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Looking for a job can be such a grueling task especially when the funds are starting to show deliquesce, bills are about to pile in and your belly is beginning to protrude. Mounting a job search for a new position or what you think seems to be rightfully aligned to your skills or your degree takes perseverance, patience, diligence and a weight of willingness to stretch out of our comfort zone. Everyone wants their career to sky-rocket and achieve a transition of change but searching is no joke – although some enjoy the acceptance for interviews, collecting job offers and praying over which of the choices should you give your career a chance to grow into.

Even job searching requires time and effort hence in a non-billable wording, it is billable to your efforts.

Here are few tips to keep yourself FOCUSED and ALIGNED to your goals:

Be Optimistic. Stay Positive

Clouds of failure will redirect to negative attractions and bad news. When you attend interviews it depletes your self-esteem and what you’re confident of. Apply to classified ads and as you hit the send button know that you’ll nail it and that eventually one of those applications you’ve sent will be yours. Repeat after me “Success is Mine

Plan your Day. Stay Organized

Just like at work or when working on a project, make this job search your personal project. Give yourself a timeline on the hours you put effort on job search, self-actualization, personal development and other things including the time you spend on facebook and snooze. Make a spreadsheet which includes the date and time you sent in your applications and when you’ll follow-up on your applications; keep your efforts at par – never waste time.

Connect. Network. Socialize

You meet people every day, get to know them – what they do, where they work and how do they do things. Every day is an opportunity to open gates to beginnings. Tell your friends your situation, seek for their help – especially those who work for the company you’re aiming for or industry you’d want to be part of. Keeping yourself well connected helps you speed up your job search and adds more credibility by referrals. Get to know people. Attend conferences or events that are aligned to your interest – you wouldn’t know what’s going to happen next, maybe you don’t need a job search anymore and all they need are consultants which cater and tailors to your craft and skills.

Be Informed. Stay Informed

You meet different people every day, you get to bump into different stores and stumble across a lot of random articles on the internet and even news from Twitter. Keep yourself abreast with a whole wide range of topics and try to grasp as much knowledge and practice in basic working skills especially Microsoft Office and Adobe photoshop. Hop into different dailies sites locally and international – its a world filled with information, cite your opinions and gain perspective towards others opinions.

Use the power of the Internet

With the wide range of opportunties online, it’s impossible for one not to score a gig. If you’re a creative individual who’s craft falls in writing and services, here are few options:

If you’re a photographer, you may make use of that passion and contribute for stock photos.

If you’re into teaching and speak good english, there are few where you may guide koreans and japanese to learn the language.

Take Care of yourself. Stay Well.

When you take good care of yourself, it shows and you glow.

Simple equation: When you feel good, everything else falls into the optimistic side of things. When you’re in a job search, it doesn’t mean you’ll go out on a binge spree or drinking session every single night – remember your timetable? make every day as normal as it is as if you’re on a job. Rest, eat right and exercise. “No matter if you are working or not searching for a new position takes a lot of mental and physical stamina. Pay attention to your health. It is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Keeping yourself focused and wise, taking good care of yourself and keeping that optimism would certainly make your job search bearable than stressful.  Don’t box yourself to anxiety, you’ll have this job search fly by in a breeze and you’ll have that job you’ve always wanted. Good Luck!

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