Content Series: Useful & Relevance

On this series, we’ve talked about the basics on Content curation. As we go along in digesting content writing, in this post, we’ll talk about how you’d make your posts relevant and useful to your readers. Remember, your writing should be easy to read and could spark interest. What should you do? What will you do?

1. You have to make sure the persona are brought into consideration. Ensure the needs and goals of the persona are met. Align that the writing is completely relevant to what the persona needs to get out of it.

2. Useful.  Here are few tips:

a. look for your competitors. Try to get a little bit better than them.

b. Have a think about of more research and understanding what users want what to get out of your content.

Well, that’s right but how do we find few ideas on making it relevant?

a. Have practical advice such as checklists. Phrase your content into some lists that will make them think of what they do.

b.  Display your content married to your search engine results. Make sure that words match in your content.  Go, check.

c. Have a look at the analytics. Social listening is important, this way, you can check if people are linking and checking on your site. Your content should lead and sparkle their interest – take this information from your site to another.

d. Look at your social media (facebook and twitter) and see what they’re talking about, if they’re talking about you in a positive way.   This is the best way to get traffic – by word of mouth and recommendation.

There are a lot of ways on sparkling interest for your readers but what matters is how you build content and ensure all of what you share relates to your persona, helpful to your readers and are in active voice.

There’s no turning back, just keep on going. Stay consistent.

Do you find these posts useful? Please do send it to a friend or share this link. You may also comment below on your thoughts. I would love to get to know you! 

Kassy Pajarillo is a woman of many hats. She used to contribute  actively for traditional dailies as well as other Digital content pages.   A passionate marketing professional continuously learning and hotelier. 

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