Floppy Disks – Still used for storage

This is going to be a quick post.

I went to Naturalizer (Glorietta) to pick-up my new favorite comfortable shoes which they sent off for repair. Aside from my favorite sales ladies who were congenial, well-knowledgeable, efficient and helpful, they gave me a huge dose of laughter. Look what I found on top of their cashier table:

Old school to modern day files

Yes, they still use these old-school Floppy disks for data storage which means they still use the old-school computers, too! Apparently, the old disks are still being used and never was saved for back-up through USB’s or CD’s as the owners think these floppy disks restores files much longer and safer than modern day memory cards.

I asked permission if I can take a shot of the disks as evidence for my blog. We all giggled and agreed.

Wow, Floppy disks!

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