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The world evolved and transformed in so many ways a person can imagine. The boom box  replaced by the ipod, typewriters to desktop computers, the computers to laptops, the grey to colored and lately, even education has injected its possibilities reaching global market than within proximity of residents.

Being a part-time teacher at a computer school, having to call myself sick didn’t stop me from teaching. Having an experience in online education, I requested the academe head to allow an experiential class  through online session which only requires available equipments such as headphones,  computer with available internet network and skype.

I was the first teacher and they were the first students who experienced technology at its height at the school. Feedback were indescribable they say. Learning the unconventional way– albeit online education is the new conventional — made them realize that there’s more to learning first hand rather than plain lectures and group discussions.

There are two different ways students may enroll themselves in online education. One way is for them to attend online schools for classmates physical interaction or have yourself hands on to an online education where you lead yourself within guidance of instructions given in file formats.

There are online courses wherein you may earn a degree, certifications or be educated in modules. One time attendance is also available meanwhile the rest of the course offers one-on-one your-pace, your-preferred study time and there are straight-up online courses exchanged in forms of education in scheduled terms.

Imagine hassle free education, no need to go to the guidance councelors or scheduling appointments to see your professors or the academe heads and the trouble of lining up on enrollment and carrying tons of paperbacks.

Online school are typical for the working professionals who wants to gain more educational credits in flexible time, within their own convenience; others prefer this to gain education from where they are without spending on flying off to another country just to achieve a degree or certification from their desired international university or colleges.

What is your take in online education?

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  1. Hey nice blog!

    Yeah I would be the ideal choice for people like me who has a family and has very little travel time from home to work and school. Great idea!

    1. Just Kas | Runaholic

      Thanks for dropping by! hope to read more from you, soon!

      Yes, online classes is the way to go!

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