The First Six Learnings: Agency transitions

This is me trying to revive and return to my oft-neglected blog. Enough with the string-laden Facebook status messages and depending on hashtags (#happify), it’s time to get back into writing and put a little order on the thoughts rummaging in my head – a thousand words per nano-second.

May the grammar nazi be kind to me.

There are so much adjustments and challenges a person encounters when you work full-time, more so, once you’re part of the production and project management team.  Eight-hours a day extending to twelve hours our fourteen can be exhausting.  So much has happened over the last few months since I got back in Manila from the short yet adventure-filled life in Myanmar (you may find my blog HERE), How I wish I was able to post a little bit more than what I started but I guess, it’s never too late to share stories and get it off my head to archive.

Life in Myanmar was character-molding and definitely slower than slow even though they’re trying to be up-speed from the backwards practices to catch up on the modern western world.

Being back in Manila has given me the front seat and the wheel to drive faster than Screen shot 2015-04-10 at 5.23.43 PM60kms/hr. I can’t deny I have missed it by a percentage but sometimes, It’s good to slow down and take it easy.  As of time being, I have transferred to five (5) desks in eight (8) months from where I am presently employed. I have been managed by three (3) separate departments before they conjoined all project management departments together and have lingered moving to a new department where my strength in business development, tapping partnerships and building a network of connections would be highlighted. It’s been 8 months, about 8-10 accounts executed and monitored. Sounds a lot? Not even.

Tons of learning curves, growth pains, adjustments and realizations. Leadership and management skills were definitely honed, sharpened and microscopically well attended.It was busy, crazy, awesome, stressful, and (in between the madness) fun. What have I learned so far?

The First Six:

1. Over-communicate. 

Communication is the key – regardless what industry you’re in. Think of it as a relationship.  teamwork is your marriage.

When I started in the agency, the first contribution I have instilled was to make use of a much efficient app called Telegram. I am a sucker for immediate update of things, every movement and status. If you’re in a huge organization, having to update everyone on a fine print where you can scroll down and up would help on aligning and reminding you on what has and what is yet to transpire from the account. In this world where messengers are abundant, pick one that can send, upload and download files, archive chats, and would also secure conversations.

2.  Respect schedules and alignments

It’s crucial that your team would know where you are and what you’re doing on certain times. This would make everyone just check on how their day is like, what their focus is and when work sessions are. It gives everyone the sense of time, urgency and work flow.  Let your team know if you’re working from home and what you’re working on.

3.  Client Briefs

You may have known the brand by heart and your campaign but often times because of wanting to do so much things, we do get out of focus and tend to forget what is really written in fine print in terms of deliverables and what the vision-mission of the brand. Client briefs are golden, it’s useful on keeping your campaign focused, organized and a reminder on what your Key Performance Indicators are.

4.  Audit reports

Ugh. You may hate the numbers but this will save you from clientele and agency expectations. It’s important you get to have the contract work side by side with your audit report, quantify and justify what has been done. This is a great indicator if you’ve over performed or under performed, if there are service credits that can still be used or you’ve given much more than what was asked for – this, in turn, we call as delight or sweeteners to please your client.

5. Manage Expectations

When dealing with a client, because they’re the client, they have the “customers are always right” in-mind; you’d have to protect yourself and the agency by managing expectations and having it all written in an agreement or a trace that states what their thoughts are and always inform them on consequences should they be late in terms of submitting necessary information or requirements.

6. ASAP – Everything is ASAP, not just one.

RUSH doesn’t mean you’d have to do less, it just means you’ve got to prioritize something up however it’s best to say that once you rush one, the entire team would need to rush the entire deliverables, too. Delays are definitely not negotiable. If things are to be done in a lightning speed, everyone should know that quality may also suffer not for just one but may also be for the rest of the following.

What have you learned so far?

Lessons from and for a working environment

Progress and productivity are my personal choice of a drug.

I’m grateful for clients who trusts me on such exciting projects they’re venturing on. What motivates me most are the lessons you’ll learn along the way, honing your skills sets, fulfilling check lists and accomplishing tasks on the time table.


From learning how to curate business financial plans, readjusting according to the budget, coordinating to purchasing; sales and marketing, it has been an exciting journey surprising yourself on what you’re capable of doing and maturing when it comes to work ethics.

