Walk back and forth

Sometimes I forget to look off the path I am walking. Then I realize, there is so much to see (feel, do). I was just not paying attention.

We are blessed everyday. Once in a while you have to slow, sit, lie down, even. Look at things from a different perspective.

Although there are certain friends whom you haven’t seen for a while: that doesn’t mean they have forgotten you. Don’t take people for granted. Be grateful and sincere, you’ll be remembered as much as you remember them.

Be inspired, get inspired by young entrepreneurs/proprietors who has kept their feet on the ground and propelled by the passion they have. Allow yourself to grow.

and allow yourself for sweet short get-together just to laugh, catch-up and never be strangers to those whom you’ve been in the past and present.

Good Vibes! There really is nothing like reuniting back in the ocean and the people you’ve established friendship with.


*Photos taken during the GMA 7 shoot at Billabong Surf School and Thunderbird Resorts La Union for the new magazine show Best Men hosted by Jace Flores

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