Since the day I decided to run for a cause, I’ve been falling for volunteer work, and try to have as much time as I can to fit its schedule into life. At its root, volunteering helps others, and that’s most important. But along the way, I’ve learned to believe that helping others also encourages personal growth, and that’s significant, too.

Have you volunteered before? If so, what did you gain from the experience? If not, what holds you back?

We don’t have to exhaust our time and our bodies to volunteer. We can do as little or as much, as big or as small as we feel led to do. It’s making a difference, any difference, that counts.

We could read for a group of kids at the nearby public school, or for a medical mission near where you live. Tutor a struggling student in his/her favorite subject (hopefully you’re good at it). Run errands for someone confined to their home, or handle tedious office jobs (filing, photocopying) for the local non-profit. Host an event for a cause, Offer hands and supervision for children’s art class (perfect for summer) or marshall at one of those running events.

If you’re looking, there are so many places to help.

Sometimes you’ve got to dig deep and think as much as you research on which foundation or organization are you emotionally invested on or attached to – that’ll make that volunteerism work more fulfilling and defying.

What do you think? Do you have inspired ideas?

CHALLENGE: Find some volunteer work–it could be a one-time activity or something you set up weekly, monthly–to do soon. You’ll feel blessed and thank yourself more than ever for doing so.

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