Start a blog and blog-a-reach!

I have been blogging since 6th grade during the time when coding through DOS, Microsoft interim messenger, and Touch Typing for Beginners was still the ‘it’ thing.  Platforms have already lost its prestige in cyberspace – Angelfire, Geocities, Open Diary, Xanga and the like. Blogging, during such early age, was referred to as a personal journal where Dear-Diary-I-saw-crush-today kind of topics and all the angst were relayed.

Kept through the habit of writing, regardless if my grammar was right or wrong (mostly cringe-worthy), it certainly became an outlet for anything and about everything under the sun. It opened doors to opportunities I never knew existed – wrote weekly contributions to a reputable newspaper, became a high school newspaper managing editor, had my first full-page feature in few dailies and received paychecks which I never understood why I had to be paid.

The reason why I kept on blogging and still exerted to continuously contribute is that I  grew up seeing my Dad day-in and day-out in front of his typewriter writing journals and showing me his by-lines, tagging me along in a certain cafe where all the known editors in the country gather for friendly banters. The love to write grew exponentially as I received feedback from readers whom I never met from across the globe – mostly were seafarers.

Since then, I not only wanted to keep on writing. It has become part of me. I have an annual goal to at least have few contributions published and push myself to get better at it.

REASON 1: You want to develop a voice and share your thoughts

Blogging has become my outlet in so many ways. I had a fitness diary which has evolved, a career blog to document few hyperlinks I can still trace and just pour out my thoughts.

But then, just like few others, I realized I am not much a writer.  I was more of this kind who tries, tries, and tries, saying no as an answer. There were times I also gave up, doubted myself and stopped altogether – this, I regret most.

Now, you want to blog and make money out of it?

It’s still doable. However, you’ve got to be consistent, purposeful, determined and always intentional to what you write and why you want to write.  Every person starts somewhere, and this is your clean slate.

Blogging most definitely will sharpen your skills – it’ll make you want to learn how to design your website, take better photos, have editing skills for that video and grow a strategy on what kind of blog you’d want to progressively have.

It’s encouraging and habit-forming. Alongside, with practice and developing interest, you’ll be able to eventually find your voice and style.  Blogging gave me courage to speak in an audience and widened my interest.

REASON 2: You want to have more reach and collaborate

From the running community to the career-driven industries, I have met numerous people and have developed friendships despite knowing we’ve met online first prior to the typical old-fashioned meet and greet or introduction from a networking event or parties.

Blogapalooza + World Citizen Passport

And, not only locally, It was also amazing having to form a network globally sharing the same interests and goals – mostly, fitness related.

REASON 3:  You’d want to achieve more and be more; Your dream job, Attract Clients.

Blogging is the new resume. No kidding.

It led me to be one of the REEBOK Brand Ambassador wherein I have kept myself healthy not just physique but also with self-discipline and met wonderful friends in the process. It also brought me to a career in organizing fun runs, triathlons and wrote in health and fitness related dailies and magazines.

It was a combination of all other jobs I was doing but Blogging has definitely made an impact – it gives you the credentials you don’t even need to say. In this world where the internet is predominant, being searchable with good content builds your name; it allows and let people see the possibilities how it is to be working with you and what you can create or produce.

With regards to my career and lifestyle blog, it has given me the opportunity to be a thought leader, public speaker, contributor to dailies and tv and so much more including the credibility on organizing workshops for clients and showcase myself.

If you’re into arts such as photography, creatives and writing – having a blog makes it easier in presenting your portfolio and style.


You don’t need to work in media in order for you to spread the word about certain interests and events. Blogging also has been a venue for me to promote not just my own but also helped friends towards their endeavors. It is also because of blogging where I was able to run a fundraising project for Maple Tree Foundation during my first marathon, thanks to friends who supported, it has garnered a significant amount and has helped people.

It was because of the blog where I was able to not only monetize and boosted my presence, it has also become an outlet for me to contribute and be socially responsible. I  was also able to establish an expertise, and have proven that with determination and consistency -it’s doable, and even started few speaking engagements and earned from them!

Be intentional and purposeful; the more you reach out and relate to people, the more you get to extend your reach.  Support friends and be a collaborator.

What is your reason for blogging?

We’ll talk about ways to monetize your blog on my next post. But for now, assess and build that platform. What voice would you want to share?

Build An Iconic Brand – Not Just Any Brand.

