Do you need Email Marketing?

As much as I dread hefty emails I receive every day from all the subscriptions I indulged into, it has become a good research tool on what sort of content do marketers apply on their campaigns – Subject, format, timing and frequency.

I used to tell people email marketing doesn’t work and it’s junk but come to think of it, if it’s not effective, how come I subscribed on so much? How come brands and marketers apply it to their mix? You can’t generalize something if it’s not working for you but everything changed when I ventured on adding it on to my personal campaigns when I worked for a Sports Club as a Sales Consultant.

Email marketing brought the business in. It gave me the chance to reach out to pursue leads, seal deals and exceeded my quota by 5.

Do you really need Email Marketing? Yes.  The strategies are basic but here are the lessons I’ve learned:


I’m no content-writer albeit I’ve always been a blogger and contributed to few dailies and online portals. When you’ve distinguished your market and know your brand by heart; persuasion wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Invite them to your open-house events, keep them looped in on updates and make them feel connected.

Be informative even if the price had to be mentioned. People want to be educated rather than being sold to.


I wasn’t a stickler for metrics back in the day but these data serves a purpose. It helps you know what kind of content does your client read, which is more compelling, what information would they want to hear from you?

Eventually, you’ll notice the ratio:

  • Connection, a better relationship and trust with your subscribers.
  • Replies and engagement
  • Open rates and click-through rates for your email campaigns
  • Sales and lead generation.

Call to Action

Have a solid intent on why you’re sending that email.  Whether it’s for sales, website visits, or lead generation. You should always have a strong call to action at the end of the email. These are links where they’ll be able to acquire the certain product you’ve mentioned, where can they find you and how can they reach you for further details? No hard selling. It’s just like handing out your business card in order for them to further get to know you.

At the end of the day,  you’re sending out these emails not just to promote but rather sustain. You would want your readers to be drawn in right from the start and you want them to keep on reading.

What do you think of Email Marketing? Has it been working for you? Go ahead, let’s share thoughts.  Say Hi on Twitter @kassypajarillo or comment below.

Kassy Pajarillo is a woman of many hats. She used to contribute  actively for traditional dailies as well as other Digital content pages.  A passionate marketer and hotelie.  

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