Oi, Oishi!

Thank you Oishi

For somebody who’s vegetarian and trying to burn the unwanted bulges, snacks and any kind of junk food are prohibited but one fine day, an Oishi truck parked in front of my garage. I thought it was another newsletter but much to my surprise, it was a box load and a huge paper bag of goodies from Liwayway Corporation.

24 bottles of Smart C+, two of each Oishi products such as Marty’s, Bread pans, Baconette strips, Ridges; a huge family pack of Pillow and two boxes of new products – Wafu, a long rolled wafer in cheese and leche flan flavor. You couldn’t imagine the delight as I brought the items inside the house, I felt as if I placed a podium finish receiving a bunch load of goodies!


While the brother owned the Baconette Strips and Ridges potato chips, I’ve already marked all the Marty’s Crackin’ Vegetarian Chicharon (Plain Salted and Salt & Vinegar variants.) and Bread pan for my consumption. Albeit Wafu turned out to be the favorite – you couldn’t imagine how 2o rolled wafers (specifically the leche flan flavor) were consumed in less than 3 days, I even had to safe keep at least one for me and one for my boyfriend to taste!

The Bread pan snacks has been reserved and added on my salad cravings (the aha! moment for savory croutons substitute), the family packed  ziplocked chocolate-filled enriched with Vitamin-A Pillows snack has been frugally eaten one at a time as my rewarding dessert or for a taste to satisfy my sugar cravings.

Pair any of those flavorful Smart C+ with any of the Marty’s snack, you’re already set for a great merienda treat!

Thank you Oishi for such pleasant surprise! Maybe one day, someday again… next time?




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