Last week, I had a refresher’s course in Disrupting Branding and Marketing to feed my thoughts with new perspectives. I couldn’t help but share what I’ve learned. I had to re-evaluate my tactics and take a step back. Learning never stops and I’m glad I attended the event with much gusto.

Disruptive Branding, is this another term coined by another marketer? Truth to be told, a marketer should be leaders of coining new words to make an impact. Looking at the dictionary – Disruptive, have two polar opposite definition:

  1. Troublesome, unruly, badly behaved and undisciplined, or,
  2. Innovative and groundbreaking.

Keeping those definitions in mind, I was reminded on failed ventures I’ve tried (and what worked) to which I learned so much in my everyday practice. As a marketer, you’d have to be entrepreneurial and put yourself in the position the entrepreneur.

There’s no sense in building brands just the heck of not unless you purposely just want to spend your time conceptualising, putting components together for a wireframe, sourcing and the entire jazz just because. And, yes, sometime not too long ago, I have gone through this phase.

In order to successfully build an iconic brand, you’d have to stay away from the clutter. Be a newcomer who embraces and introduces a new normal. Think as an authority, not just another competitor. Being in the neutral state or in-between of things won’t make you and your brand float in abyss but it may rather set you up closer to failure and wasting precious efforts, time and money.

Create a Movement

As much as you have the entrepreneurial mindset, you’d always have to have the cause in mind – about 60% of it next to content and community of both 20% of the 100% mindset design equation.

If it frustrates you so much, do something about it and be the solution. Solve a problem and put it on top of your priority. The art of sub-communication will follow through – you’ll eat, breathe, sleep and wake-up wanting to solve the pain.

There must be a better way and an easier way to make this entire process simple!


People can read your intention first over the words you say. When you’re as genuinely authentic and mean so much to be the solution to be the value-added and the cure to pain, it’ll show. It shows.


Be a pioneer and don’t be a maybe. Position yourself or your brand as a new category in a cluttered market. Don’t be an influencer who’d just accept anything free but rather be an authority wherein you make an impact, get endorsed and enthusiastically be talked about.

There is power in an authentic enthusiast.

With the right cause and positioning, as you search endlessly and breathe through your cause – people will walk in and ask for your brand rather than you always knocking on doors to convince them the need to allow you to enter.

Don’t stress much on the aesthetics, focus on what makes it an answer, a solution, a value-added brand that magnifies heaven made on earth.

Guarantee your conference is SOLD OUT!

Top secret tip: Invite Warren Buffet and Tony Fernandes. End of conversation.

Just kidding.

On a serious note, consider your conference as the product you’re selling (well, it is). Just like selling any merchandise, you’d need to ensure your conference is packed with value added learning keynote speakers and topics worth every registration currency. As much as your objectives are clear, you’d have to bank on reputation. You’re bringing like-minded individuals together. Ask yourselves the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ prior to blasting. Think on how your event will stand out in the crowd and how will you get to make people (and their companies sponsor) spend the money to attend.

Let me share to you few learnings that have helped drive our campaign towards SOLD OUT and (unfortunately) lead to declining further registrants; hopefully these will help promote yours, too!

Early Bird Rate

For being ahead of the game, give those registrants a heads-up and reward them for being first in line. When offering early bird rates, you’d always have to have it posted side-by-side the regular rate. Have group rates. If possible, give a significant amount of difference. Giving them a sense of urgency and realizing there’s a huge difference would encourage people to buy before the price increase.

Let them feel as if they won the lottery of discounts!

Industry Partners

Forge partnerships with your target industry partners. In every Industry, there are certain professional organizations who’s database are rich in resources and may be able to promote on your behalf. Give them an incentive, this way, they’ll be more encouraged to push your event and legitimately reach out to the qualified people you wouldn’t normally have access to on your behalf.

Social Media

You know your targets and we all do know every professional have their own LinkedIN account and have access to Facebook for personal networking. Take advantage of the fact you’ll be able to be in-control of your campaign and promote your event to relevant people in the industry you’d want to tap.

The visuals, however, should be compelling enough and has the information they need. Albeit it’s great to have drive to your website; your website should supplement your campaign and your social media visuals has the call-to-action.

Be consistent with weekly updates, constantly include the registration link on the caption and image for easy drive and share; and leverage on paid advertising to target people in the industry.

