Brat Mind

May I have a Brat pass, please?

Eventually we all need to camouflage in the crowd to fit in and abide to the rules; every family, organization, business and groups have its own. We all either agree to it or better agree to disagree, just deal with what’s being tasked or hold your peace and quit.

Being an entrepreneur operating within my own terms together with my business partners; I’ve learned (and still learning) to adjust, re-adjust and analyze each of my partner’s capabilities,  coordinate with each of their schedules and respect each other’s terms. We’ve been working in harmony; the kind of team that I am blessed having.  Working in transparency, exchanging friendly banters and efficiently coordinating to each other’s schedules;  we all have transpired and built a product we all proudly carry.


However, there’s this attitude that I’ve yet to learn to control better – being the natural brat that I am. Sometimes it’s just hard not to be one especially when circumstances don’t turn out the way as planned. I’m posting this to acknowledge my weakness and to declare my road towards improvement, betterment and resilience.

How about you, do you have this attitude or characteristic which you’d want to change in-order for you to improve as a professional and as a person, overall? once you’ve acknowledged, grasp it and do something about it.

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