Here are few things I discovered:

1. Never fall for gossips, let them be

– there are so many things left laid on the table, don’t waste your time resolving gossips however when these gossips happen to touch morality, better face the gossiper.

2. People tend to compare their salary to yours and they may create issues behind your back just to get rid of you.

– sometimes these people tend to forget that their job scope is different from yours and they agreed on how much they wanted to receive as their salary. Let them be. You don’t owe anyone justification.

At the end of the day, what matters most are the production, the numbers and the accomplishments. These distractions from other people are hindrances against your capabilities.


If they don’t respect you, let them be. They will eventually. Have the proprietor mindset at all times agains the employee who’s filled with idle time and Coffee breaks.

Chin up,ignore as much as you could but stand firm once they reached your limit.

7D’s That Ignite Passion

Last Friday, I was invited to attend a financial business seminar on how one can increase their success rate on achieving their goals at the same time, get to spread financial education as an advocacy.

John C. Maxwell Trainer, Ruzette Pineda-Cadungo who was also Avon Philippines Sales Director then amongst other things was our speaker. She is presently a top achiever, seller and business manager of one of the many units of Sunlife Financial Philippines.

It was a whole day event filled with motivation, inspiration and passion. Let me share to you her success formula:

The 7 D’s that Ignite Passion

1. Dream
2. Desire
3. Decide
4. Develop
5. Discipline
6. Delegate
7. Dedicate

Dreams are goals with deadlines and these dreams usually are departmentalized according to the 10 areas of your life.


Together with every dream, there’s a burning DESIRE to make ways, and get your dreams worked on. It is important that you get to DECIDE the direction of your focus,
stand firm and get to categorize your priorities.

Through constant education and associating yourself with like minded individuals, You get to DEVELOP the DISCIPLINE that would challenge your excuses not to out-win you.

Don’t be afraid to DELEGATE tasks.
Focus on DEDICATING time management for a balanced lifestyle.

We were reminded to stay humble and be obedient to our superiors regardless of age.


Although there may be situations wherein you may disagree, it is important that you voice out respectfully.

Love what you do and it will love you back. Be sincere and always have your heart applied to every task or engagement.

Pursue. Just keep on going.

The formula may sound easy but it sure takes a lot of work and practice. The discipline may be tedious at first but if you want results, nobody reaches the finish line by just standing.

We asked our speaker how she schedule in engagements, balance her time management and what her priorities are.

1. God
2. Family
3. Business

She plotted out an empty calendar and filled out according to priorities.


She blocked out her bible study and church day, dedicated her children and husband’s travel time (home/school), date night with her husband, and then her client engagements. Errands were scheduled in between.

What inspired me most was that she starts her day as early as 7am with her clients, ends the day at 5PM to make sure she will be with her family and yet still get to log a productive 6 hours each day, 10 faces met each week for her to produce results.

She reiterated that excuses should be challenged by how firm and goal-oriented you are. Never let procrastination and time killers take away your chances.

Nobody reaches the finish line by just standing but rather by taking one step at a time, one foot after another.

I hope somehow this post motivated and inspired you. Go ahead, revisit your goals and start making things happen.

Goals are what dreams are made of

Not too long ago, I sat down with myself with a pen, paper, few markers and my planner. I wrote down my short term goals and my year end goal as if there were no financial hindrances.

I am unstoppable.


My short term goals were:

– Avail of a health card wherein it will also cover or have my parents as my beneficiary/dependent

– Avail of an emergency ambulance for my family and grandma. Medical service within convenience

– Diversify: Bonds, Time deposit, Equity, bank savings

– School

My long term goal was only but ..

– A car.

I decided to just have one long term goal in order for me not to be overwhelmed and be overly pressed. (The thought of a car was overly overwhelming already, actually.)

The next thing I had to thoroughly think of was a game plan. Plot out an achievable and realistic strategy.

I accepted as much projects I can handle, contributed for dailies, magazines or even online (every centavo counts!) and challenged myself to learn a new industry which was Selling

Everything came into place when a job opportunity opened near where I live (literally a 5 min walk away) which saved me from paying the dreadful toll charges, transportation costs and travel expenses such as meals.

Selling certainly wasn’t easy but definitely doable. I learned that product knowledge was the key in order for you to present properly.

