16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon 2011


You have no idea how I strove to witness the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark, Pampanga.

I would like to thank my cousin-in-law, nieces and their boyfriends for the¬†spontaneous¬†instantaneous trip. A Saturday away from work engagements, I haven’t felt saturday as much as I did – carefree, kid like and with my relatives.

Two has been off my bucket list. 1) Attend Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and 2) Be out and about with my nephew/nieces in a splendid trip a family can call “free day away from civilazation” and they were in charge on the whereabouts. We all get older and wiser fast year after year, I’m so proud to have such nephew who speaks like a trivia master in every sentence, nieces who are independent, smart and never left their family orientation.

When I have kids of my own, I would love to have that kind of relationship: Be a group of cool people, goes out of town without their kids feeling awkward that they’re with their parents and are as open as they are with their friends to us, their parents.

The Journey to the Destination

My relatives picked me up at around 2am with zero sleep, we picked up my niece at her condominium near UST and off we drove to Clark, Pampanga. Blessed with no hassle on the parking space and no gruesome traffic, we arrived Clark 20 minutes before 5:30 am.