Job Hunt: Score your FIRST interview

Not too long ago I taught few subjects at a nearby College and not only was I able to teach valuable lessons to my students but also established friendship.  Today, few of my students approached me through facebook telling me their frustration on failing all job interviews they’ve gone to and not receiving any call backs. Its been a year of job hunting.

This post is for you, kids!

After years of waking up early attending to your first morning class, endless projects and completing your thesis; who wouldn’t want to graduate from college already? There’s more for each and one of you to learn.

Now, that you’ve stepped out of collage. Here are few tips on scoring that first interview call back:

1. Disseminate that resume to companies. Make sure that company interests you and close to your heart. Don’t waste time on applying on all job vacancy available on the classified ads. Make a call if you must and ask to whom you’re going to address your letter, which email address do you have to send it to or landmarks on the address when you hand your resume.

2 Craft that perfect cover letter. Make the letter concise, clear and professional. Introduce yourself and include why you’re fit for the job. Don’t forget to include your contact details.

3. Professional Email address. Please, for good sakes, don’t use your 2qt4u[at]email[dot]com address. Make sure you have an appropriate email address which has your name on it i.e johnsmith[at]email[dot]com.

4. Subject Title. Follow directions if there’s any but what’s important is you write down the summary of the purpose on why you’re sending them a letter. e.i  Job Application: Management trainee.

5.  Complete your words. Once you abbreviate or write the body of the letter in an awful SMS lingo, expect nothing but a waste of time and effort on your job application.

6. Response to Email or SMS notification. Just like in composing the body of your email and cover letter, respond to that SMS or email in complete words. Spare them the jejemon jargon.  i.e   GudAM (Good Morning),  xori (sorry)

Good luck! I’ll be posting more.

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