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Health & Fitness March 31, 2011

The cliché statements “I need to lose weight, time to get bikini ready!” starts to flood everyone’s twitter timelines, status facebook and conversations. Fitness centers starts to pack again trying to burn the post-holiday celebrations and valentine indulgences.

The summer is about few more weeks left. What do you do? Before you suggest or google on a miracle drug, why don’t you go for the natural way – it requires perseverance and time but giving in to a lifestyle change is what’s going to make you stand proud and motivated enough to maintain.

If you’re ready to get into shape for summer, here are 8 tips to look killer in that new bathing suit.

Drink & Eat Water

But you do know that already. Water is God’s best invention. Stay hydrated. Gulp up on 1 or 2 glasses before meal and after, it’ll help you feel fuller before you sit on another scrumptious meal. Water also gives you energy to keep on target with your goals.

Water rich vegetables (non-starchy ones such as watermelon, citrus fruits) will fuel in fiber and nutrients your body needs. A natural diuretic too (Goodbye feeling bloated!)

Salt- a-little

Water to hydrate and make you full fuller, Salt will make you bloat resulting to water-retention. Cutback on the salt and you’ll cut on your weight – voila!

Start a Journal

The only way you get to open your eyes and perspective to how you’ve been eating is when you take into an account on every bite, every morsel you put in your mouth. After 2 weeks, review and see if you’re eating healthily or having too much sweets or fast food.

Eat Every 3-4 Hours

Skipping meals? Think again. In order to rev up that metabolism to burn fat: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks in between. Skipping meals will only end you hungrier and more likely to overeat. Oops, we don’t want that!

Spice just a bit

Yes, it’s true. When you add a little spice in your palate, you help your metabolism rev up its job BUT be cautious as spicy food may also make you eat more especially when the food has become too spicy to handle.

Divide your plate into two or get that Kiddies’ Plate

Share your plate with your sweetie or have the half of it packed in a doggie bag right away. When it’s not in front of you, there’s nothing for you to continuously much on or finish. Dividing your plate would also help your pocket cut down your meal costs and train your appetite to eat only what is needed.

30 minutes a day

Cardio 5 times a week, you’ll definitely burn calories in no time. Other options other than the gym? Walk faster than your usual, carry those grocery bags as if those are light dumbbells, hit the road for a sunrise or sunset run or hit on youtube for work-out moves – it comes in for free, too!

The right Motivation

See that bathing suit you’ve been eyeing on to fit into? Purchase that beauty and have it hung to where it can be seen everyday. You’ll wake up with the goal right in front of you. It may take time for it to fit, don’t get frustrated but come after each week – you’ll see the difference.

Give yourself a couple of weeks, take all these changes one day at a time – you’ll certainly receive positive responses from friends and feel the difference in and out. Go for the lifestyle change, aim to tone it up and get healthy the healthy way.

See you, summer!

Health & Fitness Magazine

Reebok Brand Ambassador Kassy Pajarillo is a Certified TRX Fitness Anywhere Trainer, Surfer and Marathoner who runs for a cause and on the quest to burn what is left.

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