SMILE Magazine: Travel Journal Feature

What a delightful surprise from Cebu Pacific in-flight Smile Magazine’s Travel Journal Section, June issue. You’ll be able to find few of my Legazpi, Bicol destination whereabouts and what to do’s.  Special Thanks to Nikka Sarthou for the feature.

June 2011

Thank you to Tonyo Cruz for sharing this image on twitter as soon as he read it on-board and also to those who messaged me over twitter and facebook.

That’s why it’s called – Cravings.

A Human being’s body knows when it needs to rest and go to sleep, wake-up, visit the loo and when it needs to be fed or when it’s full. Humans forget how amazing our body is that we neglect and fight over what it needs. A heart never misses a beat, the lungs are always breathing and each of your organs doesn’t commit a mistake or give you a second of forgetting how it works. It’s a machine that never fails you when it’s been well taken cared of.

It is only but us who gives our body a hard time to function. Often times we mistake on the body wanting something but the truth is, it’s the emotions that are giving your body the urges to have what we call – Cravings.

Cravings are there because your body needs it. Cravings aren’t weaknesses not unless it has been over-fed and over-looked.

Cravings Photo Courtesy of

Sweets such as chocolates, French fries and potato chips, sundaes and macchiato, bagels and lemon squares. When these thoughts occur, when you experience craving – take a moment and deconstruct; what does my body want and why? Check-in to your thoughts and cravings then internalize your relationship with food. Cravings may just mean you’re bored, emotional or just would want to succumb to pleasure but think again, do you deserve it? Do you really need it? Do you want a bite of it or the entire thing?

 Here are the primary causes of Cravings:

  • Dehydration

Dehydration occurs as mild hunger; so the first thing you do when you find a strange craving – drink up a full glass of water and gulp more of it. The body doesn’t send the message that you are thirsty not until you’re dehydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses everyday, the more, the better.

  • Being Dissatisfied

… Or the lack of life fulfillment. Being bored, uninspired, lazy or lacking a little life other than the routine makes a person munch of whatever there is beside, in front or what’s there for them to munch on which relates to Emotional eating. Eating becomes a substitute for entertainment, or to fill the void of life fulfillment.

  • Imbalance

Did you know or have you ever noticed that eating a diet too rich in sugar may cause craving for meat? Raw foods may cause cravings for extremely cooked or dehydrated foods and vice versa? Check your food journal and review the common denominator.

  •   Food Memories

Food is truly delightful and an indulgence is something one can never let go of.  Once you’ve got that craving on, you can control your craving by going for the healthier choice and go for what you’re really craving for. Want a chocolate? Go for the dark ones. Want a frappuccino Go for non-fat with no whip cream.  Often times it’s the moment that you’re wanting and looking for, not the indulgence itself.

  • Seasonal

Body craves for what isn’t available all the time but your body won’t know that not until you’re in the know. The change of weather and season may attract your cravings, too. When its cold or raining, you’d want for a hot coco with mallows, when its summer, you’d love to have ice cream and very cold iced tea and sodas but then again, you’d have to recall what it is that you want – you may just want a piece not the entire thing. Have a bite that should work.

  • Hormonal

When a woman’s body experiences the red-letter day, pregnancy or menopause, fluctuating testerones and estrogen levels may cause strange cravings. The increased appetite for carbs may be caused by low-serotonin levels, which signals the brain to get the body to eat more carbs. Factors as strong brain chemicals and hormone production may be powerful influences over behavior and physical cravings.

Try adding a daily vitamin supplement to your diet to stave off those odd cravings  (personally recommend Qplus’ Vital Code).  Aside from checking onto why you’d want to have what you’re looking for or wanting, you can always just have those cravings moderately by entertaining the craving and not eating the entire of it. It’s okay, go have a bite but don’t over-indulge.

Remember: a piece of donut would need you to finish a 5 miler to burn it.

Asian Traveler: Hidden Destinations

ASIAN TRAVELER, an independent travel and leisure magazine published by Pilsigns,Inc came up with its Philippine Summer: Hidden Destination issue lead by communicator, Editor-in-Chief Nina Terol-Zialcita.

Congratulations Nines!

In this issue you’ll find some of the Philippines most popular destinations and uncovered secrets. You’ll get to know some of the most brilliant ambassadors of the country filled with undeniable love for their craft, creativity and culture.

I, on the other hand was also featured together with other two wanderers high and proud of the beauty of our country – Get out there and Go somewhere unfamiliar. There’s nothing like the Philippines, encapsulated with 7,107 islands.

