Wolfgang Steakhouse: Challenges Steakhouses in the Metro

That slab of meat looks grandiosely familiar; the comfort of slicing each hunk makes it unbelievably different – delicate, succulent, and moving. Some like their meat rare and bloody; some for a balance of raw freshness and cooked to perfection on medium rare, but those who would rather have it well done should skip the thought altogether. Ask the Chef (No, in fact, don’t dare) it’ll be a disgrace and empirically huge wastage for an expensive marbled USDA Prime deplete its tenderness and flavor.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


One of the best steakhouses in New York, Wolfgang Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener opened its first branch in the Philippines, the 14th branch worldwide at Resorts World Manila. Founded by father and son, Wolfgang and Peter Zweiner in partnership with local patrons, restaurateur extraordinaire Raymund Magdaluyo and Marvin Agustin.

Carrying all it’s New York vibe – a classic manly themed laden décor with high ceilings, welcoming reception, mahogany bar, laminated wooden floor, mosaic tiles, and alabaster chandeliers giving a picturesque ambiance; a wine cellar and a whiskey-cigar room with its top notch well-trained service crew; Wolfgang Steakhouse challenges every steakhouse in the metro.



Source: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse



Imported USDA Prime aged meat at Wolfgang Steakhouse is kept fresh in a walk-in dry-aging chiller adjusted minimally above the freezing level for about a month as it age. The dry-aging naturally lets the enzyme of the beef break down the intermuscular tissue making the beef tender giving each cut its rich flavor – the melt-in-your-mouth kind. With the right humidity and executed with precision presented on a hot plate.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


Consistent with its global standards, Wolfgang Steakhouse remains to have all its best sellers – the dinner menu – from the appetizers to the irresistible desserts.

Getting the best of the feast, devouring Wolfgang’s signature steak will be any steak lover’s dream comes true. Have sirloin and porterhouse, 80% big hunk of meat, 100% melt-in-your-mouth fat with good tenderness in the muscle. Order the beef cooked rare and brace yourself to have that meaty steak experience you’ve never had before.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


A wide selection of 1200 wine options, special concoctions and beverages waits. Guzzle on a glass or bottle of wine or whiskey to pair. Completing the full course, Wolfgang Steakhouse creamed spinach or mashed potatoes are great options to give those taste buds a delicate and light tasting munches.

Vegetarians and vegans shouldn’t miss a Wolfgang Steakhouse encounter. The menu is composed of piquant set of choices of Salads, Soups, Starches and Vegetables, serving good for two to four people to feast. The New York Steak salad mixes different greens; white mushrooms and tomatoes have become to be a favorite. Each is freshly acquired from organic agricultural farms in the country.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


With the steak and your chosen whiskey or cocktail, the German potatoes – sautéed and baked with butter and onions or the perfectly thin sliced crispy fried onion rings are the perfect carb fix to complete your dining experience dipped on the special tomato-based sauce with a hint of horseradish, Wolfgang Steakhouse Old fashioned sauce.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


A banquet should not end without a lavish dessert to end it all on a good note. The cheesecake headlines the dessert in the menu alongside with the pecan pie. If you miss (or haven’t, this is your chance!) New York and have savored the best cheesecake in the world, Wolfgang Steakhouse is carrying the iconic ‘Junior’s’ cheesecake – a silky, creamy base, thin crust perfect in its simplicity wherein the hint of tartness doesn’t overpower the smooth texture of the decadent dessert (Writer’s note: I kid you not, this made my heart melt with happiness!) This has got to be the highlight of the entire celebration of good food, aside from having the best steak in town, anyone would want to keep eating – at least, for more than one bite.



Photo by: Raymond Braganza


Whether your preference is to have a good exchange of whiskey, a tall glass of wine, business correspondence over cigar or a special blowout of togetherness, Wolfgang Steakhouse definitely is a palpable unwavering choice to encapsulate what matters.

Now this is the only acceptable way of saying, Well-done.


2F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 12:00 am
Email: wolfgangssteakhouseph@gmail.com
Website: www.wolfgangssteakhouse.ph
Facebook: WolfgangsSteakhousePH
Instagram: @WolfgangsSteakhousePH

ABS-CBN Published Version: Stakes are High for Wolfgang Steakhouse in Manila 

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