Change The Way You See Happiness.

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One must practice the things which produce happiness, since if that is present we have everything and if it is absent we do everything in order to have it.  – Epicurus

Every day of our lives, we find a thousand different ways to live intensely, form friendships, enrich ourselves, keep our loved ones within reach and devote time and energies in fulfilment of our goals, dreams and wishes.

One of my favourite saying which I always keep in mind and share to my friends is to “Find happiness and go there often” It doesn’t necessarily mean it had to be a far away place, a mountain to climb or a country to travel to. It can be a wonderful spot within your home where you can find peace and calmness, a yoga practice, reaching the finish line after each fun run or cycling event, a good dip in the pool or plainly sharing silence with a friend or giving a huge big bear hug to your Mum and Dad.

Happiness, the word in itself, may have been overused that it has turned into an illusion and placed it on a bad taste but as one internalised what it means – it’s actually a state of mind and exceptionally healthy mind – an optimal state of being not of just an emotion or a mood.

Happiness is a way of interpreting the world, with the kind of difficulties and tragic stories encapsulating it, perception changes the way we look at the world when we ourselves get to that place of gratitude and appreciation.

How does one get to change the way you see happiness or how can one be happier? It may not be as simple as it may sound for everyone but as the cliche goes, Begin by being good to yourself and to others. Many have skipped this step, trying to chase rainbows, achieving goals, holding onto perfect and yet doesn’t seem to enrich their soul towards fulfillments.

As I turned 32 (August 7), I have reminded myself to stick to what I promised myself: FLY,  First Love Yourself and to give more.

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 “The more you build self-love, the more you have to give to others.”

Give yourself time to breathe and space to unwind. Ultimately, being happy makes a person even more productive, becomes better bosses and kinder to everyone. Happiness in general, makes a happier place for everyone.

Take away greed, give more, and you’ll receive even more than what you deserve.

Another way to share the happiness and convert that gloom into joy: collect memories, capture moments and breeze through your albums. The emotion it brings as you reminisce each moment is a gift of inner bliss. You’ll thank yourself in the future.


In the world where selfies, sharing moments and freezing experiences in photographs are well spent by every individual, wouldn’t it be better if each frame were snapped sharply, boasting magnificent depth of field and are filled with people shining bright, glowing in solace; wearing such huge smiles on their faces?

Back in the day when DSLR’s (Professional Cameras) were the ‘in’ thing and point-and-shoot cameras were to save up for; the luxury of having smartphones changed the game. You don’t need an expensive tool but having a good lens, great aperture and dramatic effect edit-free feature gives every snap a huge difference.

Take shots, capture it.

Follow your bliss, freeze memories and relish. Be happy! 🙂



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