May Summer Issue

You can grab a copy of Asian Traveler at your favorite bookstores for only Php 150 or subscribe by emailing for more information.

Asia Traveler Facebook

Your Big Presentation Needs iTour-70

Divoom iTour-70 Portable Speaker

Public speaking can be very stressful. There are those who get up in front of a crowd and go through that dreadful panic moment. It takes a lot of discipline, practice and preparation to put on a good presentation and even knowing what you need to know can be hard.

You went through your slides, edited and finalized your deck and made sure you’ve got everything on presentation day. What else do you need?

If you don’t have a huge screen to show off that deck and sound system to boost it up, carrying a macbook will never be enough.  Here’s what you need: stylish speakers.

This Divoom iTour-70 won’t fail to show off. Guaranteed power for your presentation.  Its travel-friendly 2.0 channel speaker system is so handy, it won’t even add weight on your shoulders and because it’s made of scratch resistant steel polish and rubber like texture behind, you wouldn’t worry on it too much.

Don’t forget the 3.5mm audio jack though when carrying it around.

Because the sound it produce is crisp, sharp and clear; every detail and audio on your presentation won’t give those ears a hard time although this iTour-70 is only fit to a closed quiet room or can only be heard on a certain measure of distance, this iTour-70 serves it’s purpose well. My Macbook will never be complete without this gadget even during ordinary days while watching a movie, sound tripping while working or when that ipod needs to be heard out loud.

Plug’n’Play. The iTour-70 is charged via USB of your laptop. On a full-charge this speaker will last for 8-hours, it outweighs those battery operated speakers.

How did the presentation go? it flew well. Thanks to Divoom for this heaven sent gadget received as a raffle prize during Twestival Manila’s get-together at Le Bistro Vert  @TwestivalMNL on March 24, 2011 just right after the day I was eyeing on getting one.

Visit your nearest Apple Reseller store (or Power Mac Center) or any Game Stop branch for an affordable and reasonable price of Php1,150. It also comes in red and blue for those who wants color on their speakers.

Divoom iTour-70 Specs:

  • Output: 5 W
  • Dimension: 48L x15D x 103H (mm)
  • Driver size: 2 x 1.5 inch full range micro metal driver
  • Distortion: <0.5%
  • Frequency Response: 80Hz-20KHz
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio: >80dB
  • Battery voltage: 3.7 V
  • Battery Capacity: 700MAH
For more information you may drop by their FACEBOOK site or drop @DivoomPH a message on twitter.

Spenco® PolySorb® Yumi Total Support Sandal

Women's YUMI Toe Post

I am honored receiving a pair of this YUMI Toe Post to experience and be relieved before the new ProForm insole debut its launch in the US this June. Meanwhile, these may be ordered online or purchased in retail stores.

The Spenco® PolySorb® Yumi Total Support Sandal is a women’s toe-post sandal that provides orthotic support. This flip flop has built-in arch & heel support for all day comfort. It is the only contourd sandal with the Total Support Footbed wherein you’ll feel the fantastic support and stability of Spenco’s best-selling replacement insole in the comfort and simplicity of  slip-on sandal.

A perfect match for the beach, around the house and even better after sports training. The “Spenco Yumi” will provide all-day comfort and arch support, with its impact cushioning and motion control it helps reduce pronation and supination – a common problem associated with flat, slab-style sandals.

The PERFECT sandal alleviating plantar fasciitis & arch pain.

Features & Benefits of the Women’s Spenco Yumi Total Support Flip Flop:

  • Total Support stability and comfort, in a slip on sandal.
  • Total Support Cushioning System absorbs shock and helps prevent over-pronation
  • Orthotic Arch Support and deep heel cupping promotes stability, alignment and motion control.
  • Soft strap and premium materials provide lasting comfort and wear.
  • EVA surface custom molds over time to conform to the unique shape of the wearer’s feet.
  • Metatarsal Padded Arch Support offloads pressure from the ball of foot to help relieve forefoot pain.
  • TPR Rubber, EVA Injection, Polyester webbing, PVC, PU Nubuck, 4-way Stretch Polyester, EVA Closed Cell, Inside Lining: SBR Rubber Foam.
  • Thickness at Heel: 12.80mm (1/2in),
  • Thickness at Forefoot: 12.30mm (1/2in)
  • Cost: $39.99
I will be writing more about this pretty Yumi Toe Flip Flop – it’s too cute to ignore and too comfortable not to be used after logging in mileage or for each outdoor sports adventure.
Many  Thanks to Shannon Blood of off madison ave. and Spenco Medical Corporation for keeping our feet in mind to keep these in top running shape together in celebrating April National Foot Health Awareness Month

 For more information, click HERE

Summer Cleaning

Okay, It should be Spring Cleaning but in Manila, Philippines there are only two seasons: Rainy and Summer hence the term.

