compliment them. Just like taking good care of a family – you should always show up, and they will, too.

3. Remember your Brand Personality.

You’ve heard about the “brand voice” and have discussed your “brand personality” as you go through your branding and marketing efforts. It’s important that you get to portray according to what you’ve identified as a whole. Your online audience should pinpoint if you’re for the women, men, family, sports or leisure and so on.

If your brand should be witty, your content should always portray its witty side. If it’s serious and bold, your advertisements and content should reflect it accordingly.  If you’re handling a medical brand, you should speak and be like doctors online who shows authority and concern.

Use your content to make an impact on people consistently and they will come to you often.


Wolfgang Steakhouse: Challenges Steakhouses in the Metro

That slab of meat looks grandiosely familiar; the comfort of slicing each hunk makes it unbelievably different – delicate, succulent, and moving. Some like their meat rare and bloody; some for a balance of raw freshness and cooked to perfection on medium rare, but those who would rather have it well done should skip the thought altogether. Ask the Chef (No, in fact, don’t dare) it’ll be a disgrace and empirically huge wastage for an expensive marbled USDA Prime deplete its tenderness and flavor.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


One of the best steakhouses in New York, Wolfgang Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener opened its first branch in the Philippines, the 14th branch worldwide at Resorts World Manila. Founded by father and son, Wolfgang and Peter Zweiner in partnership with local patrons, restaurateur extraordinaire Raymund Magdaluyo and Marvin Agustin.

Carrying all it’s New York vibe – a classic manly themed laden décor with high ceilings, welcoming reception, mahogany bar, laminated wooden floor, mosaic tiles, and alabaster chandeliers giving a picturesque ambiance; a wine cellar and a whiskey-cigar room with its top notch well-trained service crew; Wolfgang Steakhouse challenges every steakhouse in the metro.



Source: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse



Imported USDA Prime aged meat at Wolfgang Steakhouse is kept fresh in a walk-in dry-aging chiller adjusted minimally above the freezing level for about a month as it age. The dry-aging naturally lets the enzyme of the beef break down the intermuscular tissue making the beef tender giving each cut its rich flavor – the melt-in-your-mouth kind. With the right humidity and executed with precision presented on a hot plate.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


Consistent with its global standards, Wolfgang Steakhouse remains to have all its best sellers – the dinner menu – from the appetizers to the irresistible desserts.

Getting the best of the feast, devouring Wolfgang’s signature steak will be any steak lover’s dream comes true. Have sirloin and porterhouse, 80% big hunk of meat, 100% melt-in-your-mouth fat with good tenderness in the muscle. Order the beef cooked rare and brace yourself to have that meaty steak experience you’ve never had before.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


A wide selection of 1200 wine options, special concoctions and beverages waits. Guzzle on a glass or bottle of wine or whiskey to pair. Completing the full course, Wolfgang Steakhouse creamed spinach or mashed potatoes are great options to give those taste buds a delicate and light tasting munches.

Vegetarians and vegans shouldn’t miss a Wolfgang Steakhouse encounter. The menu is composed of piquant set of choices of Salads, Soups, Starches and Vegetables, serving good for two to four people to feast. The New York Steak salad mixes different greens; white mushrooms and tomatoes have become to be a favorite. Each is freshly acquired from organic agricultural farms in the country.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


With the steak and your chosen whiskey or cocktail, the German potatoes – sautéed and baked with butter and onions or the perfectly thin sliced crispy fried onion rings are the perfect carb fix to complete your dining experience dipped on the special tomato-based sauce with a hint of horseradish, Wolfgang Steakhouse Old fashioned sauce.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


A banquet should not end without a lavish dessert to end it all on a good note. The cheesecake headlines the dessert in the menu alongside with the pecan pie. If you miss (or haven’t, this is your chance!) New York and have savored the best cheesecake in the world, Wolfgang Steakhouse is carrying the iconic ‘Junior’s’ cheesecake – a silky, creamy base, thin crust perfect in its simplicity wherein the hint of tartness doesn’t overpower the smooth texture of the decadent dessert (Writer’s note: I kid you not, this made my heart melt with happiness!) This has got to be the highlight of the entire celebration of good food, aside from having the best steak in town, anyone would want to keep eating – at least, for more than one bite.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


Whether your preference is to have a good exchange of whiskey, a tall glass of wine, business correspondence over cigar or a special blowout of togetherness, Wolfgang Steakhouse definitely is a palpable unwavering choice to encapsulate what matters.

Now this is the only acceptable way of saying, Well-done.


2F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 12:00 am
Email: wolfgangssteakhouseph@gmail.com
Website: www.wolfgangssteakhouse.ph
Facebook: WolfgangsSteakhousePH
Instagram: @WolfgangsSteakhousePH

ABS-CBN Published Version: Stakes are High for Wolfgang Steakhouse in Manila