serious about being unemployed

Been in and out of employment? the unbearable eenui, you must be utmost bored. The  unemployed status may perhaps already been thawing your brain. A friend would say in the moment of your luxurious license to procrastinate and having the freedom on being idle; in a non-offensive yet brutally honest response, “Now you’ve got time: Read a book, find a hobby, volunteer or find a charity!

You see, when you’re unemployed there are Pro’s and Con’s.  You become the most frugal person on earth but that doesn’t mean there’s no solution or you’ll bore yourself all throughout.  Here are few remedies to still have a life on a quite frugal way:

1. Day dates

– You can’t even afford to watch a movie at the theaters and munch on your favorite popcorn but because of that, you get to watch more movies at home since there’s such a thing as TORRENTS. Download all the way!

I had constant dates with Ryan Reynolds, What about you?

2. Ouch on your pocket for everyday GNO ( Girls Night Out)

– But that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to see your girls and your friends anymore. Most are more into hanging out on their own homes and prefer having overnight happenings.

3. No Load for your phone? How do you keep in touch? Yikes!

– Fear not. Just as long as you have your computer with you and internet access you’ll be fine. Facebook, twitter and Chikka.com are all accessible. Everyone’s in touch through social networks and if you need to reply to phone messages, log in for free through Chikka!

4. Brain drain?

– So, you can’t afford to buy that book you’ve always wanted. Why don’t you go ahead and see if the world wide web has the ebooks ready for free? the cyberspace has tons of freebies. You may also start reading those books unread from your bookshelves.

5. You’ve got time but no funds for the gym

– Why need the gym? You’ve got your own body weight to carry and you’ve got your legs to use for running. There’s a huge road out there which you can walk on to and take a route for. There’s no excuse when it comes to exercise. You’ve got time, kill the time by sweating it out!

6. Quick Fix Funds? Earn & Donate!

– Go for a garage sale. clean your room and you’ll be surprised on the things which you no longer need yet you may actually let others use. Call out on your friends and ask maybe they have few things to throw out. Then have the remains from the garage sale donated to the Church. You gained, You helped and You re-organized your life away from clutter.

7. Whip something, Business!

God has created us equally with skills, desires and wants. If you love to bake, go ahead and whip out something and have your relatives tastes them. Sell few, see how it’ll turn out. You’ll be surprised on the outcome. Call a friend, if they’ve got ideas, why not talk through it and come up on a small business? You may also call out your entrepreneural friends and do their marketing then earn through commission. You’ve got the luxury of time – why not!

When you’re back employed, please don’t forget to save 10% of your earning to a fund-that-can-never-be-touched and a fraction of it for your own privileges but be mindful on the bills first before anything else.  Hope you enjoyed my quick tips!

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  1. Very helpful tips, buti na lang employed na uli ako. Pero I can relate! I wanted to sell some of my gadgets but wala pang nag push through (the buyer’s location was far), buti na lang my last pay lasted for a loooong while. Mahirap rin when you’re used to spending because you know you’ve got money coming in.

    Sooo now. I will try harder to save. Help me Lord. 🙂

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