Need help on getting started? here is a guide on how to create Facebook Ads and a guide on how to execute a LinkedIn ad campaign.

Sponsors & Partners

Forging partnerships through sponsorships builds trust and credibility, the more sponsors you get to tap to join you, the more it’ll give your event a lasting and positive impression. Although, you will also have to consider who your targets are and relevance. In return, you may also give incentives to your sponsors. Allow them to offer your event either interim or their consumers. It’ll be a win-win situation, cross promote and support each other.


These days, the one-pagers hits the spot. It’s direct and straight to the point. Your webpage is your store and you’d want the menu to be presented crisp and clear. Answer possible questions your registrants may ask and provide an easy contact page should there be further queries.

Have your drive to action towards registering. Make the REGISTRATION tab available for both sharing and easy registration. Don’t allow your registrant to loose sight of that tab.

Promote the Location

The truth is, everyone hates traffic and looking for parking. Give them the solution. Situate your event somewhere accessible and easy drive. Promote the location, not just your conference. You’ll need to tell your registrants that you’ve thought of their convenience.

Media Support

Not only does it help in promotion, it actually makes your conference legitimately something for everyone to consider and refer to as an event that needs to be attended. You’ll also need the added mileage for your sponsors.

Gamify your event

Sure, it may probably a formal engagement but giving a little fun won’t hurt. In fact, it can also make your attendees stay longer during the event for a grand raffle in stake! If they paid a hefty amount for the registration, a probably same cost or higher, would make them want to wish for them to win.

Handouts and Certificates

If it’ll be added to their credentials, the better.

Always have kits for every attendee – provide a pen or pencil, notepads, and handouts they can write on for their note taking. Your registrants are there to learn, you’ll need these for their ease and convenience.


You should always have photographers and videographers to cover your event. You’ll need these for documentation for your partners and for your next event. Have a short on-site video summary for you to show as reference or you may also have the entire conference recorded for future sharing (you wouldn’t know right now but it’ll always come in handy).



Everyone is a VIP.  Think of your attendees ease from the registration process, welcoming to the after-event experience. It’s always important to leave a lasting impression which you can also bank on for the succeeding efforts.

These are only but few. What other ways can you think of to drive sales for your event?

Snapchat: Schedule your content

Let’s face it, amongst all social media channels, snapchat is the most organic practice we have to go through. It’s realtime and genuinely fresh however we found a possible way for you to delay and schedule your posts.

We’re pretty sure dashboards will be incorporating this for our scheduling tools but this quick tip may do for now:

thanks @buffer


While you’re at it, follow me on Snapchat: mktpajarillo

Do you think Snapchat reaps benefits for your content #marketing strategy?

Have you tried? Let me know how it goes!

Shades of red and Ivy League Dreams: Admitted!

I haven’t blogged in ages. Forgive my rusty self.

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and it was of great relief I stayed in the city for a quiet Holy Week break. From what supposed to be an out-of-town trip with my girl friends;  I opted to take a two (2) half-day retreats on solo to rejuvenate, clear my head and my emotions diluted; thanks to two (2) influential people I have ever met in my life who gifted me the opportunity, I was enlightened, blessed, guided and reminded of God’s love, God’s perfect timing and kindness in my heart to let go of those of which that hurt you, including comfort zones that has become painful to breathe in and out with.

Before you give me that stare – I am by all means not a spiritual being nor have been all out there preaching. I was going through that “I don’t need a job, I need a career” struggle or probably the “Holy smokes, I’m 30. What now?”

In the last two weeks, it was a drama fest filled with tears and confusion but, again, through God’s perfect timing  – I have been guided towards the direction I should follow.

Just when I was about to doubt myself, he opened the doors and blessed me with an opportunity I thought was gone forever.

7-8 years ago, fresh from college, I was given a scholarship grant from an Ivy League University, from the  “Harvard of the Hospitality Industry.” 7-8 years after, on the eve of April fools,  my scholarship from Cornell University of Ithaca, New York was reactivated. Boy, it was the best ‘April fools’ news I’ve ever had. However, there was a condition – I had to decide within the month or they’ll have it forfeited. Who am I to say no to such opportunity?

I AM READY. In a heartbeat, without a doubt, I’m taking it.

