When you’re feeling alone, single and hopeless; men and women couldn’t help but wonder if they’re destined to be solo forever or they’ll just probably go for whoever presents in front of them the moment opportunity rises. During the Christmas season, relatives whom you haven’t seen for quite a while may have asked the typical horrendous questions on who you’re dating, if you’re engaged, married or probably settling down to have kids. Unsolicited advise comes next and the rest of the discussion about your personal life goes on.

The best way to look for Mister or Miss right is to get out and socialize. If you feel it’s tedious to dress up, get out, and go through hours of getting to know one person; Why don’t you go ahead and try multiple methods of meeting people. Peekawoo, a Speed dating social networking site is a great option, especially if the event is themed to match singles with a common interest. The process is simple: register for a mixer, come in as your best self, get to know as much people and you get on with your life.

Everything is a win-win on speed dating: you spend less on your first date, you meet new acquaintances and you get to network. Attending any mixer align you and everyone else on a reasonable expectation.

Here are few tips you can apply on your very first speed dating mixer event:

1. Look presentable. Dress smart. This is your night!

2.  Take care of your hygiene: Make sure you’ve brushed your teeth and smell good.

3. First impressions count. Practice your firm handshake upon meeting your first date.

4.  Don’t share about your experience or the short discussion you had with the previous person you sat with.

5.  Be polite and smile.  Keep your conversation very light and enjoy the night.

You may probably like one or two amongst those whom you’ve met but keep in mind that asking for their numbers or Facebook account address is something you’d have to skip on opening or ending a conversation.  Reserve it for later.


Join us on the 4th of January as we celebrate the start of the New Year with a Sunset Roofdeck Mixer,  4:00pm. Register and be one with us and get to meet new people and get to eat some goodies and beer. Tickets must be purchased in advance online, by email or over the phone. Must be over 18 to participate. ID may be required.

See ya!

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