FRAMEWORK: Do you want to start a profitable business online?

Do you have a product or service you’re passionate about or something you really know which can make a difference to others? this post is dedicated to those who are, just like me – multi-passionate, driven and creative who’d want to get themselves untied from a cubicle and sell something online within your heart’s desires.

At the start of 2018, I told myself that it’s time to revamp the website and give it more oomph. It’s still a work in progress as of writing but it needs to be on the move. It was November 2016 when I bid farewell to corporate life adieu and dedicated myself into this multi-passionate entrepreneur whose interest and services revolves around marketing where project management, campaign, and executions are constant.

I have been in and out of jobs from various industries in the past years since I graduated college, whenever I doubt my capabilities and question my interests. I always tune in to the fact that I have this thirst for knowledge and wanting to know how things and organizations work. It made me have that insider’s insights from the first-hand experience which I carry with me as I drive my own business and handle the challenges in-between.

Starting a business can be and is daunting. I had these questions rummaging my thoughts too:

– How and what do I prioritize first?

– How do I make strategic decisions which will lead to a profitable business?

You’re probably terrified and overwhelmed; perhaps, questioning yourselves too on how does one get through day to day challenges being an entrepreneur? On this post, I’m sharing few things I’ve learned about Online Marketing – an essential tool and arena every person should be in to succeed in this digital era; you don’t have to be a pro in order for you to build a business online. However, you must take advantage of these online opportunities now while it’s still available. 

My goal on revamping my website was to have a home which can tell what services I can offer and how else I can be of help. Being a curious cat whose gone to different industries, I realized, I have insights which are valuable as a consumer and as a brand. And, YOU have your own realizations and strength, too!

Now, I’m not saying you’d jump in on the internet and act like a know-it-all Juliet; rather, be that student who’d want to share your learnings and experiences. Remember, people are all about wanting to know what you did, how you did and learning from one another – motivation, inspiration, and information. Content has become the new strong currency everyone is dependent on.

What is your voice? What drives you? use your resources, make the best out of it and connect.

Here are few reasons why driving an online business is great:

  1. Time Freedom – You can work on your own schedule and spend quality time to what matters.  Including sleep and your health.
  2. Location Freedom – You can work anytime, anywhere, and however you’d want to be dressed in.
  3.  Control your own Income  – the work is all on you and how much you work on marketing and creating a sale or in offering your services.
  4.  Local and Global Impact – you may reach and get to help not just those who are around you but also including those whom may be out of your territory.  You get to grow your business, too.

Did you know that by 2020 there will be about 7.8 Billion on earth and there are only about 26% of the people is online? which means, by 2020, 3-5 Billion new people are going to be online. Why wait on building that business online tomorrow if you can start today and work your way on reaching that possible market? Let’s do this!

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Are you crystal clear on where you’ll spend your time and energy to maximize both your profit and impact? In order to have profit clarity and get to strategically grow your business – you need to have and know the 3 W’s by heart: Who, What and Where? 

Who is your market? Who are your ideal customers and what do they believe? Be specific who your market is. You should get around the head of the customer you want to reach at all times.

What is your business model?  What is the revenue model? Is it scalable?

Where is the most profitability is? Which product and services are profitable financially, physically and spiritually?

The best reason on being in control of your business and career is that you get the driver’s seat on where you’d’ want to bring your business and who you’d want to ride the journey with.


Did you know that your prospect has only 3 seconds before your customers get to decide if they need you? Before you spend thousands of dollars and time, you better think through and map out a straightforward website.

Your website should do three things for your business:

  1. Connect  – how can you help your audience?
  2. Capture – does it capture their name and email? Effectively build your audience for you to
  3. Convert – convert browsers to happy buyers. Your website can and should build trust to your website and revenue to you 24/7.


Emphasize to add value to your customers lives on a consistent basis – whether to free content such as podcast, blogs or e-newsletters and how consistent are you on communicating with them? Be IN their language and thoughts.

  1.  INspire
  2.  INstruct


If you’ve ever built a blog or a website before, it doesn’t stop there. You can’t just build it and expect for them to come. You better have a plan on how you’ll reach your traffic. No, you don’t need to spend money and advertise all the way for leads. You have to learn how to have high-quality traffic for free – smarter and strategic.

  1. Create value for other people’s audience.
  2. Build your network
  3. Communicate and Relate
  4. Collaborate


This is how you make irresistible offers an astounding experience for your audience that will make your audience want to hire or want your products. List down and share what you can offer. If you’ve got testimonials from former clients, get their permission and repost them. You need to build TRUST.


You can have the best products and services in the world but you can’t get it out for the people to need it, it’s just going to be a rock that won’t even be recognized.  Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.  Practice effective communication and understand human psychology and behavior. Try, and just get out there.

None of us are born to know all of these. Everything is figureoutable. If you’re a business owner, invest in education and get your hands dirty. Nothing beats hands-on learning. This way, you get to continuously work on your strategy and adjust accordingly.

What do you think is the most challenging for you?

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