Lessons from and for a working environment

Progress and productivity are my personal choice of a drug. I’m grateful for clients who trusts me on such exciting projects they’re venturing on. What motivates me most are the lessons you’ll learn along the way, honing your skills sets, fulfilling check lists and accomplishing tasks on the time table. From learning how to curate […]

7D’s That Ignite Passion

Last Friday, I was invited to attend a financial business seminar on how one can increase their success rate on achieving their goals at the same time, get to spread financial education as an advocacy. John C. Maxwell Trainer, Ruzette Pineda-Cadungo who was also Avon Philippines Sales Director then amongst other things was our speaker. […]

Legit Proprietorship

As previously mentioned, I have been overwhelmed with the blessings bestowed these past few weeks. Being Reebok’s brand ambassador sure does have responsibilities but I don’t think it’ll be hard on my shoulders since my lifestyle revolves around healthy living swearing off late drunken nights, the past life of being at the bar every weekend and priorities are set […]

Invitation: Twestival Manila

Manila, Philippines, 24 March 2011 –  Together with the organizers of Twestival Manila, we would like to invite you and your friends be with one of the many who will join hundreds of cities around the world to support local causes for Twestival at Le Bistro Vert on Valero Street, Salcedo Village, 8pm for JeepNeed. Unlike other “run for […]