Summer Cleaning

Okay, It should be Spring Cleaning but in Manila, Philippines there are only two seasons: Rainy and Summer hence the term.

The entire Holy Week, I COMMIT myself to and for change. I am all about inspiration, motivation, production and dedication. This has been the first time I’ve ever been giddy on segregating and fixing things accumulated over the years. I also decided to relocate back to the room I grew up with instead of the bigger room I transferred in when I flew back home from the states which I hoped for when I was younger (I thought It would’ve been nice for sleepovers)

Relocating: 2 4-corners of my room

Photo on the Left is the first corner of my room right after you open the door. Thanks to my Mom and our trusted Carpenter we moved almost all my cabinets on that side and the Photo on the Right is where my little comfort comes in.I may not have a loo in this room (I will have to head out and pass by the dining area to the guest comfort room) but I sure am more than glad I moved back.

Changes are still occurring. Renovating and Relocating on a budget. Mounts of paper were segregated for recycling, boxes filled with items fit for garage sale and donations for Maple Tree Foundation, Visayan Forum Foundation and few books for a public library’s collection.

For the Walls: Color Theme

The fact I now wake up near a window again, hearing the birds chirping and the ray of light hitting my blue curtain makes the entire waking-up to a new day encapsulate you into this rejuvenating feel and perspective.

It’s time for some repainting. For finally, I received the blessing from my parents to personalize my room as MY room with MY OWN touch – What do you think of the theme? Oh, If only I have the luxury to transform my room, I would’ve want to have my little nook resemble the photo above or take an inspiration and transform the walls resembling to the photo below:

shade of white and blue

April is the New January. Hello 2011!

Hopefully I’ll be done segregating and transferring all my stuff by Easter Sunday. What about you? Have you done your Summer cleaning? 🙂

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