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Smart C+

This is the second time I’ll be posting about my favorite health drink and I couldn’t stop myself from loving it.

While everyone is gulping on iced cold soda or iced tea – I have been gulping on Smart C+ especially during in the middle of the summer heat.

I must admit though, I look like a walking advertisement keeping a bottle or two of Smart C+ in my purse every each time I head out for errands, work engagements or after a good run but this healthy drink not only became a staple drink for those who are on-the-go but it has become that drink who helped supplement my body resistance.  You have no idea how the additional vitamins and nutrients has rescued me from having the scare of migraines.

One of each flavor stocked in my freezer and gulp one or two when the need comes to rise.

Aside from knowing these drinks has been saving me before I get terrible migraines in the middle of a sunshiny afternoon and recuperate from food poisoning wherein I couldn’t eat anything; I love the fact that I’m not loading up on sugar.

With only 100 calories, you get 320% vitamin C which plays a certain role in maintaining our health, vitality and well-being, 50% Vitamin B5 and 50% Vitamin B6  which helps release energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and helps produce red blood cells. It’s friendly to diabetics too and those who are closely monitoring their sugar intake (those who are in constant diet?) as they use Cane Sugar instead of simple syrups.

I don’t think those brands claiming they’re the newest healthy drink can go as healthy as Smart C+ and I’m grateful for being introduced to this healthy drink. Thank you for nourishing me with more bottles just right in time for summer!

Smart C+ is manufactured by Liwayway Marketing Corporation and carries products such as Oishi.

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