From selling one account after another, it was consistency and goal setting on how many accounts per month should I close and settle which made my short term goals worked on and gradually saved up for my long term.

A year’s timeline, reminding myself week after each week, reassessing month after each month was all that I obsessed on.

No kidding.

It was delightful and motivating as I crossed out one goal after another. There were times when I had second thoughts and doubts but looking at my list and budgeting everyday surely kept me grounded and focused.

Before the year ended, I invested on the following:

– Health card: Caritas health shield which was 5 years to pay, 10 years coverage. It was the best proposal I encountered after window shopping on other health cards. The best part was that after such time, There will be a cash back since it also has a life insurance attached to it.

– Emergency Ambulance was through lifeline wherein I was able to avail for my family and my grandma. My grandma also was able to use the in-house medical service within her convenience. Exactly as planned.

– Diversified savings: Bonds was settled (it was the hardest for me to get into but after a year, the annual report definitely made me say worth it!), Got myself a variable life insurance with Sunlife Financial inc (my third account to date since I was 17 years old), a time deposit wherein I was able to also get a mileage credit card on hold out (translation: no debt!) and bank accounts which were divided for certain goals (car fund, everyday fund, untouchable fund).

All accounts were fully paid — in cold hard earned cash! I need not to think of those annual payments. I am debt-free!

PROUD! A dream come true.

The school? I enrolled for a term but having to learn selling was “school” itself. I realized that life has tons of lessons. The world is your university.

I left selling for awhile and entered consultancy. It was a real life MBA. The job involved an immense test on patience and resourcefulness.

Along the way, when I crossed out the last on my list; I was gleefully impressed knowing I was ahead of schedule.

The car was blessed and it was a deal which was worry free and definitely cost efficient.

That deserves a separate post.


This year, 2013, it’s all about working on a bigger goal. My short term goal is to pay off my car, leave no debts on my credit card, have another variable life insurance, and save up on the long term goal before I hit 30 which is my own home.

10 years ago, these were all dreams which were hoped for; dreams which were all floating through “what if” but as we get older, we realize that starting early surely works tons of wonders and setting goals with deadlines.

How about you? 10 years ago we were asked about our hopes, dreams and aspirations. Can you still remember what those were? How was your journey? Think about it.

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How do you foresee your financial future?

People invest on different reasons but majority of which are because they either want to

A) SECURE their future from distress.
B) live COMFORTABLY upon retirement
C) get RICH and have both A and B.

However most of us prioritize job security, live in the moment and care not to worry about tomorrow; which is actually a good mindset BUT neglecting preparing for the future is something that won’t make you not “live in the moment” when that day comes if you’re shacked and rattled by financial distress.

Ask yourself on why are you working so hard today? Aside from the bills that are piling up, have you ever thought about your situation if this is the kind of life you’d want to live with day in and day out?

Set your priorities.

Recently, I realized on how much I have been worrying about tomorrow that I don’t get to reward myself today as often as I used to. I have learned and still continuously learning to not fall for an impulsive behavior and always ask myself “Is it worth it? Can you use that more than once? Is it practical and something you can use long term? Or possibly, can that thing work for you?”

I have been saving and investing in order for me to get RICH, live COMFORTABLY and have that SECURITY once I finally have my own kids, retire and get old. Today, I may be living paycheck to paycheck or as funds arrive but the sacrifice of preparing for tomorrow certainly is something id rather have a peace of mind.

As a financial consultant and planner who’s learning tricks and on the quest to understand things through my own lifestyle. My goal now is to make both today and tomorrow work for me rather than I, worrying.

The #1 rule is to quit saying and thinking that “I have no money” but rather just accept and say “I’m not currently liquid but how do I get to afford it? Will work on iit, if its still worth it by then, I’ll go for it” always stick to the positive light of reality and sheer away from blocking your thoughts for that dead end.

Health is Wealth: Successful tips

Health is wealth

We hear that all the time. It may have sound like a cliche but it does bare truth. How can one move productively if he’s not in a good condition? How can one be successful if he’s always bed ridden or suffering from illness?

Taking good care of your health is counterproductive with building wealth.

Often, health is being taken for granted not until one experience regret. Why wait? Here are few tips which you can incorporate everyday to ensure you won’t leave yourself behind from all these work load.


sleep like a babyBid adieu to feeling sluggish, foggy and heavy when you wake up in the morning by setting up a sleeping routine and logging seven to nine hours of quality sleep.

