Busy is a GOOD thing

why the heck life keeps moving faster and faster, demanding more and more from us, almost without an end. This reality has held me hostage or requiring tons of leg work. The past few weeks has been all about client meetings, production, collating requirements, threads of emails and hours long of monitoring even during weekends.

Having your own business certainly makes you accountable in every second and dime spent, meanwhile having partners makes you responsible and reasonable giving more meaning and depth to camaraderie. Frankly, I have been occupied on making things done that I haven’t finished sorting out the clutter I started on my attempt cleaning my room, finished the series of books I have been longing to finish and get to run as much as I used to.

So far, I’ve only managed to sleep, work-out at home, a little hybrid yoga, a little time spent with the boyfriend almost everyday on our way home, and attending fellowships at Victory, few short runs injected to unclog myself from the change of lifestyle owning a business transforms it into. Along the way, I discovered how one can be your own follower, boss, procrastinator and defender – the juggle is too much, I’m slowly learning solely on aiming to become a leader who follows through and deliver well (even in-between nap time)

Among other things, I have been teaching at a computer school as a Part-Time instructor. As  Dictionary.com defines the word busy as “not at leisure; otherwise engaged” or “actively and attentively engaged in work …” trying to keep up and working on sustainable engagements, I would like to say that teaching and being partly employed keeps me grounded.

Albeit I don’t get to see my friends as much as I used to when I was full-time employed , Along the way, I have learned  and still relearning efficiently categorizing my priorities to urgent and not urgent  (the billable and non-billable)- remembering Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, not over-committing (a frenetic life is a life half-lived), realizing and sharpening both strengths and weakness and the best among everything is answering back to getting all busy into “Business is doing good and always open for more” rather than ” Just got busy ” and then you forget about the money.

What are you busy about?

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