Unstable: Here’s How to Fight it.

It’s pretty normal in Asian countries that their children stay within their parents quarters as long as they want or could.  Being in a country where family ties are very much intact and instilled, this somewhat makes our life a little bit more comfortable.

Having to live abroad for a year filled with challenges, changes and uncomfortable situations, I can’t help but somehow miss the independence (as much as I abhorred it). When you’re nearly thirty and went back to live with your parents; you can’t help but compare your situation from others. I admit, I have been falling into the comparison trap.

Taking an inventory of your life and others are natural, I assume. However, often times I find myself unhappy, irritated and disappointed of what I’ve been accomplishing. Being a person who’s always looking into a much brighter and better days, it doesn’t seem to give a cut.  I couldn’t help but ask myself “Am I coming up short, all the time? – Is this how my life should be? – in terms of career, finance and possessions.”

When these thoughts pop up and end up upset with my well-being. Here’s an approach that may seemed helpful in picking yourself up away from dragging yourself down.

1. Re-visit your Grateful Bucket

Everyday, I post a recap on how my day went. A nutshell of thoughts to be grateful for.  You may also have this noted in a journal, Tweet it or probably have a mason jar wherein you’d fill it with grateful thoughts everyday.  Having to think of how you day went makes life worthwhile.

Re-visiting your everyday thoughts would serve as a quick reminder that you’ve been living a brighter and better day, everyday.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, you can appreciate all the great things that make your days fulfilling.

2. Compare yourself with no one but yourself.

Comparing yourself with others is a habit one should get rid.  Don’t sabotage your own happiness. If there’s someone you must compare, it’s nobody else but who you were in the past and who you are now.

Keep working on your goals and be not side struck by others accomplishments. Makes sense?

3. Commit to Change. The Good one.

I’ve realized that when I feel down, upset, disappointed or negative in general; I tend to lounge around and do nothing.  Inactivity would make you lose a day, waste precious time. Get out there, MOVE.

Take advantage of what you have and reach out. There are endless possibilities. Curate a plan, write down a strategy and implement it. Set timelines. There really is no other way but to ACT and BE THE CHANGE.

What’s your game plan?

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