Looks like, this gives me the right to start with the Cornell University jargon and call myself as a “Hotelie.” It’s been a week since they broke the news. I am undoubtedly still elated. Life just gave me the assurance that everything is possible. Who would’ve thought my 23-year-old self who celebrated her Birthday in Manhattan reached an extension of bliss, years after.

lp_logo_cornellEverything and ANYTHING is possible. Gah, I’m so excited. I have been researching, reading and stalking fellow Hotelie’s blogs.  Dreams do come true, they do.

From the retreat to a bright lit news – I will be taking Hospitality Management: Focus on Marketing and Revenue Management. Onto the next steps, I will get myself back to the industry I sheered myself from but will be applying insightful, valuable and enriched lessons from the different industries I’ve explored and been with. 

Can’t hardly wait!

ARTE PINAY: FREE Financial Workshop

We’re back to teaching our fellow artists, writers, and musicians on how to take care of their earnings from gigs and bookings and how to make them grow to achieve their future financial goals.

 This time around, our lady volunteers from Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy who are artists themselves in their own rights, will be sharing with us their knowledge and experience in managing their  finances and investing them in various financial instruments.

The FREE workshop will take place on March 2, 2014, Sunday, at 2PM at the UCC Cafe Burgos Circle near Cantinetta/Johnny Rockets, Forbes Town Center, Taguig City.
The workshop will feature Kuripot Pinay (Rhea Mocorro) and her 52-Week Money-Saving Challenge, Mercedes “Des” Feliciano of Des Illustrations (Shell national arts competition champion) will share her investing journey in the stock marketstock marketstock market as an artist, and blogger/finance advocate Krissy Domingo (moneylifeblood) will discuss about investing in pooled funds (mutual funds/UITF’s).

The workshop will be hosted by yours truly, fitness finance blogger Kassy Pajarillo and mommy investor Carmi Irene Revilla-Cristobal.


Text your complete name, email address, and mobile number to +63 917 5540014 or email The workshop is FREE but you have to grab your own cup of coffee to join the workshop. Register now and invite your friends to come!

 Be financial literate! No artist nor any of us should starve! :)

For FREE Financial Analysis, you may book your appointment through or send-in a message to the number stated above.

See you!

COL Financial in Easy Steps (Open an Account)

It seemed overwhelming and daunting when the word “STOCKS” comes in play.  The old school would probably say, just look for a broker and/or just apply yourself by commuting your way to their office but COL Financial has done it differently.

Sure, you may still walk-in and open an account but they’ve made opening an account easier.  With the help of my friend from Truly Rich Club, Joey, she assisted and instructed me to do the following:

1.  Visit the COL Financial Website and click on the OPEN ACCOUNT link.

2. Read thoroughly on what ACCOUNT TYPE would you possible want to enroll.


3. Accomplish the Application form online and have it printed.  You may also just print the document and fill it up manually.

4.  If you live near COL Financial, you may personally hand the forms and deposit your investment at their office or you may also contact COL Financial to have your requirements picked up.

The requirements are the following:

a. Filled Form

b. Photocopy of two (2) Government issued Identification Cards

c.  Fund Check or Cash

All checks must be payable to COL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. Please include your Name and COL Account No. at the back.


It was easy breezy. The messenger went to my place early in the morning. You’ll be able to receive a notification email from COL Financial upon receipt of form. As soon as the check has been deposited and cleared, you’ll receive your username and password instantaneously. 

Upon approval and process of my account. I hurriedly logged on my BDO online portal and enrolled COL Financial in order for me to add more funds to invest once I start trading.

How convenient, right? Go ahead and open an account today!




5 Financial Fitness Notes

“Healthy stuff? It’s expensive” That’s what they typically say. Imagine paying for gym memberships, juice detox suppliers, organic produce and the list goes on. People typically opt for what is readily available, junk food and fast food to name a few but what one don’t realize; having to spend on junk may cost tad lower than the healthy finds but the hospital bills and health concerns would cost even more than the benefit of choosing the lesser evil, healthier option.

Here are few financial fitness notes:

1. Know where your money is going.

Spend it with a fast food meal versus a good healthy meal. They basically cost the same, you just didn’t realize it earlier not until you thoroughly checked the cost you paid. Gym memberships? What for? You’ve got the internet and youtube.

2.  Treat 1,200 calories as cash on hand

Counting calories is like counting for the cash you have on hand. Stick to your daily budget.  If not, be wary of portion control. Over eating is synonymous to overspending.

3. Manage weekly grocery list

Having a grocery list not only would make you plan your meals weekly, it will also help you manage your budget. Planning ahead gives you the advantage to be in-control.

