With the growing rate of newly conceptualized and built hotels in the Philippines (and in Asia), hotels ever-changing hospitality space has been nothing short but a competitive world of renovations and upgrades. Hotels incessantly worry about staying updated with their look, feel, ambiance and training their staff on service upgrades. What used to WOW couples and honeymooners with a bed roses has gone passe and have replaced with personalized robes to spa treatments. From what used to be just a pair of comfortable pillows and a remote control to access a cabled TV, docks has replaced its amusement in terms of amenities to strong broadband and WiFi connections.

Waterfront Manila
Waterfront Manila

Top-to-bottom makeovers aren’t strange to the hospitality, retaining and debuting the new-old still has its charm.

It’s out with the old and in with the new as Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino, a 486-room first class hotel located  at the center of manila’s tourism, commercial and entertainment center features rooms with bright lit colored themed rooms with an in-detailed functional furnishings for any person’s interest creating a modern and elegant feel from what used to be rustic and touch of beige.

Waterfront Manila, United Nations Ave. Ermita, Manila

Redesigned and worked by internationally-renowned interior designer Sonia Santiago-Olivares, the originally built 1968 “the metro’s happening place” has witnessed history, housed iconic personalities and heroes.

As Waterfront Manila remodeled its rustic heritage rooms to something modern and chic, you’d feel the presence of a hotel that you may call as a home. Designed for comfort, the slumber beds and mattresses are perfect to put you on a great night’s fairytale sleep, or have you comfortably situated for a tucked in staycation.

Waterfront Manila Deluxe Rooms

Most of the dining establishments in hotels exist primarily as a convenience for guests, hotel restaurants such as SEASONS, as it launch its new menu under the culinary expertise of New York recognized Chef Giovanni Sias takes you to a new gastronomic journey for both convenience and leisure.

SEASONS restaurant

Lavishly spiced and seasoned, get mesmerized by its newly redecorated interior. A truly up-close-and-personal experience you desire; get to have a choice of both healthy and carnivorous finds. Get to taste best-sellers of Braised Lamb Shanks, Italian Four Cheese Pizza, Eggplant Napoleon to cleansing your palate with a sumptuous dessert of Chocolate Cake with vanilla Chantilly.

Four Cheese Pizza
Four Cheese Pizza

With the sumptuous meals to a well-pampered accommodation, the staycation won’t be complete without mentioning how beautiful the view of the Manila skyline is and how accessible the heritage sites are for your walking pleasure.


Glad to have known Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino, it has definitely became an instant favorite for my staycations. I had my name secretly registered as someone else, acquired privacy, comfort and wondrous treat of Manila’s beauty, culture and heritage.

Rooms starts from Php 3,500 nett a night with complimentary breakfast for two.

Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino
United Nations ave. corner Ma. Orosa St.
Tel: 526-1212



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