Out and About, Time Out!

I haven’t been updating both runaholic and musings blog. Life took its toll. Busy is a good thing but these past few days after all the leg work, brain work and heavy loaded schedule, I’m just glad that running – albeit the training wasn’t as intense, I was still able to conquer the Condura Skyway Marathon the way I swore I would  after all the whining and being harsh on myself on why I wasn’t prepared for such exciting event last year.

The Perfect Breather

From a full marathon registration, days before the event I decided to go conservative. Respect the distance. I have learned so much during Singapore Marathon, I wouldn’t want to be like those Singaporeans who just charged the road without proper training and experienced injuries and worst.

Running 2 marathons still doesn’t give me the license to go easy and not prepare. The pikermi went well, no personal best record but the enjoyment I gained was something I have been missing for sometime.

2 hours and 49 minutes, way beyond my 2 hours and 22 minutes Personal Best during KOTR.

Girlfriend duties, ran with the boyfriend during the first few kilometers and charged the rest of the mileage with a huge smile on my face. The fulfillment of the big leap – last year’s 5k to this year’s 21k. That was more than enough for me.

Also, Happy Anniversary running, Babe!

Race review will be posted HERE


Although I haven’t been as active as these people, hours after, nearly cut-off time these runners (including me) were still there cheering up the last few men and women who were still finishing their run. If there’s something that I love about running, its the togetherness and the way runners comfort, support and cheer one another whether you just got into running or a stranger.

Join us, you’ll understand the warmth runners have for each other. the doors to friendship is always open and the support is unbeatable especially throughout fighting over cramps.


The northern ladies out-won the lone southern girl, the impromptu overdue Girls Night Out finally happened after the blissful experiential running event over the weekend, in fact the next day right after the marathon, the running girls who are always in touch through twitter has finally settled to get-together dressed in proper clothing and not geared up for a morning run.

What a way to kick-off a pre-valentines celebration — with the ladies!

Cheek muscles exercises were in order: Exchanged running adventures, race review, juicy stories, real estate and hilarious experiences with expats and mongrels were shared – not to forget, Gail’s “modern family sitcom” like stories.

Looking forward to another time-out get-together, soon!

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  1. I admire and envy your stamina. 😛 I just for for a few miles and I get sweaty and puffing already.

    BF and I try to jog once in a while but after a few minutes my knees feel wobbly and feels like they’re about to break, so I stop and just walk, wonder what’s wrong with me? Is it that way at first? 🙂

    1. Just Kas | Runaholic

      Likewise! You’ll endure along the way 🙂 come with!

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