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New Delhi Airport


Dated on November 2015. 

During a recent trip I took in India (what a dream come true!), I was amused discovering a charming sleeping pod at the New Delhi Airport.

For someone who prefers to travel solo, enduring a long layover or a delayed flight contained within the airport could be daunting, annoying, boring and exhausting. Typically, you’ll see passengers loose their poise with their feet up on another seat or their trolly luggage with their headphones on either tinkering their mobile phones, on kindle or simply trying to relax for a few hours for a nap. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 4.27.12 AMTrying their best not to look too exhausted being comforted by steel chairs, passengerswould tag their entire hand-carry, wash up at the nearest restroom for a few minutes and hop back to where they sat – lucky, if no one took their space.

But this Sleeping Pod was a game-changer. It has transformed an entire haggardness enjoyably bearable.

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It looked like a white tunnel, a small container yet it serves like a hotel with a receptionist. The concept is pretty on-point: the rooms has the entire shebang of what a suite needs – a bed, lamp, desk, flatscreen cable TV  and of course, FREE Wi-Fi. It also had amenities included should you want to be served with beverages, food choices on the menu and a place for you to take a shower.

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For $12/hr for single occupancy and $22/hr for double occupancy, it certainly is more than reasonable. The price justifies the comfort and pampering.  A worry-free restful sleep. You may also opt for an overnight stay, the receptionist would even give you a wake-up call.

No need to present any hefty cumulative expensive VIP travelers card for the services, the bed would certainly let sandman in for you to instantly snooze and the welcoming ambiance of the room is as inviting.

Talk about sheer brilliance in maximizing space, and convenience!

India, you made it hard for me not to love you.


You may find this Sleeping pod opposite the boarding gate number 17 at the International Departure Piers of New Delhi Airport. For Charges, Location and Reservation, you may contact +91 8800230013 or email

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