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You may be delighted finding a new route you enjoy every step adding up on your mileage training plan but come after numerous success, eventually, you’d want to rejuvenate or look for another route to motivate yourself to run some more.

When you’re living in a sub-division, commercialized village or within proximity of the civilization and exhilaration, its not far off that you’d dream of greenery, close-to-the nature abound to breathe in fresh air and sight on a much pleasant scenery than corner stores, shops and cars but dreaming won’t take you far as well.

Most would enroll themselves in the gym thinking it might give them the motivational push knowing you’re surrounded with health conscious individuals but running and weight lifting may not be much of what you need especially if you aim to be elsewhere than staring on a usual place (or just a flat screen tv) everyday.

That dream of wishing there’s a nearby scenery? It has finally arrived! fellas from San Francisco heard our plea and created a whole dimension of transporting you to locations you may have never thought you can go to by Virtual Active Fitness – A unique virtual reality exercise experiences can transport users at home (or those at the gym), to some of the world’s most breathtaking trial running locations.

Isn’t that amazing?

Each workout features two versions: the pure trail footage, and a version guided by professional trainer Johnny Pearman, who appears on camera to encourage users and enrich the experience with facts about the featured natural location. When I was in Jackson Hole, Wymoming, although my route was the usual butte – I never got tired running up and down even though the mountain has already been cemented by asphalt. The scenery itself always give this refreshing aura which makes you think that its close to nature, the mood will just let you snap back to wanting to just run more.

Grand Teton National Park - Whew! the supposed Doctor's appointment to the lone Nature Tripping in 2007

Oh, how I missed the Grand Teton National Park and those days when I used to drive myself at Yellowstone National Park to scream at the top of my lungs after a good hike and run!  Thank you  Virtual Active for taking me back to memory lane as if I never left.

When Virtual Active sent me in the video, it just took me instantly.  They’re right, once you plug the video in as you stride your foot on the treadmill, its like you’re being taken to such great heights. Agreeing to Mr. Pearman, “ It’s like being there, but better, because you can experience training in a variety of national parks, see amazing scenery, and conveniently fit into your workout schedule, as limited as that may be.”

Would you like to sweat in the shadow of volcanic Mount St. Helens, then dodge farmers and fish mongers at Pike Place Market in Seattle? The guided run starts and ends at an easy pace, with the hardest intensity in the middle of the workout. You may also hike some of America’s most famous parks. Scale the eerie cliffs of Badlands National Park, cross the wind-swept plains of Beartooth Plateau, and visit the presidents at Mt. Rushmore and the guided workout begins as a moderate effort and builds to a challenging finish.

Each DVD contains the following:

  • • A 35 minute instructed scenic workout coached by Johnny Pearman.
  • • A 35 minute non-instructed scenic workout (scenery is identical.)
  • • A “How to use Virtual Active” instructional segment.

I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Virtual Active’s Pacific Northwest Run , American Northeast Hike and Northern Rockies Hike. You’ll even get to brag about taking yourself experience such geographical wonderlands. Can you imagine being at Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, snow-covered desert Joshua Tree National Park and get to witness General Sherman, where the world’s largest tree is at?

Captivating and awespiring!

Virtual Active is a scenic video experience you watch during your cardio workout. While you run, walk, or bike on your cardio machine, Virtual Active DVDs lead you to beautiful destinations around the world. Check out the DVD selection at

About Virtual Active:

Virtual Active is a San Francisco-based video and technology company that enables revolutionary virtual-reality exercise products. Virtual Active licenses its unique content and proprietary interactive video technologies to leading manufacturers of cardio entertainment systems, experience-driven health clubs, and directly to end users through a variety of digital entertainment platforms. With its partners, Virtual Active takes exercisers to hundreds of beautiful and iconic locations around the globe during their workouts — for more information, take a trip to

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