#TasteTheFeeling: Emoticon your bottle

Coca-Cola will always play a huge part in my life. Thanks to the short stint in Myanmar.

There is joy in customizing and personalizing anything with your preference and name on it. Whether it’s engraving jewelry, notebooks to handbags; Coca-Cola captured the bliss on making loyal drinkers feel more bound on this thirst quencher: Create your own Coca-Cola Emoticon Bottle. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.07.51 PM.png

The concept was simple and straightforward, being true to their marketing initiatives – Coca-Cola always hits the emotions of every individual. Create your own Emoticon Bottle will make you customize everything from the hair, down to the smile, and dedicate it to your family and friends. You can also purchase a pack of twelve (12) 500ml Emoticon bottles that come with a Spin the Coke Bottle board game. How fun is that?


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.27.09 PM.png

Create your own Emoticon Bottle


Following the success of the previous Coca-Cola Personalization campaign #ShareaCoke last year, #TasteTheFeeling is the follow through on the shared happiness in expressing the truthfulness to one’s feeling. The newest global campaign brings to life everyday moments through great universal storytelling and rich visual imagery – placing the product at the heart of its communications. Bright, as usual, Coca-Cola.

Following the trend online and every person’s everyday feeling, this shareable and customizable interactive digital experience creating your bottle (or for your loved one) hits the spot. You’ll definitely have fun customizing these bottles, I did!


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.48.27 PM.png

I had so much fun. Share the happiness!

If you’re the kind who collects Coca-Cola products, you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. Go ahead and have fun tinkering on your personalized Coca-Cola Emoticon. Each costs Php 85 for a 500ml bottle.  Have your bottle paid upon delivery, they’ll have it sent to your address for free in 2-3 days.

Would you want to share it with your friends for a frenzy party? Personalize for the entire gang and give it a spin.

Taste the Feeling and raise your for !




Earth month: Bobble bottle

Celebrate the Earth month by reducing your carbon footprint and by helping in every way you can.

During the recent launch of Aura Athletica’s new clothing line, I discovered the Bobble bottle wherein it’s technology is designed to help filter out particles from your tap water and get to use it for about 300 refill.


For its affordable and sustainable creation, The mere fact of bottled water is itself a funny thing. This bottle can Clean, serviceable tap water from the available flows directly from the majority of the world’s homes in industrialized nations.

It’s lightweight and filter can be replaced.

Head your way to Aura Athletica and give yourself the gift of better water straight from your tap supply as you also help our nature from plastic water bottles.

On Bikram Yoga & Vegetarianism

Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury founder of the worldwide Yoga College of India's visit in Manila back in February 2011

26 postures sequence selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury in a 40 degrees hot room, it has been proved and experienced by millions that these asanas (postures) systematically work every part of the body, to give all the internal organs and vains including all the muscles they need to maintain optimum health and maximum function.

In a 60-90 minutes class “ If you come here [Bikram Yoga] early in the morning, you burn 1500 calories in a class before you eat. Since the body has no source of fuel but fat, your body changes from sugar burning to fat burning and then you get to lose that fat you’re aiming to get rid of in a healthy way while helping your entire body harmonize its system” says Vegan instructor Omar of Bikram Yoga Alabang.

When food is cooked above 118 degrees for 3 minutes or longer, it’s protein has become coagulated. It’s natural sugar caramelize, it’s actual fibers have broken down, which means it will take longer for our intestines to tract. ” [The Philippines] There’s an abundance [of] whole foods, there’s a huge section of greens,red, and orange; everything is great and vibrant” shares Omar who’s been vegan for 15 years;  “Organics aren’t hard to find, they’re so colorful to miss.” as we exchanged views on our dietary preference.

Although many yoga practitioners are strict vegans, this does not require to those who want to practice Bikram Yoga. What’s good about being Vegan or Vegetarian? “ With the Vegan diet: we eat whole foods, we eat lots of raw foods, we eat lots of food. period.  With the Vegetarian per se,  that’s also a really great diet but they want to stir clear of dairy stuff before you come into this room because when come to think about it, we’re heating the body from inside-out, we’re going to raise your internal core temperature upwards to 40 degrees”

30% to 50% of our foods vitamins and minerals have been destroyed and 10% of what’s left on it’s enzymes have been decomposed. Cooked food deplete our body’s enzyme potential and drains the energy we need to maintain and repair from toxins. ” with all that available food, I also find that Philippine cuisine is [that it’s] been cooked, and cooked some more then [being] fried; and so those among whole foods are deteriorated into this substance that isn’t necessarily nutritious, and so when you want to start yoga, you may want to evaluate your diet”


Oi, Oishi!

Thank you Oishi

For somebody who’s vegetarian and trying to burn the unwanted bulges, snacks and any kind of junk food are prohibited but one fine day, an Oishi truck parked in front of my garage. I thought it was another newsletter but much to my surprise, it was a box load and a huge paper bag of goodies from Liwayway Corporation.

