Marketing and the 13 Keys to Online Success

Yes, that’s correct. As much as the sales team may have been cursing the Marketing department, it’s actually the fuel that drives sales for the sales to have more. Hence, the number one skill anyone should muster is the Lifeblood of Business: Marketing. No magic pill, just one vital skill that every business owner should have to increase revenue and difference.

It might be foreign for some but It’s a fun arena, I promise. You will create mistakes but the journey would make you learn what will work for you.

Here are two kinds of Marketing:

  • Direct Response Marketing  – you inspire an immediate action to whom you’re communicating with. e.g click on the link, buy your product or services or sign-up on your e-newsletter. It’s measurable and repeatable.  The challenge is to systematically turn your audience into

If you have a product you believe in, you have the responsibility to committedly bring forth your business out there. There are millions of people whom you can help, inspire and motivate.  It’s not their job to find you but it’s your job to find them. Remember, your ideas are worthy. Step up and be a leader in your industry. Inspire and take positive action.

  • Modern Marketing  – adding value first. It’s building trust before you ask them to buy your products. communicate in order to help people. When you’re creating an effective marketing, the best part of you is expressed.

To be a fully effective marketer, you’ve got to listen to your customers, be compassionate of their needs, give generously and add value and come from a place of love. Remember, people know when you’re being pretentious or sincere.

You can market and sell in anything you believe in. The more you train yourself and do it, the more profitable your business will become. The more lives and businesses you’ll be able to change and help progress.

Let me share with you lessons I’ve learned from a good online mentor, Marie Forleo.

13 Keys to Online Success

  1. Courage – it takes courage to get out there and be out there. You’d have to stay strong yet take criticism as feedback for you to improve and get better. There is nothing that is fulfilling than going after a dream you’ve been wanting to achieve.
  2. Confidence – you need to have confidence in what you’re offering. Remember, you are here for the reason. No other person has or will ever have a unique talent, personality, character, and ability you have.
  3. Clarity  – you need to know who you’re serving and what it is you provide, have a clear revenue model on how your business will earn money and have a clear vision for your company – goals and success. What exactly does your business mean to you? What is the scale of your vision? Name it to claim it!
  4. Connection – You have to connect and empathized to your customers – their aspirations. Bring more humanity into your business and communicate that you see your customers, see and understand who they are and what they want, or even better than what they need and do.
  5. Content– There is a whole lot of explosion online and junk out there. Your responsibility is to have an intellectual content in – a well thought out and written content with love.
  6. Consistency – The key that separates the amateurs and pros. How often do you publish a post? What’s your schedule? For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards. Do not wait until the last minute if you’ve got it scheduled – you have to get on the schedule and stick to it. Build your editorial calendar and follow it, religiously.
  7. Copy – The language you use to sell and communicate online. The only thing that will determine your business. Make sure your headline and Subject line is catchy and captivating. The same way as how you respond to your followers, product descriptions, teasers and so on.. Commit to learning it.
  8. Conversion –  Track your conversion and how you compute your numbers. Make them visit and purchase or sign-up on your newsletters.
  9. Class – if you want to be a leader and have loyal customers. Stand for what you believe in and have integrity all the time. Make sure you are clear about your policies and guarantees.
  10. Contribution –  Have the mindset of GIVING MORE than what you can get in return. There is no limit, the rewards will unfold when you continuously give.
  11. Continuing Education –  Take courses, learn from the speakers when you’re in seminars, and keep growing.
  12. Community – Build the tribe who’ll help you learn and grow. Be surrounded by a network of like-minded people to support you and discuss with.
  13. Commitment – It takes a whole lot of hard work in building a business especially the first few months but once you keep on going, you’ll eventually earn gradually and reach your goal. Continuously give value and focus on building impact for the world. Give your all and for the long run.

And, since we’re talking about Marketing – you, as a product and service provider must also remember that your brand is not just about what you sell but also how you position and package yourself.

What action can you take now to implement your business?

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