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My present occupation truly has been molding me from a young lady to blossom into a woman filled with confidence and spunk. Although my base of growth being a hotelier made me used wearing suits, coats and stockings; for the present job that I am in, we dress in a smart business casual attire – nothing too corporate, not too tacky and definitely far from being ragged but rather Professionally comfortable.

In the professional workplace, however, you ARE being judged on your appearance from the moment to set foot in your agency or a client’s boardroom.  Fair or unfair, your status in the workplace is impacted by your choice in couture.

I am actually grateful for what I am being molded to as, we are being taught to be ready to face clients, guests and whoever else everyday. You wouldn’t know who you will be bumping into office hours or not.

These are the key building blocks of your professional wardrobe. Whether you have a last minute meeting or a hectic morning, with these pieces you will never have another “I have nothing to wear” moment.

Top 10 must haves for your work wardrobe.

1- Black Pants
2- Solid Skirt
3- White Blouse
4- Fitted Blazer
5- Cardigan
6- Solid Dress
7- Black Shoes
8- White and Black Tshirt
9- Classic Watch
10- Tote Bag that will fit your resume

Don’t just stick to black and white. Neutral shades will boost up and compliment your wardrobe.  This may be brown, charcoal, or even olive.

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