24 bottles of Smart C+, two of each Oishi products such as Marty’s, Bread pans, Baconette strips, Ridges; a huge family pack of Pillow and two boxes of new products – Wafu, a long rolled wafer in cheese and leche flan flavor. You couldn’t imagine the delight as I brought the items inside the house, I felt as if I placed a podium finish receiving a bunch load of goodies!


While the brother owned the Baconette Strips and Ridges potato chips, I’ve already marked all the Marty’s Crackin’ Vegetarian Chicharon (Plain Salted and Salt & Vinegar variants.) and Bread pan for my consumption. Albeit Wafu turned out to be the favorite – you couldn’t imagine how 2o rolled wafers (specifically the leche flan flavor) were consumed in less than 3 days, I even had to safe keep at least one for me and one for my boyfriend to taste!

The Bread pan snacks has been reserved and added on my salad cravings (the aha! moment for savory croutons substitute), the family packed  ziplocked chocolate-filled enriched with Vitamin-A Pillows snack has been frugally eaten one at a time as my rewarding dessert or for a taste to satisfy my sugar cravings.

Pair any of those flavorful Smart C+ with any of the Marty’s snack, you’re already set for a great merienda treat!

Thank you Oishi for such pleasant surprise! Maybe one day, someday again… next time?




Smart C+ My Healthy Drink

Smart C+

This is the second time I’ll be posting about my favorite health drink and I couldn’t stop myself from loving it.

While everyone is gulping on iced cold soda or iced tea – I have been gulping on Smart C+ especially during in the middle of the summer heat.

I must admit though, I look like a walking advertisement keeping a bottle or two of Smart C+ in my purse every each time I head out for errands, work engagements or after a good run but this healthy drink not only became a staple drink for those who are on-the-go but it has become that drink who helped supplement my body resistance.  You have no idea how the additional vitamins and nutrients has rescued me from having the scare of migraines.

One of each flavor stocked in my freezer and gulp one or two when the need comes to rise.

Aside from knowing these drinks has been saving me before I get terrible migraines in the middle of a sunshiny afternoon and recuperate from food poisoning wherein I couldn’t eat anything; I love the fact that I’m not loading up on sugar.

With only 100 calories, you get 320% vitamin C which plays a certain role in maintaining our health, vitality and well-being, 50% Vitamin B5 and 50% Vitamin B6  which helps release energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and helps produce red blood cells. It’s friendly to diabetics too and those who are closely monitoring their sugar intake (those who are in constant diet?) as they use Cane Sugar instead of simple syrups.

I don’t think those brands claiming they’re the newest healthy drink can go as healthy as Smart C+ and I’m grateful for being introduced to this healthy drink. Thank you for nourishing me with more bottles just right in time for summer!

Smart C+ is manufactured by Liwayway Marketing Corporation and carries products such as Oishi.

Athena: Milk for Women

We grew up with specialized milk  but as we age, we also outgrew and bid farewell to what we’re familiar with; we are left with options such as non-fat, low-fat, soy milk, skimmed and 3% percent milk products which are pretty much expensive in the market hence women don’t get to indulge to supplementing our bodies to necessary nutrition for strong bones.

Women’s Health gave boxes of Athena milk during the Fun Run presser which had me curious on its difference in the market. It claims beauty benefits – a first of its kind in the milk category.

“Beautrition” for the modern-day Filipina, in Unilab’s term caters to today’s Filipino multi-tasker women who faces professional and personal challenges every day.

According to research: Athena promises more benefits than any other skimmed milk brand in the Philippines by offering Beautrition – a combination of beauty and nutrition that gives women a triad of benefits to help them win their everyday battles:

Beautiful Skin. Athena provides anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, E & Zinc) to help women’s skin become healthier and more beautiful.
Strong Bones. Athena is high in calcium to help strengthen women’s bones.
Slim Figure. Athena is low in fat to help women maintain a slimmer figure.

Now, aside from those facts. The taste is more important than what’s on context. When I tried a glass to jumpstart my day, I didn’t have to add any sweetener to make the milk be  less creamy. For the kind of girl who’s trying to control her sugar, I quickly read through the nutritional contents and found out that Athena milk has sucralose, which is synonymous to splenda. Truly, it also caters to diabetics .(Im not diabetic though but prevention is better than cure). No Stress!

It tastes good. thank heavens I have 3 boxes of it! Thank you Women’s Health and Unilab. Women, you need to switch. This is definitely for every Filipina.

Happy International Women’s Month!

I’m Vegetarian. What’s your problem?

