Insert the tune from the Sound of Music ” Black satin packages, tied up like strings, bags are back as my favorite things!” Look what arrived my doorstep. Fabulous, Fashionable and Functional surprise from the Bag Designer ABBY JOCSON.

A sweet tote introduced just in time for valentines. Ysabelle truly has been made and sent from the heart. The perfect chained bag for your sunday dress, formal cocktail events or when you’re on a date with your darling.

Ysabelle bag by Abby Jocson

Could be the perfect sub for the gym rat who’s always on the go for coffee dates, sudden meetings and out-of-towns. This Noelle bag is fit for the girl who’s calendar is filled with engagements and yet couldn’t leave both side of her being workaholic.  My all-around mustard yellow Carina bag now has a rival.

Noelle by Abby Jocson

Why need a Long Champ or a Birkin if you’ve got Erin? It’s fantabolous enough, it can even out-win Louis Vitton’s place. It may look tiny but once you’ve got your stuff in, you’ll be surprised – all your stuff can fit! Now, let’s see if this is going to be Kassy bag’s alternate ( yes, one of the bags was named after Me. ), would it accept the challenge of fitting my handy-dandy pseudo-ballerina shoes?

Chocolate Brown ERIN bag

There are colors to choose from and a whole bunch more bags for you to want and have. Are you ready to carry some Abby Jocson loving? Say the magic word (keyword: Kassy), you’ll be glad for the surprise.

Thanks Abby for the surprise, you’re surely transforming me into a full bloom girl! Now, I’d have to think about shoes and the dresses to match this. Hello, Shopping!


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4 thoughts on “Fashionable Functional Bags

  • zoan

    nice bag 🙂 maybe it is better than longchamp and way cheaper:)

    • Just Kas | Runaholic

      Yes, it is. 🙂 Definitely, it is. These bags are perfect as well for travelers – check out her online store 🙂

  • abby jocson

    awww! thanks kass! :p


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