New Year, new goals to achieve.

Business Mirror Health & Fitness Supplement January 5, 2012

New Year resolutions may have gone passe in recent years. Many would say they don’t stick as days, weeks or months go by. However, it can be done. We’re all too familiar with statements such as ” I will quit smoking… I’ll start my exercise program on January 1… I’m never going to eat rice, sweets or pasta ever again…,” and yet you end up having a stick, missing that date and had unlimited servings from your favorite buffet. However, the New Year gives us another clean slate and that’s by having this “fresh start” mindset to change any deep-rooted bad habits or at least what have been trying to get rid of or add to your life.

“Resolution” is derived from the world resolve: to determine or find an answer, to adhere to a goal. It is a key to reach your dreams or undertake small steps towards success.

You actually can set goals anytime, but it will be more special at this start of the year. Take inspiration to spend time and purposefully design the next 365 days of your life.

The key is in the goal worker: If you’re like me who depends on a planner, congratulations! If not, time for you to use your smartphone’s calendar, notifications app or perhaps go use that coffee shop planner you’ve collected during the holidays (other than being for display). It’s intended to be used; have your days organized and planned. You may start on a separate sheet of paper and write in your personal, physical, financial and material goals. Connect them on due dates.

You must see the big picture as you narrow down your goals. Set them each New Year and revise them every three or six months. Go ahead and add, edit or simply mark them once done or what added steps do you need in order for you to achieve them. Revisiting your goals will inspire you after on the changes in that amount of time. It also lets you have a logical and strategic approach on your plans. “SMART” goals (setting measurable, achievable, realistic and timely or tangible) help, but what matters most is that each inspires you to take action.

Set the goals: Goals that work are ones which give you butterflies in your stomach even while imagining achieving them. The feeling of wanting it so bad yet you turn up a little confused, bothered and thinking.

If your goal’s purpose inspires you to act on it, that’s it. That’s where you should be heading on to – you’re on the right track.

You’ll know how a goal is too ambitious if you can’t even get excited about it.  For instance, you’re not in the Biggest Loser camp and didn’t have the luxury to spend five hours in the gym, three hours to analyze your eating patters and to prepare your meals, plus you have kids and household to take good care of…Do you think it’s plausible  for one busy bee to lose 50 pounds in three months? that’s setting yourself up for trouble…

Make realistic goals, analyze your lifestyle and see how you can alter and make time work for you. Cut big goals to chunks, instead of hoping to lose that much weight in a short span of time. How about losing 5 pounds in a month and enjoying activities you’ve planned to do? Explore and try new activities, engage and embrace change. Before you know it, your goals will vary and you can say to yourself that “losing the weight” and the bonus are the healthy benefits.

Remember: lifestyle change.  The scale may say what the numbers show but you still have that goal to achieve. You’ve found the activity that made you feel good, better and healthier. It’s  time to alter other departments of fitness and see how you’re going to lose excess pounds all together.

What about your diet? Just like how you plan your finances: write it down, monitor each day and review your choices. you’ll be surprised how you just decided to quit on unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and late-night bar hopping just because of that one goal you’ve wanted to achieve.

Which brings up anothe rpoint: It’s fine to set a goal and then fail, but only to realize you’ve even resolved more than what you aimed for. So in that sense, you failed every year trying to lose 50 pounds, but you finally did just because you enjoy what you’re doing and you gained more than trying to shed extra weights in months.

Five steps in setting goals:

  1. Write down everything you want in life
  2. Of the goals you’ve listed, prioritize them by placing an asterisk or with an “1” next to any of them that you’re committing to.
  3. Branch it all into small steps on how are you going to achieve them.
  4. Write a paragraph after each goal on why you want to (or have to) achieve them.
  5. Revisit your goals every now and then. Feel free to add or write down new things you’ve accomplished.

Happy planning-and achieving-for the year!

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  1. have a blessed 2012, kas! love you!

    1. Just Kas | Runaholic

      It’s been year and yet we’re still here.. 🙂 Happy NY Iya! Love you!:)

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