I don’t know with other vegetarians out there but I get annoyed and irritated at times when people wonder how I’ve turned vegetarian, why I turned vegetarian or How come I don’t look like I’m vegetarian (What do vegetarians looks like anyway?). It makes me want to break their bones and make them realize that being vegetarian doesn’t mean you’ll be stick thin or make you lose weight drastically. The sole reason I opted to exclude certain meats in my diet is because of the hormonal imbalance that I have to fix in my system since I ballooned when I was induced with steroids 2 years ago. When I got back to yoga, thanks to the influence of Divine Wellness, I felt better.

I no longer drink hormonal imbalance medicines anymore such as birth control pills to keep my ovulation up-to-date, I wake up lighter and definitely have a lot of changes in my body system including bowel movement. I may have lost few weight with the help of the lifestyle change but it certainly isn’t purely because of the choice I’ve made in my food restriction but it was also because of the mileage I have to endure. People forget that being a vegetarian means you’ll have more carbohydrates in your diet even if it’s filled with fiber and nutrients.

I declared myself as flexitarian back in 2008 hence the name of my blog The Flexitarian Runaholic Diaries. Late last year slowly with the help of Divine Wellness, I gradually became  Pollotarian until I have finally made amendment to let go of poultry into a Pescetarian (Pesco-lacto-ovo Vegetarian) but then again, only a percentage of people knows what each means.

What’s the easiest way to describe your choice of menu? simply say you’re vegetarian, they’ll instantly understand from the first few letters of the word: VEGET (for Vegetables) regardless on what type of vegetarian you are but when you’re together with a purist, don’t mistake on saying you’re vegetarian without being specific  but then again, purists or vegans would call themselves as purists or vegan rather than vegetarian.

If you say “I’m Semi-Vegetarian”, there are a lot of questions asked after. Ah, I’d rather stick to the easiest way to describe my food preference; what about you?

For everyone’s knowledge, there are different types of vegatarians:

  • The Purist exculdes all types of animals, and dairy
  • Raw Vegan  incudes only fresh fruits, uncooked fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables
  • Macrobiotic Vegetarianism consists mostly beans, seeds and whole grain
  • Fruitarianism includes only fruits, nuts and seeds and other foods that doesn’t harm another plant.
  • Buddhist Vegetarianism  excludes all animal products as well as vegetables in the allium family (which have the characteristic aroma of onion and garlic): onion, garlic, scallions, leeks, or shallots.
  • Pesco Vegetarian   includes fish
  • Ovo Vegetarianism includes eggs but not dairy products
  • Lacto Vegetrianism includes dairy products but not eggs
  • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarianism includes both eggs and dairy/animal products/products

Aside from these, there are other types of vegetarianism which evolved

  • Flexitarians is what they infamously known as “a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat”
  • Pollotarians eat chicken or other poultry, but not red meat.
  • Pescetarians eat fish or other seafood, but not red meat or poultry.

Intiendes?! I no longer want to explain myself nor ever find the need to explain myself about this ever again. I don’t question your preference, don’t question mines. It is the choice I made, not yours. Don’t look at me from head to toe for not being Olive oil (Popeye) or for being a Chunky Vegetarian. Again, let me reiterate: Vegetables are Carbohydrates, being a vegetarian won’t make you as thin as paper – It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Please, stop associating being a Vegetarian as deprivation.

Instead, why don’t you try being vegan or vegetarian yourself? Guaranteed, your body will thank you for it.

Shabu Yaki : Enjoy your Vegetables

Between the two of us, I’m the only pesco-lacto-ovo vegetarian albeit he’s trying not to have meat every now and then especially when we’re eating out, I appreciate the effort and the willingness of him sharing my plate and not indulging on a carnivorous treat.

Tonight although he was turning out to be a little monster who was giving me an attitude already for not having to decide on what to eat for dinner, we had to transfer from one restaurant to another, in order for me to win not to go for pasta, chicken and fried foods – the treat was on me.


But look who enjoyed the food most?

I can live with other uncomfortable things such as riding the bus, walking the distance or a little bit of sun, but never will I compromise on food.


Our first Shabu Shabu dinner

For a gastronomic healthy dinner of Php 499 at Shabu Yaki located at Aguirre Ave. Bf Homes Paraque. Chicken Broth and Seafood Shabu Shabu, we were already set for a healthy meal. The mood changed soon as he took a sip of the soup, a taste of the clams and the shrimps.

Had Calamansi Juice to cleanse our palate for Php 50.



Surely enjoyed our fresh vegetables! The attendants were friendly enough to take our orders, and requests. They accept credit card payments, too!

Because I was not much of a eater, we even managed to take home few greens, dimsum and warm broth home for my boys. Are we going to go back and visit? Yes, why not. I’m all for the vegetarian meal – No rice, too!

The shabu shabu choices can feed 3-4 people.

Shabu Yaki
237 Aguirre Ave.
Bf Homes Paranque City

Shabu Yaki
HK Sun Plaza
Diosdado Macapagal Avenue
Pasay City