On Today’s Hoteliers Marketing Strategy



Working back in the Hospitality Industry wherein budget constraints are prevalent; every dollar count. Transitioning from operating in agencies wherein budgets are hefty and abundant to being on the client side, adjustments certainly is a turn.

Here are key lessons I’ve learned on curating today’s Marketing Strategy.

Budget Approvals

Determining your annual budget requires specifics on what your marketing goals are. As a marketer, you’d have to plot holidays as primary revenue generating opportunities and focus your marketing budget and staff hours in. Thinking carefully on how you spend the budget entrusted to you should always  justify a desired ROI – though, this doesn’t come easily, or without effort and investment.

Social Listening

In the world where social media has been the immediate go-to for information dissemination, marketing efforts doesn’t only entail plotting the constant on your  marketing calendar; you’d need to stay close to where your guests and meeting planners go even if it’ll mean you’d have to deviate from your original marketing plan.

As a marketer, you’d have to read reviews and connect where your guests are mostly active. Just like guest services, you’d have to make sure you’ll also spend time building relationships and engagements online – optimize and update regularly.

While it’s not necessary to be everywhere and spreading yourself too thin across all the social media channels, be aware where the bulk of your guests hang out online and follow them.

Guest Reviews

Sometimes we don’t get the reviews we’d want to hear and read but given the thought guests gave time to write means they actually care and would want you to improve or get even better. With each review, this should be routed to every department for them to know of their weaknesses and strengths.

Guest reviews are what we call free market research.

Stay-up-to date on Trends

Even if we call them ‘trends’ there are marketing ideas that may fall flat on its face. Not all trends may work for your brand but this doesn’t mean it was a waste of effort – don’t feel crummy and bemoaning thinking you just wasted time but rather take it as a positive note on knowing what your target market fancy. If you’re not making mistakes or failing, then that likely means you’re not staying up-to-date and you’re growing old and stale. Not having to do anything new or away from what you’re accustomed to is  worst than not knowing.

Tailor your communication style

From social listening to staying up to date on the trends, a smart marketer would assess on the language that works with the certain target market. Narrow down our audience and tailor your communication style for engagement and reach. Build your campaigns for your food outlets and accommodation services based on the profiles who converse with you often and gradually transition to the niche you’d want to strengthen.

Outside looking in

Gone are those days when marketing is all about me, me and me.

Of course every social media channel should promote and fill your marketing campaigns with what your hotel offers, let your creative juices rule by involving your market on a conversation which will connect and help your guests plan their journey with you. Find out what they’re looking forward to most when they visit your destination, stay relevant by answering compelling questions on why should they pick you rather than just telling them what your rates are. Focus on your guests’ needs first, then use your marketing programs to address those.



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