If you ever feel like having a hard time, you may try meditative apps you can listen to, turn off the lights, have your electronics away from you or go ahead read few pages from the book you picked up from the store.


veggie bike

Have  more greens, less of the junk and MSG. I’m pretty much sure that you do know you have to have more of these green little things yet often most choose pizza over salad.

Replace salad for lunch or dinner, start the day with a green juice smoothie or perhaps munch more carrots and celery than how much you consume french fries.

Eating these good stuff not will only help you cleanse your colon and fill you up with the right nutrients, it also keep you from feeling sluggish throughout the day and prevent you from having migraines.


exercise movement

Building a sleeping routine and working out goes hand in hand together with eating clean hence, as soon as you wake up in the morning – get that ass moving! EXERCISE!

Exercising doesn’t mean you’d have to head to the gym or spend on so much expensive memberships. You can just hit the floor and do some crunches, go for jumping jacks, jump rope or log on to youtube for some instructional exercise videos you may imitate.

Most importantly, stick to it.

BREAK THE FAST: Breakfast!

oatmeal with raisins

  • A good breakfast should have between 500-750 calories, where about half of them should come from carbohydrates, 25 percent from protein and the other 25 percent from fats. The foods that are best for carbohydrates are fruits, whole grain cereals such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread. Great sources of breakfast proteins, which also include fats, are eggs, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, milk, cheese, yogurt and meat.

Break the fast from having breakfast and give that metabolism of yours fired up! Yes, it’s true! Learn to love breakfast and you’ll thank yourself for being able to do so as you’ll crave less throughout the day and manage what you’ll have for lunch and dinner.

Drink Water

glasses of water

Did you know that drinking more water actually gets rid of your sugar cravings? Yes, that’s true.

Drinking a glass or two of water will help quench your thirst and help hydration; it’s crucial that you also drink up a glass or two upon waking up.  Throughout the day, if it’s available, squeeze some lemon or lime if you feel that you need a little flavor, it also helps your metabolism, too!

How many glasses of water does a person need in a day? have 8 glasses of water if you’re sedentary and gulp up as much as 3-5 liters if you’re often active.

Stay Positive!

positive Remember: Attitude is EVERYTHING.

People underestimate the power of optimism and how trying to always look at the brighter side of things can change everything. Associate yourself with those who believe in you, and mean well. This perpective would help you breathe through situations with less anxiety and stress. Isn’t that amazing?

Stay away from gossips!

If you encounter any disappointing situation, always weigh through the pros and cons and lean on towards how you can change or turn it around.  Don’t dwell on frustration but rather act on improvement.

Learning to stay positive, getting into a routine and keeping yourself accountable and cautious of your health not only can save you from tons of medical bills but also the hassle of encountering all other things that may hinder you from productivity.

I hope somehow, eventually, you’ll be able to mean the difference between your success and your failure in life. All these may sound easy but getting into a routine may take a while for one to live it.

Your health is your most valuable asset. Take care of it, invest on it and love it.

Wanted: Mentor

Every day is an adventure waiting to happen, and I expect to be inspired.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and be seen in the limelight explaining the weather forecast, host a television lifestyle show or be a news anchor reading that blue screen flashing in front of me but fear and doubt seemed to block my way and yet I still somehow surprise myself every now and then.

When I was younger, I used to sit beside my Dad who’s fervently writing his thoughts on a typewriter, taking notes on a a4 sized notebook or marking his books with all those colorful highlighters. I’ve been amazed and look up to him, you’d always see me doodling, coloring or copying letters from a book on a sheet of paper; I’d borrow (or steal) his favorite pen and place myself in an orb of imagination personifying my Dad passionately articulate on words and come up with all the wittiest stories.

My attempt on writing started on colorful journals documenting my day, expressing my unversed thoughts, ranting and raving; filling up each page with different smiley icons, stickers and magazine cut-outs. From then on, I schlep my favorite pens, notebook and book everywhere I go.

I’ve been enrolled to creative classes taught by my Dad’s friends, gone to editorial meetings to observe on how they brainstorm and actually amuse myself on the exchange of thread of thoughts they throw. I take pride on knowing Editors from different dailies seen me grow as I’ve seen their hair fade from black to pepper.

