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Every Marketers challenge is the need to attract, connect and create a unique experience that stands above their competitors however the marketing landscape has changed over time. 

Digital marketing took over in terms of strategy and tactics wherein traditional efforts has become the supplement rather than where the bulk of the budget are being spent on.

Adapting towards digital advertising, it justifies more towards ROI – it’s actionable, trackable and measurable. Each strategy a marketer applies seamlessly blend and compliment the marketing mix which effectively promotes and yet keep the messaging in-touch however each brand shouldn’t spread themselves too thin by joining every digital trend.

Here are few Social Media Channels every marketer should be logged into regardless of your brand or hotel’s positioning:


Every marketer who isn’t nor doesn’t engage on Facebook is missing reaching out towards their audience. Consumers (which includes you) are highly active and vocal on where they’ve been, what they’re currently having, and the experiences they’ve had with their friends. Word of mouth still certainly is the greatest marketing tool. Fans who engage and shares their experiences not only give out their cents worth but also become source of information resulting to brand-advocates.


The key to information dissemination is through engaging directly with those whom you’d want to personally be in-touch with. This is what twitter does.  Exit your way on just cross-posting what you have on Facebook; twitters has its own game.

Twitter is like a messaging app except that the people you’re trying to engage has an option to either respond to your or ignore you without invading their privacy. Travel marketers use this tool to find top journalists and influencers to speak of you or for you to directly connect with to build relationships and conversations.


You know how brides does their vision boards? travelers actually go for what is visually appealing and adds on to their bucket list of perfect selfies and must go-to’s.

From inspiration scrapbook to planning, this platform helps on showcasing your picturesque property and campaigns. Engage your consumers visually, once done,  next thing you know – you have them within your property.


Because it’s all about visual appeal, Youtube gives you the chance to bring your consumer a look of what you have in-store. Make use of this tool to humanize the experience.  A walk-through, video reels of events or informative engaging videos giving your property premium appeal.


Marketing no longer is public but rather personal.  Blogs supplements your clients/guests on why they should pick you. This segment would give you a chance to tell a story and have your viewers informed on what you have in-store. Tailor each content according to what your client would need to know – What’s happening in the metro, where to go, milestones of your property, and other experiences which will answer queries.  It needs to be personal, immediate, relevant in real-time and apparent in-context.

Travel Sites

The mere fact guests took the time to log-in and leave a review on travel sites means they care and would want you to either sustain, or get better.  Most who frequent travel look into review sites and how they’re being related to in terms of response time and customer feedback. Everything you do online is part of your reputation and having honest response on addressing concerns, suggestions or praise will reflect on how you monitor and care for your guests.

e-Mail Blasts

Receiving direct mail from the hotel not only gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts, promotions and information on relevant news but also communicate to know how they are.  It’s important you get to segment your database and conduct A/B to know what your readers interests are and what your brand may particularly be known for. Evaluate the data and see what topics works best and relate from there.

In a nutshell, Marketing should operate 24/7. Consumers never sleeps, so does your digital efforts. Make your website mobile friendly, optimize to your niche, your content should be short enough to be read but direct to what you’re addressing; and humanize your communication to directly engage with the consumers.

Kassy Pajarillo is a woman of many hats. She used to contribute  actively for Business Mirror, Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin as well as other Digital content pages.  Her passion revolves around Marketing and aspires to grow in the hospitality sector.  Follow her through social media: @kassypajarillo

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