What is your Digital Strategy?

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Every marketer needs to abreast himself to the realm of the cyberspace. With more than 2 Billion Facebook active users it proves to show the majority are on social media. How do you transition or add the digital marketing aspect to your department’s execution plan? You need a Digital Strategy.

Learning few ropes from the marketing agency practices, every marketer must have a sense of clarity, coherency and put your efforts on both agency and client situation: strategy vision and profit.


Get to know your brand like getting to know your future spouse. Know as much information you need from the vision-mission of the company to how it matches the brand and products and analyze.

  • What is the brand’s current or must be social footprint?
  • Is there any brand messaging?
  • What kind of emotion should it relate to your consumers? A drive from want to need.
  • How do the consumers react to the brand/product? or how should the consumers  adopt to the brand/product?
  • How could it be an ice-breaker, talk of the town, converse with your consumers?

With these questions and identification, you’ll get to know somehow the persona of the brand/product. If it were a person, who is s/he?


We all have heard it several times – content is king but having to apply it to social media, content and story-telling are the kings of the dungeon.  Posting on platforms aren’t just for the sake of having promotions broadcasted but it’s more like reading a book except it tells you everything you’d need to know to grasp the consumers consistent attention.

  • What is your brand’s story? What is the brand/product’s story to entice the consumer?
  • Why does the consumer need to care about the history of the brand and how will it affect their decision on having or acquiring it?
  • What kind of experience would it bring?
  • How does the story of the brand connect with the consumers?

These emotions are tricky; listen to your target market/consumer on social channels and how they react to the brand/product. How or what are the benefits of having it? These stories drive interaction and ice-breakers.

Social Platforms & Social Listening

With social listening, not only should you pay attention to what your brand/product entail but rather what your competitors have been doing. This way, you get to follow how the consumers react and their input to get your brand leverage on what makes it different and better than theirs. You get to highlight your uniqueness or what makes you compellingly something that needs to be acquired or turn out to be a household name.

  • What social platforms do the competitors use?
  • What are the posts do they highlight and engagement rate?
  • How do the customers seek information about the brand/product?
  • What kind of posts works for your brand in terms of engagement and curiosity?

The beauty of having digital campaigns, you get to depend on data to explain in itself and match it towards the ROI (return on investment) in terms of acquisition – does it correlate or does it just build awareness? These data becomes key performance indicators (KPI)  which you can look back on once it’s time to review the campaign. You get to distinguish, revise and revisit efforts if it hits the objective – awareness, engagement, drive or online sales.


Telling a story and knowing your brand inside and out aren’t enough. It must also sustain to retain awareness and interest of the consumers just like how McDonalds never-ending advertisement on the same burger and fries.  Keep your brand story and messaging connected and cultivated. Build a content calendar and write notes on how each day, week or month result to the specific objective and then evaluate.

Digital marketing equates to qualifying and quantifying results which make it accessible for every business to look into to ensure future effectiveness for future digital marketing efforts.

The investment on having digital marketing efforts are more scalable and justifiable; you’ll be able to have continuous evaluation and assessment of campaign efforts which would make you understand your consumers better resulting to delivering a better campaign.

Kassy Pajarillo is a woman of many hats. She used to contribute  actively for traditional dailies as well as other Digital content pages.  A passionate marketer and hotelie.  Follow her through social media: @kassypajarillo

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