School newspapers, magazine features, hosting school concerts and events were the extra-curricular activities I always volunteer myself to be part of. I enjoy team buildings, sharing stories to one another and thoughts exchanged until that bright idea suffice into its real material.

My debut started in Grade-school. The inspiration came in the middle of my mom’s sermon about the clutter I had in my room and the fickle-mindedness on what I want to become. I was a young klutz  who’d get into anything and wanting to be in everything.

An entire page occupied in The Philippines Star and a paycheck that came along with it days after. Who wouldn’t be inspired?

On another daily broadsheet, without any thought on having my own column. I was blessed on a weekly space – Broken Silence (College and University Section of Manila Bulletin). Responses from strangers all over the country were expressed – knowing my articles were appreciated and well felt made me write more not until one day, I reached the writer’s block and was challenged over my grammar and interests. I was seated in-front of my computer and couldn’t type a single sentence to begin my thought on a specific subject.

If only I took it as a challenge to grow, I would’ve not felt defeated.

My Dad being an editor and reporter, I asked for his guidance and yet I thought he was pulling my leg off and crushed my dreams from writing. I ventured on writing my articles without his guidance from then on but it also built the start of my graphophobia (fear in writing) – I never really got the chance to write again and the column just suddenly passed away without prior notice.

Writing became a hard task than joy in my heart: I was defeated by the fear of not knowing if I was good enough, if anyone will like it, if I can finish, if I even can start. I’ve forgotten the reason why I write, the groove, the way I swerve each stroke on my pen,  I lost that orb of imagining I was as articulate as my Dad.

Television came in. What was supposed to be a good way to enter the entertainment business, I opted to finish school and pursue a degree than earning money. That was when I learned what priorities are and that dreams shouldn’t always be an everyday thing hence the word “dream” – a once in a lifetime experience that may occur when destined again.

Other opportunities came in. I’ve went back to theater, enrolled to acting classes taught by the men of the Directors Guild of the Philippines; been a finalist on a reality show and once in a while featured on television segments and radio shows when needed. Although all these experiences were counted on my fingers, I still don’t think the want on being part of the media world ever left.

In multitude attempts on writing again, none of which were finished nor was ever submitted. The motivation were always there, the push and surprises arrive but the drive to continue seemed to be beaten by that enemy called graphophobia. Opportunities were wasted and over the course of time that it has been open, I never seemed to put my head back into writing and have forsaken my urge to read more books, get into learning new things and my relationship being seen on print again.

Years after, I realize I never got to achieve having myself published at least once a year.

In search of that perfect mentor, I accepted a job in a Public Relations / Advertising firm but after a few months left disheartened that maybe that childhood dream of mine will never ever suffice or was never for me.

Now that my entrepreneurship on being a proprietor has been established, it seemed writing and being in touch in the media has magnetized back right where I left off.

Although I’ve got such amazing business partners who also are my friends, I can’t deny that my greatest mentor is my Dad and I still continuously strive to get back onto that orb of imagination until I become my own persona.

I’ve come to realize that all it takes is for me to hop back in there, try and continuously try. I’m blessed knowing God has been over-flowingly directing me to tons of motivation and inspiration to persevere. I’m back writing to the dailies, although I’m a work in progress, I’m damn Proud to be working on my growth with the guidance of the mentor I’ve always had.

My mentor, My Dad.

Legit Proprietorship

As previously mentioned, I have been overwhelmed with the blessings bestowed these past few weeks. Being Reebok’s brand ambassador sure does have responsibilities but I don’t think it’ll be hard on my shoulders since my lifestyle revolves around healthy living swearing off late drunken nights, the past life of being at the bar every weekend and priorities are set especially learning the ropes of balancing the life of a proprietor.

Take care of yourself, your business and the rest will follow.

Weeks of struggling filing all the requirements on having my business legit, I’m grateful because the process worked by my side. There weren’t too much time wasted on lining up, the traffic was bearable, I didn’t encounter any corrupt government official and the finances worked well to its availability.

All the leg work on taking good care of all the paper work and requirements trained me well on time-management and how to set priorities according to its urgency. I’m still learning and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of learning more.

