Legit Proprietorship

As previously mentioned, I have been overwhelmed with the blessings bestowed these past few weeks. Being Reebok’s brand ambassador sure does have responsibilities but I don’t think it’ll be hard on my shoulders since my lifestyle revolves around healthy living swearing off late drunken nights, the past life of being at the bar every weekend and priorities are set especially learning the ropes of balancing the life of a proprietor.

Take care of yourself, your business and the rest will follow.

Weeks of struggling filing all the requirements on having my business legit, I’m grateful because the process worked by my side. There weren’t too much time wasted on lining up, the traffic was bearable, I didn’t encounter any corrupt government official and the finances worked well to its availability.

All the leg work on taking good care of all the paper work and requirements trained me well on time-management and how to set priorities according to its urgency. I’m still learning and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of learning more.

I aim to make this Events and Public Relations venture blossom working around all my entrepreneurial friends’s potential as well. This company works in strong bond of friendship and togetherness – everything is a learning curve with brains thoroughly and creatively juiced and not just another money making company.

I and my friends whom I call as partners are lucky to be working with clients already. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Now, If only someone would be kind enough to reconstruct my business logo (this was made in 3 minutes, it looks like a tiny spider from afar. Really OFF! Haha) and have my website up and running (hint!).

KAS Events Management is operational and ready to reach the height of its potential.

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