Call to Crisis: Thank you, Twitter

When it comes to crisis and your family, you will do everything you can in order to save them and take good care of them. On my birthday, 7 August 2012, a strong mansoon poured and caused floods all over the metro. When I found a window to head out, while the network was still working pretty strong, the social media specifically twitter was my best friend in updating my whereabouts and the tool on updating myself about the weather signals.

Knowing the nation has been crying for help and calling all the Red Cross hotlines, the chances of being paid attention to statistically in reality got me with a percent hope but still, I tried and tried, all avenues just to seek help and have the chances to call for help while the condition was still controllable and within our reach.

Thank you to GMA7 Network for sharing my testimonial how twitter saved lives. You may watch the video clip through this link: GMA 7 Twitter Followers ng GMA News

Twitpic courtesy of Wendell Tan

Dates: 21-22 August 2012
Programs: 24 oras, Saksi and State of the Nation.

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