The entire Holy Week, I COMMIT myself to and for change. I am all about inspiration, motivation, production and dedication. This has been the first time I’ve ever been giddy on segregating and fixing things accumulated over the years. I also decided to relocate back to the room I grew up with instead of the bigger room I transferred in when I flew back home from the states which I hoped for when I was younger (I thought It would’ve been nice for sleepovers)

Relocating: 2 4-corners of my room

Photo on the Left is the first corner of my room right after you open the door. Thanks to my Mom and our trusted Carpenter we moved almost all my cabinets on that side and the Photo on the Right is where my little comfort comes in.I may not have a loo in this room (I will have to head out and pass by the dining area to the guest comfort room) but I sure am more than glad I moved back.

Changes are still occurring. Renovating and Relocating on a budget. Mounts of paper were segregated for recycling, boxes filled with items fit for garage sale and donations for Maple Tree Foundation, Visayan Forum Foundation and few books for a public library’s collection.

For the Walls: Color Theme

The fact I now wake up near a window again, hearing the birds chirping and the ray of light hitting my blue curtain makes the entire waking-up to a new day encapsulate you into this rejuvenating feel and perspective.

It’s time for some repainting. For finally, I received the blessing from my parents to personalize my room as MY room with MY OWN touch – What do you think of the theme? Oh, If only I have the luxury to transform my room, I would’ve want to have my little nook resemble the photo above or take an inspiration and transform the walls resembling to the photo below:

shade of white and blue

April is the New January. Hello 2011!

Hopefully I’ll be done segregating and transferring all my stuff by Easter Sunday. What about you? Have you done your Summer cleaning? 🙂

Job Hunt: Score your FIRST interview

Not too long ago I taught few subjects at a nearby College and not only was I able to teach valuable lessons to my students but also established friendship.  Today, few of my students approached me through facebook telling me their frustration on failing all job interviews they’ve gone to and not receiving any call backs. Its been a year of job hunting.

This post is for you, kids!

After years of waking up early attending to your first morning class, endless projects and completing your thesis; who wouldn’t want to graduate from college already? There’s more for each and one of you to learn.

Now, that you’ve stepped out of collage. Here are few tips on scoring that first interview call back:

1. Disseminate that resume to companies. Make sure that company interests you and close to your heart. Don’t waste time on applying on all job vacancy available on the classified ads. Make a call if you must and ask to whom you’re going to address your letter, which email address do you have to send it to or landmarks on the address when you hand your resume.

2 Craft that perfect cover letter. Make the letter concise, clear and professional. Introduce yourself and include why you’re fit for the job. Don’t forget to include your contact details.

3. Professional Email address. Please, for good sakes, don’t use your 2qt4u[at]email[dot]com address. Make sure you have an appropriate email address which has your name on it i.e johnsmith[at]email[dot]com.

4. Subject Title. Follow directions if there’s any but what’s important is you write down the summary of the purpose on why you’re sending them a letter. e.i  Job Application: Management trainee.

5.  Complete your words. Once you abbreviate or write the body of the letter in an awful SMS lingo, expect nothing but a waste of time and effort on your job application.

6. Response to Email or SMS notification. Just like in composing the body of your email and cover letter, respond to that SMS or email in complete words. Spare them the jejemon jargon.  i.e   GudAM (Good Morning),  xori (sorry)

Good luck! I’ll be posting more.


On April 5, 2011, BEST MEN, GMA News TV Channel 11’s newest Magazine Show catering to men aired an episode perfect for the start of the summer heat hosted by Jace Floers, RJ Ladesma and Jun Veneracion.

Together with my friend Joanna Magalong, we took Jace Flores and the GMA News TV production crew surfing at San Juan Surf School in La Union which our friend, infamous Billabong surfer Luke Ladrigan own. We also stayed at Thunderbird Poro Point for a while – What a majestic place!

Will have the video up soon as I receive a copy.

What: Best men
When: April 5, Tuesday, 8pm
Where: GMA News TV Channel 11

Show Synopsis: