CONTENT SERIES: Writer’s Block!

“Write, just write. Let those thoughts flow. Worry about the grammar later” these were the encouraging words my Dad always tell me. I’m imparting the same advice to those of you who needs a little help if demons come haunting your conscience.

The best content marketers always think of their audience. It’s extending your knowledge to educate, entertain and inspire at the same time extending service to get to know who they are, introducing yourself (or your business) and relating to their needs or what they may need.

Just like our loyalty to specific brands, our content occasionally should be fun, useful and a good resource to supplement decision making.

Lead by Example, as what they always say. Having to share testimonials and experiences do help your audience on validating their thoughts. Wrap your story with guidelines and instructions, what turned out and what you’ve learned.

If you can’t seem to grasp everything in a post, you may divide the posts into chunks such as these: Series of Content, Q&A posts and Profiling or Get to Know kind of posts.

Don’t just list off points, but rather entice by being precise – teach, inform, share an expertise.

Do you find these posts useful? Please do send it to a friend or share this link. You may also comment below on your thoughts. I would love to get to know you!

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