People invest on different reasons but majority of which are because they either want to

A) SECURE their future from distress.
B) live COMFORTABLY upon retirement
C) get RICH and have both A and B.

However most of us prioritize job security, live in the moment and care not to worry about tomorrow; which is actually a good mindset BUT neglecting preparing for the future is something that won’t make you not “live in the moment” when that day comes if you’re shacked and rattled by financial distress.

Ask yourself on why are you working so hard today? Aside from the bills that are piling up, have you ever thought about your situation if this is the kind of life you’d want to live with day in and day out?

Set your priorities.

Recently, I realized on how much I have been worrying about tomorrow that I don’t get to reward myself today as often as I used to. I have learned and still continuously learning to not fall for an impulsive behavior and always ask myself “Is it worth it? Can you use that more than once? Is it practical and something you can use long term? Or possibly, can that thing work for you?”

I have been saving and investing in order for me to get RICH, live COMFORTABLY and have that SECURITY once I finally have my own kids, retire and get old. Today, I may be living paycheck to paycheck or as funds arrive but the sacrifice of preparing for tomorrow certainly is something id rather have a peace of mind.

As a financial consultant and planner who’s learning tricks and on the quest to understand things through my own lifestyle. My goal now is to make both today and tomorrow work for me rather than I, worrying.

The #1 rule is to quit saying and thinking that “I have no money” but rather just accept and say “I’m not currently liquid but how do I get to afford it? Will work on iit, if its still worth it by then, I’ll go for it” always stick to the positive light of reality and sheer away from blocking your thoughts for that dead end.

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