4.  Think Long-term

Going healthy and getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight but it sure needs a day for you to start. Invest and the rest will pay off in the long run. Makes sense?

5. Food is the best medicine

Eat junk, have migraine.  Eat healthy, shy away from any aches.  Anyone would take the latter.

Come to think of it, yes, healthy is expensive. It sure is priceless. you get to live life longer and healthier. Steer away from the emergency room and clear yourself from possible health conditions.
What do you think? Let’s get financially healthy.

2013, Financial Learning.

For the past 2 years, I have been sorting out my finances and reviewing the money in, money out approach as I, being a freelancer and project based – finances doesn’t come in regularly like how employees get to.  Typically during December, I check on my bank accounts and credit card transaction and come up with a strategy on how I would be able to zero out the debts and prepare for the first quarter of the New Year.

Here are few realizations I learned and endured this year, 2013:

1. Some clients delay their payments, as much as Focusing on one project is good to get yourself away from spreading yourself too thin; it’s still safer to have another account to save you from getting indebted.

2. Once you’ve purchased one big thing through your credit card, delay the rest of what you think is another need not until it’s fully paid.

3. Dreaming and Goal-setting is great but manage your finances. If you’re still paying for a car, stick to it until you’ve already saved up for the entire car payment throughout the year before you save for another big purchase.

4. Eye on the Goal. Have a separate bank account and treat it like a utility bill. Monthly, deposit a percentage from your commissions or retainer fees.

5. Live within your means.

Fixed expenses are the largest money drain, pay yourself first, establish financial goals and then splurge once you’ve segregated your cash to specific financial departments.

6.  Remit for your Social Security and Phil health.

You may not be in favour of the Government but you’ll thank them somehow for requiring you to remit few amount to cover for your pension and health care. It may not be big, but it sure is something.

7. Invest on as much Financial Avenues as possible.

But before that, study and don’t jump into risks you’re not aware of. There are Equities managed by banks, Insurances that covers your life and death benefits and mutual funds. One avenue is never nor won’t be enough; diversify.

Need help on this department? I can help you.

8.  Medical Card / Health Care

In times of emergencies, a health card will come in handy. Yes, it may be costly in terms of premiums but the convenience of having one would make you worry free. I don’t think you’d want to be covered in blood and pain yet still worrying on how you’ll pay for your check-up, Emergency visit and your hospital bill, right?

As of date, I’m collecting what is due and will have all debts settled. It’s tough to live with an anxious heart knowing you’ve got so much interest and payables hanging. Financial freedom starts from within.



5 Reasons to Peekawoo

You can’t hurry love nor you don’t have to wait. Peekawoo, a social networking speed dating website, chat roulette and game all -in-one wherein girls can feel safe to chat with guys across the globe promoting fun, friendly and wholesome chatting has launched on September 2013 is having the very first Roofdeck Sunset Mixer on January 4, 2014.
Here are few reasons why you should attend a Mixer:

  • Try something new and different

You know what they fondly say nowadays – You only live once! If you’re looking into meeting new people to network or just chill, you’d probably get to find it through speed dating. We’re all pretty much connected with one another; go ahead, try it.

  • Too busy to date, spare a night and meet more.

Always working? we feel you. Peekawoo is the new way of connecting with like-minded individuals who are in-need of a breather and something far from working.

  • Chivalry is not dead

Ladies, you’ll be well seated while the men move on their rounds to meet you. The gentlemen will be on their best self, best behavior. If they didn’t, you can honestly fill that comment form and rent them.

  • Attend a mixer, the rest is on us.

Food and booze, the giveaway from VMV Hypoallergenic will be distributed for both men and women; and your possible perfect match. Sounds good?

  • Soiree like old days in the modern world

We respect your privacy and won’t be giving away your details not unless you voluntarily exchange with your potential perfect match. Just have fun, and meet new pals!

Stop wishing. Start doing.  There will be no false pretenses, no need to worry about possible threats. Get to meet confident, attractive and interesting Peekawoo participants. Games will be played and a lucky man will be dating our Lucky girl at The Domaine French Restaurant at Silang, Cavite.

To participate for Peekawoo’s Roofdeck Sunset Mixer event, register through The fee is Php 250. For more information, you may log-in through Facebook and message Peekawoo or tweet @Peekawooapp.