Financial Diary: Repayment Plan

These are my debts for the month of June and July:

    • Car Payment     Php 12,500
    • Credit Card1     Php 4,200
    • Phone Bill         Php 20,000
    • Credit Card2   Php 57,000

In every two weeks, I get to collect at least Php 17,000 and hopefully get to win another account on retainer for support. Here’s my game plan:

June 15 Retainer Collection:

  • Pay off credit card1 amounting to Php 4,200
  • Car payment Php 12,500

Which leaves me to a little excess amounting to Php 300. Good enough for a day’s worth of gas or few days on commute.

June 30 Retainer Collection:

  • Phone Bill       Php 5,000
  • Credit Card2   Php 7,000
  • Philhealth       Php 1,000 (advance)

Which leaves me with an operation fund amounting to Php 4,500

Will I be able to pay just in time for August? Hopeful. I’ve got another retainer account about to seal the deal, other contributions here and there. Thank you for the gift of freelancing.  My goal is to clear the credit cards first as these accumulates interests.

Here’s to hoping my dog won’t get sick. Buying his food and necessities are expensive as it is.

I’m putting my finances in order and get back into momentum. The goal is set. I’ll be able to recover.

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