Abby Jocson Bags: What’s inside Carina?

I had a quick exchange of twitter conversation with bag designer Abby Jocson about how her bags are well used and challenged by so many ways. After telling her the funny story of allowing my pseudo-ballerina shoes fit my pink kassy bag a couple of months back, I told her how her Erin bag actually surprised me as it allowed to fit my mac – not just in terms of length and size but also in terms of its weight together with the other things I take along with me.

So, as promised, I’d want to share a little bit of what is private. what’s inside my bag ?

Vibrant and Delicious! The Carina hand carry can hold your wallet, sunglasses, a paperback novel, a laptop, your make up kit and your gym stuff! It has side exterior slip pockets; zipper detailing; brass colored hardware; snap closure; interior lining with two slip pockets and a whole lot of space.

Being an entrepreneur and runner, being on mobile is almost always the kind of day you’ll encounter. you’d have to stock almost your entire life in a bag without compromising fashion and elegance. Besides, you wouldn’t know who’d you bump eventually on the road.

If you’re an owner or soon-to-be an owner of the Carina bag, here’s something I suggest for the workaholic (both gym rat and career lady)

Mini Bag Organizer

What’s inside my bag aside from clothes and my mac:


All Stuff In!

  • Organizer
  • Make-up kit
  • Shades / Glasses
  • Medicine pouch
  • Moisturizer and Hand Sanitary Spray
  • School supplies:  ballpens, markers, ink eraser, pencil
  • Notepad / Notebook
  • wallet
  • book
  • dictionary
  • Napkins, Wet wipes, paper towels
  • Calling Card holder
  • Phone
  • Chargers

Have them all neatly stored in the mini-organizer bag, you’ll be able to fit your running clothes including shoes and extra outfit. You can even have the water bottle kept on the side of the bag. Have I mentioned that its safe for the commuters? they won’t even recognize you have all your diamonds and pearls in it!

the mini bag inside the Carina Bag

Voila! It’s still surviving me, as of this date. Let’s see about the rest of the other bags I have here. Want one? there are other colors to choose from. You may contact ABBY JOCSON through the numbers below:

mobile: +63906 4739979



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