I aim to make this Events and Public Relations venture blossom working around all my entrepreneurial friends’s potential as well. This company works in strong bond of friendship and togetherness – everything is a learning curve with brains thoroughly and creatively juiced and not just another money making company.

I and my friends whom I call as partners are lucky to be working with clients already. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Now, If only someone would be kind enough to reconstruct my business logo (this was made in 3 minutes, it looks like a tiny spider from afar. Really OFF! Haha) and have my website up and running (hint!).

KAS Events Management is operational and ready to reach the height of its potential.

Invitation: Twestival Manila

Manila, Philippines, 24 March 2011 –  Together with the organizers of Twestival Manila, we would like to invite you and your friends be with one of the many who will join hundreds of cities around the world to support local causes for Twestival at Le Bistro Vert on Valero Street, Salcedo Village, 8pm for JeepNeed.

Unlike other “run for a cause” or “events for a cause” , 100% of the proceeds of this fantastic global event will be donated to JeepneED to help them successfully pilot, operate and sustain their project.

What is JeepNeed?

Jeepneed is a mobile science and tech lab for rural schools in the Philippines

Their mission is to provide community-driven, financially sustainable in-school support in science and technology on a redesigned jeepney that runs on used vegetable oil.

Their goal is to graduate both academics and farmers by reconnecting the disparity between everyday science and the science of inventors.

JeepneED serves as an engaging outdoor learning lab with 10 netbooks, a 3G hub for Internet connectivity, a printer and scanner, a projector, and other basic science materials for a community of 8 to 12 rural public schools.

Its unique and creative approach to enriching the quality of education for Filipino children is a cause worth supporting!

Head on to JeepneED’s website for more information. And watch their official video for an interactive introduction to our chosen cause.

TWESTIVAL Manila will be hosted by yours truly and TJ Manotoc. See you!

Plastics & Income

Remembering the first time I held my hand on a supplementary credit card from my Parents back in High School, I was too ecstatic knowing I can swipe and sign. My dilemma then was if I’m going to make my signature short, creative or long. I was given the card for “emergency” purposes only to end up thinking that everything that I see are for emergency and that with my little allowance, I’d be able to pay for the excess of my credit limit.

Most of the charges were on food, cinema, gifts and gym memberships. As much as I felt generous giving gifts to friends – I have forgotten the essence of “emergency” and have always thought that not being able to attend the gym would be the death of me.

For a whooping Php 5,000 credit card bill in the 90’s, that sure was huge. My parents had to terminate my credit card. The day they confiscated it made me felt powerless and whined for days. I had to deal with what I receive everyday and proved to them that I can spend within the savings I allocate from my allowance.

At the age of 16, I was already paying for my own phone bill. Dad accompanied me at the nearby Telecommunications office, gave the necessary documents and signed the contract for me provided that I will pay for my dues on time and never will he use a credit card or ask him to pay for my dues.

At the age of 18, I already signed up paying for basic insurances.

The financial freedom of paying for my own bill was quite liberating at the same time overwhelming but up until this date, I pay for my own mobile bill and have never asked for their money to pay for any of the phones I’ve had.

If it wasn’t because of that credit card experience and the confiscating, I don’t think I’ll be able to step up and prove myself  that I can be financially freed to achieve what I want and to acquire what I need including food and cinema tickets or even shopping sprees.

Years after, fast forward. I now have my own credit card and owned two.Terminated one, kept the other which adds up mileage points and rewards, declined other bank offers and currently practicing the act of diligence, self-control and embracing the value for money.

Always keep in mind that Credit Cards are money that aren’t yours but you can reverse that by maximizing and using it wisely. Swipe and pay at the end of the day through online banking and do daily monitoring of your finances – call your bank, they’d gladly reverse all additional charges just so long you pay always in full or you pay accordingly everyday. That way, you earn points and don’t accumulate interest. Keep your credit limit to minimum so you won’t go overboard.

At the age of 25, not only am I paying for my own phone bills and insurances but also other investments (and shopping).I’m still learning but hopefully, I will get there.

Hopefully before I hit or by 30, I’ll be able to generate enough money to sustain and propel. For now, I aim to educate myself on becoming financially literate and get to find the type of income that would help me flourish not only my bank account but also my future.

Three types of Income:

  1. Earned Income
  2. Portfolio Income
  3. Passive Income

One of my greatest dream is to earn more by doing less from Passive Income.