Content Series: Personify.

Writing is not an easy task. Just like giving birth, there are precautions and prepartions that needs to be attended to. In completion to the idea or concept, a content marketer should develop an understanding on who your readers are.

  • Are they Male or Female?
  • How young or old are they?
  • Do they have children or grand-kids?
  • What are their day-to-day lives like?

But most importantly ask yourself:

  • What would their key takeaway be like when they read your content.
  • Identify their educational level – How will you communicate your informative and educational posts?
  • Should it be corporate, personal or a touch of both?

In curating content, just like a person, you’d have marry the thought to how the site looks like. What is the persona or character of the site? Marry them together. You’re the voice of the posts, be the voice it needs to be. Go ahead and name that persona – either it’s  Ryan,  Ben, or Tina.

  • What are his or her goals?
  • What does s/he easily do?
  • Attitude and principles?
  • Goals?
  • Fashion lifestyle?

Live through that persona. Keep that persona in mind in all execution.

As content authors, we should make sure we don’t think like our users or readers but do write what we think our users or readers will understand because we understand.

These personas can help as you give birth to progressively grow your calendar especially in terms of discussing changes in the content.

Have you ever thought about the persona of your content?

Kassy Pajarillo is a woman of many hats. She contributes  actively for traditional dailies as well as other Digital content pages.  A freelance digital marketer and a passionate hotelier.

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